Chapter 316 secret mission

Chapter 316 secret mission

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Jade coffin and soul into the seven towers of the keys are at hand.

Next, Ji-day trip to do is wait and prepare.

Back to the hospital after a day trip, he did not waste time, quickly enter the chamber to exercise our powers in practice, to enhance strength.

Seven days until the tower opened, he will have to break through the barrier into the seven towers.

At that time, he not only faced danger and trial, to face the elite list of these disciples.

He must as far as possible to enhance the strength of seven after entering the tower, will also have to break through the layers of the test, boarded the top seven towers.

In order to rescue Ji Ke, he can only succeed, we must not fail!

Soon, Ji-day trip to breathless, into the practice of focusing state.

Now he has reached a five-Tong Xuan territory, Article veins have sword orifices point completed a grown up.

He spent real dollars payment system itself, but also to borrow Chi Yan real fire power, he began to repeatedly temper the second channel orifices point.

This process is very slow, with the strength of his strong, powerful lifting speed inevitably slower and slower.


Gladius within days, God Jianfeng on.

A light dark, Aura ample chamber, the Sword jade large metropolitan is sitting in the chair.

In front of him stood a man in a white robe, a dignified young man.

This young age, about twenty five or six, tall, strapping, handsome face, handsome, exude confidence and haughty air.

This man was the chief disciple Jianzong day, Wen Yu stone.

Shi Wen Yu Tianjian to the sovereign bow line of a ceremony, look respectfully asked: "? Master, you called his disciples to come, what orders"

Sword sovereign nodded slightly, and asked: "Yu Wen, and then a few days time, seven towers and also opened, you can ready?"

Shi Wen Yu revealing a touch of self-confident smile, quickly hand over and said: "Master, although his disciples before entering each tower are seven checkpoints failed, but this year there are disciples of the sword to break through, but also enhance the strength of double realm, reaching the territory Tong Xuan Nine . "

"The disciples are confident that broke into the seventh layer, becoming cloud Yao, into the top of the second tower of seven people!"

See Shi Wen-yu so full of confidence, showing a touch of sovereign Sword happy smile.

He nodded, encouraged and said:. "Wen Yu, you can have such confidence is a good thing, as a teacher I hope you can win this honor, so that the strength of our day to see a list of these other Jianzong"

Wen Yu Shi Baoquan a ceremony, confident tone: "The disciples will go all out, never let Master down!"

"! Ah, very good" Sword sovereign nodded with satisfaction, dignified tone: "But, as a teacher you come to church today, there is one more important thing to give you."

Shi Wen-yu see him looking awe, they understand something important, Stern said: "! Please express Master"

Sword sovereign low tone said: "Seven at the top of the tower, there is a lot of material to treasure, the treasure which has the same name spar spiritual soul."

"This was important to us, even the relationship between the rise of the plan this door, you enter the top of the seven towers, be sure to get this treasure, to bring it back!"

After listening to the sovereign told Sword, Yu Shi Wen suddenly frowned, puzzled and asked: "Master,Since the spiritual soul spar priceless, that cloud Yao will certainly have to snatch with me. "

"And, she has repeatedly into the top of the seven towers, will not have long claimed the spiritual soul spar?"

Sword sovereign exposed face playful sneer, relaxed tone said: "!! Of course not cloud Yao absolutely no guts removed spar spiritual soul."

"Seven spiritual soul spar is located in a large array, not only the possession of very subtle, but also form the core of the seven large array of objects."

"Once you take away spiritual soul spar, Seven Star array will collapse, seven towers will also be involved, or even collapse destroyed."

Shi Wen Yu suddenly exposed face surprise of color, I did not expect Sword sovereign task entrusted to him, could be so amazing.

Sword sovereign continued: "Wen Yu, you do not have to worry about what will be the consequences of doing so, just follow the teacher's command to do."

"You won be spiritual soul spar, after seven towers collapse destroyed, and then try to push the matter to the cloud Yao body on the line."

"In recent years, in addition to cloud Yao nobody boarded the seventh floor, if you framed the matter to her, large doors will be convinced."

Shi Wen-yu look solemnly nodded, Baoquan a ceremony said: "! Disciples understand that his disciples will endeavor to comply Master of life."

"Ah, well, you withdraw it." Sword sovereign nodded with satisfaction.

Shi Wen Yu bowed a ceremony, say good-bye and left the chamber.


Seven days is fleeting.

Ji-day walk in closet in retreat penance for seven days, finally grown up two orifices point, enhance the strength of many.

That day in the evening, he ended practice, out of the chamber.

He just returned to the room shortly after maid Xiaoshuang will report it came to the message.

"Ji brothers, when at noon today, who Mingjiao Su Qin brothers came to visit, and let Xiaoshuang tell you all ready up."

Ji-day trip one will understand, certainly the drug elders ready.

He quickly left the hospital day trip, went to look for drugs Presbyterian Church elixir.

When he saw drug elders, still in that secret room.

Ji Ke still lying unconscious on the millennium spirit of jade, covered with pale blue filled with glory, looking calm and serene.

Even in a coma, Hune vague sense of her mouth still unconscious whisper, every will soon cry 'brother-day trip. '

She saw that look like, Ji-day trip filled with affection and concern, increasingly he was determined to help her solve the immediate catastrophe.

Drug elders face tired of the color, eyes, but with a touch of relief.

"Sky, the wife has to help Ji Ke good conditioning the body, temporarily curbed the power of the alien soul seal."

"We put a little later into Ji Ke Yu Guanzhong soul, you can start tomorrow morning, go to the seven towers."

"Thank drug elders, for troubling you!" Ji-day trip sincerely thank the authentic sound.

Drug elders waved and smiled and said: "? What do you thank the old lady is the wife of Master Ji Ke, these things should be done."

Ji-day trip will not say anything, operate real dollars to display their special law formula, resorted to the soul jade coffin.


His palm Guanghua flash, then emerge Yuhe a thumb-sized.

He cast law tactic to manipulate Yuhe becomes larger and larger, and soon became one of up to five meters,Three meters wide spirit of jade coffin.

Coffin carved lifelike, whole body exudes a majestic mighty aura, apparently extraordinary effect.

Under the guidance of the elders of the drug, Ji Ji Ke day about to hold up slowly, gentle movements, carefully placed in the soul of jade coffin.

Ji Ke Yu soul sleeping in the coffin, the coffin constantly releasing invisible spiritual power, lingering in her whole body, close to protect her.

Subsequently, Ji-day trip and display their special law formula, the huge coffin shrink, become Yuhe thumb-sized, installed back to the ring in space.

Everything is ready, only to be tomorrow morning, he'll go to seven tower.

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