Chapter 319 waiting to be spectacular

Chapter 319 waiting to be spectacular

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"Gee, this guy crazy?"

"He first tower to break, break on the fourth floor from the start? Too overconfident!"

'Oh, Ji-day trip this kid really is a lengtouqing, bragging ah! "

"Ha ha ha ha ...... we wait and see, at most a quarter of an hour, that boy will break through the barrier failed, is ejected to the seven tower!"

Ji-day trip to see the direct access to the fourth floor, several young disciples are exposed gloating sneer, ridicule and unbridled talk with.

Min Wu Feng and two, naturally not talk century opening day trip, not to ridicule him.

But the two men face and eyes, but also some dumbfounding, Ji-day trip apparently feel too confident!

"Hey, Ji Young for the first time to break the tower could be so reckless?"

Wu whispered with a sigh, "If honest from the beginning of the first layer, with the strength of his talent, get past the first three levels are no problem."

"Yes ah." Feng Min nodded and agreed, tone of some regret: "He is past the first three levels, will be able to get a lot of benefits."

"He can start directly from the fourth floor, a little later failed to break through the barrier, they did not harvest anything, it should be popped up."

Seven towers have two doors to enter.

In general, a list of these disciples are entered from the first layer pagoda, break up layer by layer.

Each pagoda is a small world, both risks and challenges, but also get a lot of benefits and resources.

Before three relatively simple list of these disciples in turn will break through, get a lot of benefits.

In the list of these disciples, in addition to cloud Yao strength and personality, able to break from the beginning of the fourth floor, others are afraid to do so.

People did not expect, Ji-day trip for the first time to break the tower, had to follow the example of cloud Yao, break from the fourth floor to start.

In fact, Ji-day trip to break the seven towers, and a list of these disciples of different purposes.

For a list of these disciples it is in the Seven Tower, access to resources, practice as much as possible, to enhance the strength.

Ji-day trip is to treat Ji Ke, he just boarded the top seven towers as soon as possible, the soul of the jade coffin placed well.

For this reason, he did not bother to start from the first layer break, do not want to waste time.


Seven black tower opened the door to the fourth floor, Ji-day trip heels into the door, flash figure disappeared.

The open space under the tower, everyone saw he did go to the fourth floor, and talk for a while.

Joe mysterious face sneer and said: "Oh, that guy really into the fourth floor, and really Mozhizhemowei."

"I'd like to see, how long can that guy?"

"Up to within a quarter of an hour, he must break through the barrier fails, it will be ejected to seven tower!"

True Tsung's chief disciple, followed nodded and said: "Let no hurry to break the tower, wait here for a quarter of an hour to see if the kid is ejected to the time how embarrassed!"

Wind & Fire were the disciples looked at the side of the stone Wen Yu, to see him looking gloomy, he smiled and said: "Brother Wen Yu, Yao did not come to pass through the cloud, you can only board the seventh floor, how can we let that guy grab the limelight? "

Shi Wen Yu frowned, cold tone, said: "Ladies and gentlemen in this spectacular, and I take one step ahead."

When he finished, he crossed the light door, hanging ladder toward the side of the tower and walked seven.

A moment he boarded the marching hanging ladder fourth floor, took silver token turns black, Shek Mun, also began to break through the barrier from the fourth floor.

Several disciples on the open space, and whisper together a few.

"This may have looked good show, it seems Wen Yu brothers have been angered that guy."

"Hey, let's wait and see the results of it, look at stone Wen Yu and Ji-day trip who successfully entered the fifth floor."

"Up to a quarter of an hour, if on the fourth floor of the octagonal pagoda roofs, copper lights, then it shows that they pass through the success."

"Gentlemen, take your time, and I take one step ahead."

Soon, there are several optical gate across the pupil, from the start of the first column pass through layer seven.

Joe Yuen and two young disciples, in no hurry to break through the barrier, stood looking up at the tower at the fourth floor, waiting to see a joke Ji day trip.


Ji-day trip standing on a wide street, looked around blankly.

At the foot of Main Street flat tidy streets lined with rows of high-rise buildings, row upon row of shops.

There is a constant stream of pedestrians hurrying through from the street, or wander between the various shops.

Cries of vendors, pedestrians talk about laughter, constantly coming from all around.

There are many arms makers saber with a sword, sturdy flavor and overbearing, he walked through the streets of the wind, sword rattling 'jingle jingle' Cui Xiang.

Those simply dressed people who see these arms makers through, suddenly flustered, his face in awe of their distance.

"It turned out to be a city? City also live so many people with weapons?"

Ji-day trip looked around in a circle, his face showing surprise of color.

Before coming seven towers, cloud Yao had told him the situation had seven towers.

Former three-tower in the world is fixed, not much danger and difficulty.

But from the beginning of the fourth floor, the tower becomes more difficult in the world and drive and determination.

According to Yao Yun said, the world's fourth layer is a phantom world.

In this layer small world, there will be a variety of illusions, such as the frozen ice, volcanic lava cross-flow, or the vast jungle, it could be the ocean.

Cloud Yao entered the fourth year seven layer tower, encountered visions of the world are not the same.

So, she can not be summed up what the experience to Ji-day trip.

Ji-day trip can only rely on their own to explore and observe slowly, getting to know this city.

His move to walk in the street, eyes keen look around, probing the case of this city.

At this point it is early in the morning, shrouded in the morning mist above the city, is gradually dispersed.

There is a breakfast shop around the corner, constantly coming aroma rice and steamed buns.

There are many people around the table who sat on the bench porridge, holding a meat bun to eat with relish.

An orange sunrise, rising up in the western sky.

"The sun rise in the west?"

Looking at this picture, Ji-day trip startled for a moment, I thought he wrong direction.

After he repeatedly identified before deciding he did wrong direction!

"It's strange, actually hit the west the sun came out!"

Ji-day trip was secretly whispered a sentence, always feel this city, he revealed a trace of strange atmosphere.

At this point, he Baozi Pu outside in front of ten meters, suddenly heard several screaming.

A tall, strapping, tall, middle-aged face Warrior, carrying a sword rushed out of the shop.

This dark-skinned man, his face still two scar, exude a sturdy murderous hands on the edge of the sword, and bright red blood was dripping.

Shop, the white-haired old shopkeeper lying on the counter motionless, his neck had been cut off, the blood was coming out gurgle from the fracture.

Still lying on the ground a few people's body, there is waiter, chef steamed buns, as well as several innocent patrons and people.

All it is knife killed, his neck was cut off, his head rolled to the side all, the blood spatter on the floor, walls and tables, everywhere.

Baozi Pu in diners, suddenly scared and fled in panic, terrified cry bursts.

The aroma of rice and steamed buns, was immediately covered with a thick Xuexing Qi.

That murderous Scarface man, saw the crowd fled in panic looks like, grim laughter.

He waved heavy sword, hacking people who casually too late to escape.

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