Chapter 323 he actually succeeded?

Chapter 323 he actually succeeded?

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The little girl heard the sound of crisp, Ji-day trip noticed her hand mirror.

Before she curled up in the corner, even scared, shivering, her hands clung to this ancient bronze mirrors.

Ji looked glances day trip took bronze mirrors, bronze mirrors While they found some strange.

Bronze mirrors edge of a circle of mysterious patterns, carved with a pattern behind, actually huge bird black spider.

Even more strangely, when Ji-day trip holding a bronze mirror looked, the mirror nothing, no lights up his face.

This finding, suddenly Ji day trip frowned, deep doubts cropped up in my heart.

"This is an illusion of the world, the sun is the rise in the west, even the mirror is also not according to figure ......"

He secretly wondered for a while, my mind suddenly flashed an aura, vaguely guess what.

He put bronze mirrors fiercely fell to the ground, "bang" of the bronze mirrors fell apart.

Suddenly, the lights were broken bronze mirror blazing white brilliance of real dollars.


Bright white light, and immediately condensed into an elliptical optical gate, erected in front of him.

Chi-white light in the dark mysterious door, seems to another world.

Ji-day trip suddenly smiled, whispering to himself: "So, I really am not mistaken, this is a mirror image of the world ......"

When he finished, he looked down at the little girl wearing a blue dress, smiled and said thank you.

The little girl looked up at him, pink cute little face, exposing innocent smile.

Ji-day trip heels door into the light, the figure 'shabu' is about gone.

The next moment, his eyes flash of white light, then came another strange world.


Under Seven Towers, Joe Yuen and two young disciples, still standing in the open space.

Three men stood side by side, in a low voice while laughing, while looking up at the fourth floor of the seven towers.

"Oh, soon to a quarter, a fourth layer of copper pagoda lamp not moving ah."

"Joe brothers, even if we wait any longer is a waste of time ah."

"Yes ah, Ji-day trip that guy for the first time to break the tower, the tower is estimated that even in the Old World could not tell, how could break too?"

Jo Hyun exposed face playful sneer, tone pernicious said: "!! Of course I know that little beast break but if he can get past the fourth floor, I can board the seventh floor of the"

"I just wanted to visit, he is ejected seven towers, awkward appearance fell to the ground!"

"At that time, I will laugh at him severely, so that he could not lift their heads, a list of these disciples become the laughing stock!"

Two young disciples are exposed pondering smile, somewhat irreverent tone: "It seems that the kid brother Joe offend not light ah."

"Hey, Joe Yao brothers to go for endless cloud. Cloud Yao did not come this year, the brothers did not see Joe loved one, of course poor mood friends."

Just three whispered laughing on the occasion, the fourth layer of Seven Towers eight bronze lamps, lit up even one.

Huge copper lamp lit bright yellow | color lights illuminate the dark night.

Three immediately froze for a moment, staring at the lodge all copper lamps, his face became darkened."Actually break through it?" Joe Yuen was the color of the face stunned, obviously can not believe this result.

Two other young disciples, quickly persuade said: "? Do not worry brother, Joe, just lit a lamp only, perhaps successfully break through the barrier is heard yu brothers do."

"For ah! Wen Yu brothers also began to break through the barrier directly from the fourth floor, and he certainly break through it!"

Joe mysterious silence, looking gloomy and waited.

Time goes by quietly, quickly it took another hundred rest time.

In this case, the eaves pagoda fourth layer, and the second lamp lit up lights Cu!

"Actually lit the second lamp?"

"That kid Wen Yu brothers and successfully break through it?"

Two young disciples immediately exposed face surprised expression, issued incredible low voice.

Jo Hyun's face became at once very ugly, his eyes surging anger coldness, low voice growled: "?! How is this possible."

"That bloody hell, he obviously was the first to break the tower, how could so quickly past the fourth floor?"

A moment before, he also vowed that if Ji-day trip can get through the fourth floor, he could boarded the seventh floor.

And now, Ji-day trip apparently successfully break through the fourth floor of the world.

Joe Yuen is the fact that hit the face, suddenly awkward shame, his face burst blue burst of white, body trembling gas also.

Two other young disciples, as one, are embarrassed smile, not much to say.

"Well, we do not waste time, and quickly go inside."

"Brother Joe, we take one step ahead."

Two young disciples channel the sound to leave, and quickly enter the door of the first layer of Seven Towers, began to break through the barrier to go.

Jo Hyun left alone on the ground, his face a few curse wroth, this quickly into the seven towers, began to break through the barrier from the first layer.


Ji-day trip is walking in a vast desolate mountains, Black Dragon sword in hand, eyes warily looked around.

Dark brown surrounded by immense mountains Mountains in the ups and downs, is connected to the end of the horizon.

Mountains are bare, full of dark brown rocks, hard soil.

Looking ahead, the Barry Mountains are a dark gray, but not the slightest green.

Ji-day trip is a little knowledge up to the summit of the mountain walking, fast figure as high winds climbed over one another a rock pile.

Suddenly, after he skipped a giant palace as rocks, he stopped.

On a hard dark brown ground, as much as a giant terrifying footprints.

He squatted next to the footprints of careful observation, they found only two meters radius of huge footprints, a full half a meter deep depression.

The fan-shaped footprints feet, a total of four stout toes, a look that left some giant beast.

He continued to move forward, it was only twenty meters out, they found a similar footprints.

He frowned in thought for a moment, immediately analyze a surprising result.

"This beast of enormous size inevitable, can escape one step taken only twenty meters!"

"It can escape the hard ground such as rock, trod a half-meter-deep pit, the weight must be amazing!"

"Look at this traces of footprints still fresh, it should be left behind today."

Thought here,Ji's face became solemn day trip, looked sharp eyes searching.

Although he had just entered the fifth floor of the world, it is unclear what kind of a small world.

But intuition told him that this desolate secluded world, will certainly be very dangerous!

Just then, his pile of rocks behind one hundred meters away leaves, suddenly unearthed two huge head.

The two dark brown head, there is so much water tanks, pointed like a crocodile head.

They quietly probes around, huge dark green eyes staring Ji-day trip, revealing a mean excitement and bloodthirsty.

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