327 Chapter Seven summit tower

327 Chapter Seven summit tower

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To the world for the array, but near-means gods.

God wants to break such an array, to find out the entrance to the top of the tower of seven, it is impossible and.

If there is no superb skills matrix method, there is no broad vision and great wisdom, absolutely difficult to see through.

That is why, among the list of these disciples, in addition to the cloud Yao, not even one person can get through the sixth floor, boarded the top seven towers.

Ji-day trip to understand this, but do not worry and retreat.

His accomplishments matrix method comparable Front Road Grandmaster, experience, knowledge and vision are very high, but the strength has not yet reached dan territory only.

Thousand months carrying his flight one day, he traveled with a radius of thousands of miles in the sky.

Thus, the radius of a thousand miles of prairie land and dozens of mountain peaks and two lakes, are clearly imprinted in his mind.

Radius of thousands of miles of the world scene, narrowed into a picture in his mind, like a matrix diagram.

He sat in a cross-legged mountains, eyes closed mused, silently watching this piece of Diagrams, deduction and calculation break the law.

The passage of time, the passage of time.

Soon, again two days later.

In his mind the Diagrams deduction thousands of times, after repeated predictions and calculations, finally found a break the law.

"This large array of heaven and earth formation, a total of Qiqi forty-nine mountains, east and west sides have a lake."

"This implies both front nine palaces of the law, but also include the wonderful Seven Compass, the more the secret dragon four images, two lakes is also a finishing touch, so that was the whole big fuss all come alive."

"That being the case, then I would try to reverse seven, re-Kuni, three mountain seas Destroys points of law, may be able to do wonders ......"

Made up his mind, Ji-day trip rode thousand months fly to the sky, fly to the south west.

After the two hour, he came up a little knowledge on the mountain, the tactical deployment of his secrets begin to display their lineup.

He spent one day, a mysterious level Need cloth became a big fuss, encompasses the whole mountain.

A large array of draw world of Reiki in all directions, brought together a majestic mighty power, secretly change the tactical deployment pattern of peaks.

After a few hours, very magical scene appeared.

Up to this little knowledge, covering a radius of fifty miles of towering mountains, even slowly moving up.

Alpine little knowledge 'rumbling' run over grassland, moved towards the east, 100m away halt.

Although only the mobile Alpine meters, compared to the volume of the mountain, this minimal distance.

However, a little knowledge is up to the mountains, even sliding out of one hundred meters away, which requires the dreadful power?

Warrior mention Tong Xuan territory, even if the territory is dan strong, can never be done.

Only use the matrix method, with the invisible forces of heaven and earth in order to accomplish such a feat!

See thousands of feet moving mountains hundred meters, Ji-day trip showing a happy smile.

He then rode a thousand months fly high days, condescending overlooking the earth, observed four Zhoushan Feng movement.

"I have a large array of reverse cracked the world, Kun house mountain moved, it will change the whole motivate a large array."

"Next, the peak Heavenly bit, should also be subject to change up ......"

With these words,His face was looking forward to look to the northeast, a mountain outside of Barry.

Sure enough, tall up little knowledge of the mountains, tremble shook issue 'rumbling' of this terrible noise, slowly moving up.

After one hundred interest of time, the hills traverse hundred meters away, a stationary.

Ji-day trip and look to the southeast, murmuring: "The UDL bit below the peaks moved ......"

His words are like a decree of God-like, as if to mobilize the forces of heaven and earth, moving Sanshanwuyue.

With his voice down, a hundred miles south-east of that mountain, and 'rumbling' move up.

The next few hours, the forty thousand miles radius of several peaks, are pushing a large array of world power, mobile hundred meters away on the prairie.

In the end, even the two pearl-like lakes, but also magical shifted position.

Ji-day trip with a tactical deployment of forces to move a mountain, but it makes the whole world a big fuss produce a chain reaction, peaks and lakes every move the location.

So magical scene, let thousand months and were amazed that a small black dragon, Ji-day trip to adore.

Compared to the thousands of miles radius of the world, Ji-day trip like tiny speck of dust.

But he use the matrix method, with the invisible, mysterious world of powerful forces, changed the pattern of this world.

Vast world in front of him, like a game of chess, command and let him move.

These means, almost like gods!

After a few hours, I have come to the middle of the night, a large array of changes in the world finally stopped.

In the middle of Prairie | Central, between two towering mountains, the sky suddenly lit a dazzling white light.

Dazzling brilliant white light condensed into a huge hole in the sky.

That hole is like a vortex, like, inside black as ink, I can not see anything.

But Ji-day trip know, this is like a vortex-like hole, it left the sixth floor of the world, leading to the summit of the seven towers of the channel!

He pleased his eyes showing a touch of a smile, riding a thousand months and flew toward the white hole.


White flash, put his shadow engulfed.

The next moment, the white vortex suddenly disappear, to restore the night sky dark, as if nothing occurred.

Ji-day trip also passes through the channel space, we came to the seventh floor of the world's seven towers.


Bright flash, Ji-day line figure appeared out of thin air and landed on a piece of black stone-paved disc.

Ten foot radius of the disk, paved by the vicissitudes of old black slate numerous pieces, also carved a deep gully pieces on the ground.

Countless gully formed a dense lines and lines, cutting out a mysterious and huge pattern.

Ji-day trip at a glance, and the foot piece of black stone plate is a large array of disk array.

Disk array is surrounded by a vast expanse of clouds, clouds expansive, if no end.

Ji-day walk to the edge of the disk array, the probe looked to the clouds, the clouds do not see what the next scene.

He looked up at the sky, you can see the top of the head is a vast sky.

Dark sky, dotted with tens of thousands of stars, constitute a vast and mysterious Galaxy Diagrams.

Countless stars and stars lit silver stars,Miles radius falling on the black disk array, so that the pattern and the pattern on the matrix method disk array, also blurred shining stars.

"So, this is the summit of seven towers!"

"Sure enough, like a big senior sister apprentice said, where is the nearest place to the stars, a good pair of billowing clouds, bright sky spectacle!"

Ji-day trip looking up at the sky serene, his eyes staring at a red light northeast of stars, showing a happy smile, murmuring Road.

"Keke, I finally boarded the top of the tower Seven!"

"I saw, sinking huge dazzling star, is very red star!"

"I will soon put the soul jade coffin placed here to let you help enhance blood red pole star power."

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