Chapter 317 What you count?

Chapter 317 What you count?

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The following morning, Ji-day trip riding a thousand months left dyke cases.

Thousand months greet the rising sun, the stars to ancient environments | direction of the central flew.

It is a full flight for a long time, after six hour, to arrive at seven towers.

This time is in the evening, the night is about to come, thousands of monthly landing on a towering mountain.

The middle top of the hill | center, stands a huge, such as mountains, towering up to little knowledge of the pagoda.

It was a whole body was bronze octagonal pagoda, then under the mountain pick sky, exudes a very forceful majestic atmosphere.

Bronze pagoda is divided into seven layers, each floor has over one hundred feet high.

The top two floors were shrouded in clouds, hazy not see real.

Ji-day trip looked up and looked for a moment, we see the pagoda shape and appearance.

Pagoda has eight corners, octagonal, look magnificent, broad and atmosphere.

Each corner has a great copper lamp, carved lifelike Firebird Dragon and the lamps.

Rough ancient tower, there are many mysterious carved designs and patterns, as well as some special symbols.

The first layer pagoda black seat up to 100 meters of the door, this door is closed, with a touch of colorful flashing brilliance, apparently forces battle formation.

In addition, there is a pagoda side of the narrow ladder, with direct access to the fourth floor of the pagoda.

The fourth layer also has a pagoda gates, with the doors of the first floor of the same size, simple vicissitudes of life, mysterious and extraordinary.

On the whole pagoda, the only two entrance gates.

"This is the legend of the Seven Towers?"

Ji-day trip looked for a moment, one can not help murmuring.

This is not the tower Seven casting artificial, eight large doors can not control the.

Legend, things between this mysterious ancient tower seven, not mundane, but heaven fetish.

In the distant ancient times, this seven towers like a meteor fell from the sky, the stars fall in ancient environments.

Pagoda After landing, the ground fly deep bottom, deep in between the mountains, unknown.

After a slow recovery and growth of thousands of years, even the pagoda gradually regain strength, to take out from deep underground.

About a decade ago, this seven towers emerge from the mountains, as appears out of thin air overnight.

Later, there were a few unexpected strong door found seven towers.

When they broke into the seven towers filled with doubt, the tower only to find another world, self-contained side of the world.

Moreover, seven pagoda on behalf of seven of the world, but do not disturb communicate with each other.

World each contain rich mineral resources and material to treasure, and are not the main thing, can be picked at random grab.

The more close to the top of the world, the more fat it contains treasures resources.

Thus, the list of these strong they will be plundered in seven towers, plundered resources.

After the news spread, large doors who heard, have joined the search and looting.

However, among the large doors were quickly realized the conflict, and then one after another outbreak of fighting.

Eventually, eight large doors in order to avoid killing each other, confusing war, a list of these strong they had to sit down to negotiations.

After much deliberation coordination,The final eight large doors decided to jointly charge of seven towers, set a large array Tianyuan the pagoda protected.

Seven tower will be open once a year, a list of these can only send his disciples into the tower, climbing higher level in the world, searching for more treasures rare resource.

Unfortunately, in recent years, in addition to cloud Yao boarded the seventh floor, the other a list of these seven disciples failed to break into the tower of the seventh floor.

Ji looked at the seven-day trip tower for a while, to see an open space in the tower, we have gathered several young military who will move to pass.

A radius of one hundred meters of space, stone paved black, there is a middle stage array 10 meters high.

This is obviously an eight large doors of the builders, Taichung array matrix method, is the key to open seven towers.

When Ji-day trip to the open space on the field several young Warrior, have also turned to look at him.

When that few people see his face, suddenly both startled and puzzled expression, talk quietly together.

"Hey, this guy is not a dyke were the disciples do?"

"It's strange, Cloud Atlas Zong Yao did not come? Even sent him to break seven towers?"

"I know this guy! When Parliament before eight, I've seen him on stage at the stars, he was head of Atlas were disciples, seems called Ji-day trip!"

"Yes, I remember this guy's strength is weak, it seems not to be the elite disciples?"

This is several young military who are the chief disciple of a list of these, seen before Ji-day trip on the eight parliament.

Everyone the impression that he is still stuck at that time, did not know he had a majority in the day list, beat Chen Su and Tang Yi Luo, became the dyke were the next day.

Few people there was tall and slim, dignified face, temperament and elegant beauty, is the chief disciple month were the heart of Phoenix Min.

Of a young man standing beside her, is the chief disciple Luk Wu school, and previously worked with Phoenix Min Ji, who alongside Sky destroy the magic hole.

The crowd also face a young, raw handsome, dignified appearance, is the chief disciple Chiaki door Joe mysterious.

In the original stage stars, who have seen the discipline-day trip.

At this point, Joe mysterious cases come to see Atlas day trip is discipline, not his favorite cloud Yao, can not help revealing his face down the color.

Ji-day trip had left over, he will be looking unhappy Leng Heng said: "Well Atlas cases people are not eating you do not send a cloud Yao to break seven towers, but sent a feather boy come!??"

Jo Hyun did not deliberately low voice, beside a few young disciples heard.

Everyone fell silent, all eyes look to record interesting day trip, to see what his reaction is.

Ji-day trip originally saw two acquaintances, trying to come over and say hello.

Joe Yuen Leng Heng suddenly heard the sound, he can not help but frown, eyes cold look to Joe mysterious, indifferent tone said: "! Dyke you if more criticism I were, I would let you crawl away"

Very short sentence, but contains no doubt domineering and sharp flavor.

Jo Hyun immediately shocked, and several young arms makers also startled expression, incredible look Ji-day trip.

Everyone could not believe Ji-day trip so much courage, but public humiliation Joe Yuen!

Joe suddenly mysterious gas was livid, furious stare Ji-day trip, Chen Sheng shouted: "Boy,what did you say? ! "

Ji-day trip eyes looked at him indifferent, cold tone: "I can tell you to put a clean mouth point, or I will make you shut up!"

"Oh, your kid is crazy ah!" Joe Yuen rage smile, his eyes surging in the cold, "If the cloud Yao come, I naturally respect her three points."

"What can you count? How dare talk to me? Court death!"

Jo Hyun this on depressed mood, Ji-day trip has been public humiliation, anger is a natural Kuangyong.

He did not hesitate to fight Hui Zhang Ji-day trip to beating him up.

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