Chapter 328 I'm a genius

Chapter 328 I'm a genius

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Ji-day trip to recover the eyes looking at the stars, he looked down at the foot of the front plate.

Blackstone ground, hand carved countless wide gully, wherein the silver flashing light, like starlight in the flow.

He stepped on a gully move toward the front plate | Central walked.

The middle of the disk array, a huge carved pattern, like a blooming lotus blossom petals there are nine.

Ji Sky knows, this is the lotus Nine array tract law, but above the level Tianyuan marvelous large array.

Before he met the Dragon Blaster, the Tianyuan always thought the limit level is Warrior.

But at Dragon Pa Front Road imparted to him his secrets, he did not know, a big fuss over the Tianyuan level, there are more marvelous battle formation.

Martial arts realm, too, on Tianyuan strong level, there are more mysterious, magical realm.

Of course, on top of Tianyuan level matrix method and martial arts realm, too far away from him.

He did not know how much, only some guesses.

Nine patterns center of lotus 'flower' position, that is, the front plate, the core parts are seven column.

'Flower' in silver inlaid with a diamond spar enough to have a fist, glittering and translucent, shining bright silver.

Close it, Ji-day trip can clearly sense that Fengyun silver spar contains include strength and breath of heaven and earth, the moon is like heaven!

He knew, at the foot of the giant ten-mile radius of this disk array, it is the legendary Seven large array.

Seven is the core of a large array of seven towers, not only extremely marvelous effect, but also the source of strength for the whole seven support tower.

This seven big fuss, the stars of the sky over many years to absorb force, contains very majestic power of the stars.

For this reason, the disk array as dense spider web of lines and line matrix method, the silver will have Yingying in the flow.

The core 'flower' in silver piece spar, is seven large array, it is essential!

After observing a moment, Ji-day trip will cast secret law, resorted to the soul jade coffin.


His palm surging gold, emitting Yuhe a thumb-sized.

Through crystal white, he could see Yuhe lying in a finger-size girls, it is in a coma Ji Ke.

He hands holding soul jade coffin, carefully placed 'flower', the soul of the jade coffin on a large piece of silver fist spar.

Silver Spar immediately have a reaction, releasing majestic mighty power of the stars, crazy influx of the soul jade coffin.

Jade Dead Man's Chest learned the power of the violent power of the stars, they lit a dazzling brilliance, the stars strength after refining purification, Ji Ke delivered to the body.

Although Ji Ke Ji-day trip do not see changes in the body.

But then he could see that the soul jade coffin pure star power will enter her body, her situation will stabilize, a serene atmosphere and more stable.

Ji-day trip sitting on a lotus pattern Nine, eyes glued to the soul of jade coffin, silently observed a long time.

See the Ji Ke stabilized, no abnormal reaction, this assured him.

Next, he played round after round of waving palms Guanghua real dollars, he began to display their battle formation.

He arranged for a small array of tranquility,The jade seal in Dead Man's Chest 'flower', the long-term so that it can draw strength silver spar.

If elsewhere, he arranged a little peace front, just half an hour, you can easily complete.

But his feet are seven big fuss, jade coffin sited soul, but also the center of Nine lotus.

He arranged peace array, it must fit with the Seven and Nine lotus large array in order to play the effect.

This lineup of difficulty let him at least ten times improved!

He was also fortunate Front Road master, to complete such an arduous task.

If done ordinary Tong Xuan master, never be done.

Silent passage of time, the vast sky filled with stars, seemed eternal.

Day passed quickly.

Ji Hui Zhang day trip continuing to play real dollars, pulling out a section of golden arc, loss of real dollars of their own great.

At this point he had consumed eighty percent of real dollars, the spirit of extreme fatigue, not only pale forehead was oozing sweat.

Fortunately, he finally arranged to complete the peace front, successfully placed a jade Dead Man's Chest.

He slowly recovered his hands, took a deep breath.

"Call ...... finally finished!"

He looked down at 'flower', see a palm-sized golden shield, the soul jade coffin firmly protected, can not help revealing expression of relief.

His eyes through the golden shield, looking through the small jade Dead Man's Chest, murmuring and said:. "Keke, you feel at ease here, sleeping in it."

"Until you wake up, the stars of the Plow force, must have your blood red star, strengthening to a very powerful degree."

"By that time, you can not only refining the soul of the alien forces in the seal, the strength will be leaps and bounds ......"

Whisper a few words to himself, Ji-day trip sound more and more faint.

He hastened to sit cross-legged, close my eyes, silently practicing exercise our powers to restore real dollars and stamina.

In order to place the soul jade coffin, a little peace array arrangement of tall, almost exhausted all his power, become very weak.

At the moment, he did not take immortality and spiritual fruit, and with the power of seven large array of silver spar, can quickly regain strength.

With his practice to exercise our powers, silver spar released faint trace strands of silver, the continuous influx of his body.

Those are silver stars strength, higher than the world of Reiki, more polished, more majestic powerful force.

Ji-day trip constantly refining the power of the stars, while the strength of the recovery, but also by means of force grown stars orifices point.

Unconsciously, three days later.

After three days and three nights of practice, he learned the power of the stars mass, strength and finally back to the pinnacle.

Moreover, he also grown up by means of the power of the stars of the three orifices point.

Article eight orifices point sword veins, we have all grown up complete.

Ji Tong Xuan day trip finally broke through six heavy territory, reached a ripe environment Tong Xuan Seventh!

But at this time, silent Seven large array, suddenly flashed a white light.


After the white dispersed, a figure dressed in a white robe, a black eye and on the front plate.

This man was Yu Shi Wen, who is white robe tattered, covered with blood and dust, stir together also long hair,Mess.

He looked unkempt, like a beggar.

But he exude proud of gas, standing on the black front plate, looking up at the dark sky, issued proud of laughter.

"Ha ha ha ...... did not cloud the presence of Yao, Shi Wen Yu is my top genius!"

"Heaven and Earth for the array and how? Based on my knowledge and wisdom, it only failed twice, the third time I was able to break!"

"Seven of the top of the tower, I finally came!"

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