Chapter 306 wildfires burning days

Chapter 306 wildfires burning days

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Ji-day trip can clearly sense that the infinite hole temperature and flame, to be more violent than when he first time.

He twists and turns through the narrow passage into the empty cave is located in Yan children, this feeling becomes more apparent.

One hundred meters radius of the infinite cave, the air is hot and seems to burn.

The air smelled faint trace strands of yellowish | flame color, ground and rock caves are dark red.

Even the cave corner of the growth of the spirit of grass and fungus, also accelerated growth rate, also not far from mature.

The middle of the cave, and that a few dozen stone millstone increasingly fiery crimson.

Yan child wrapped in gray Dome - the day ice cocoon, surface cracks also appeared dense.

Ji-day trip is observing ice cocoon day, I heard a cave in the corner, came a cry deep, majestic roar.

He turned and looked heap in the corner, they saw a huge body of gold eyes White Tiger.

The golden tiger eye arched body, eyes gazed at him, covered with savings violent force, the issue seems warning growl.

Ji-day trip glanced at the other end of a white tiger golden eyes, can not help but pick pick brow, whispered a sentence irreverent tone.

"You stupid white tiger head, do not know me yet? ...... also, or you remember the last time the hatred?"

The golden eyes like white tiger can understand hide, and she stopped yelling, but still filled with jealously watching Ji-day trip.

Ji-day trip is no longer ignore the other end of the white tiger gold eyes, his eyes staring at the sky a large array of ice cocoon, and whispers: "The!. Yan Yan children children, brothers and see you."

After calling him a few times, Yan children before he came, tone of some surprise and asked: "? Sky brothers, is that you come yet."

"I, specifically to see you today." Ji-day trip should be a cry, a moderate tone asked: "Yan children, you recently feel better?"

Yan children good mood, tone also revealed imply Lively, quickly replied:. "Thank you Sky senior care, I feel a lot better lately."

"My body's Wildland Fire exclude many, no longer as before so painful."

Ji-day trip smiled, also was pleased for him, concern and asked: "? Yan children, when you can heal from the day the ice cocoon ah"

Yan children silent for a moment, and somewhat depressed and said: "Sky brothers, I do not know."

"Although, Master arranged for me this large array, using the spiritual pulse and day ice cocoon, help me body Wildland Fire brought under control."

"But, if there is a problem can not be solved, I can not completely eliminate the shortage of fire, not to leave the ice cocoon."

Ji-day trip could understand them, Yan children do this very distressed and worried.

Yan children think of only ten years old, he suffered unimaginable pain and suffering, he may feel sympathy, quickly asked: "? Yan children, what is the problem."

Yan child's serious tone explained:. "This year, I have been from the body of wildland fires, wild fires scattered in the cave knows no boundaries."

"Today I was discharged about two percent, let the infinite hole into a sea of ​​fire. If my body will discharge all of Wildland Fire, that wildfires what to do?"

"Wild fire is different from ordinary flame, but the most violent, one of the powerful forces of fire,Vaillant have to destroy the world. "

Ji-day trip know, Yan children said do not leave, wildland fires is indeed one of the world's most powerful of several flame.

Gulao According to legend, in the era after the wild world of the early opening, between heaven and earth filled with Trick, wildland fires, mysterious water and thick soil.

It is these four forces, contains the power to destroy the newborn, only to the world the birth of countless mountains between the river and the mountain jungle mighty torrent.

That four kinds of ancient and mysterious force, but also near to the power of God.

For this reason, the body Yan children discharged only two percent of wildland fires, cave and let the infinite whole mountain knows no boundaries, have become the Flaming Mountain.

If his body will discharge all of Wildland Fire, no one can withstand, let alone to refining.

If he Wildland Fire thrown away, or dumped in the mountains knows no boundaries, it will cause a huge disaster.

At that time, not only the whole mountain will be burning magma knows no boundaries, wildland fires spread, is bound to burn a few hundred miles of mountains and rivers.

Atlas Mountains from the infinite were less than three hundred years, after wildfires spread, even the dyke were to be affected.

Knowing this, Ji-day trip also cheeky dignified color, nodded and said:. "Yan children, I can understand your feelings, understand your concern."

"Make the world wildfires have burned Vaillant, really not at liberty to dispose of."

"But, do not worry, you think of a way to help the brothers."

Yan children should be a cry, calm tone, said: "Thank you Sky brothers."

Ji-day trip frown wondering, mind constantly flashed all kinds of thoughts, consider how to dispose of Wildland Fire.

Shortly after, his mind suddenly flashed Emmanuel, emitting an idea.

He turned around to look in the corner of the cave gold tiger eye, can not help but pick pick brow, the eyes reveal a hint of a smile.

He carefully looked golden tiger eye, interesting tone and said: "Yan children, the past year, the other end gold eyes white tiger has been entrenched here, silently watching over you, right?"

Yan children did not think, subconsciously replied: "? Yes, ah, Sky brothers, have any questions for me."

Ji-day trip smiled and said: "Yan children, the other end gold eyes white tiger has been a year to protect you, and I think it has a lot of refining shortage of fire power, can control the initial shortage of fire."

"You can flush out the body of Wildland Fire, trying to refining gold eyes white tiger, perhaps it will absorb the shortage of fire!"

Yan child startled a little, hesitated and asked: "?? Sky brothers, so that you can do it not be a problem now."

Ji-day trip look dignified said: "perhaps some risk, but this should be the most likely way."

"We just try it, if it does not work in time to stop. If successful, then it is the best of both worlds a good thing."

"Not only can you get rid of the shortage burnt the body of pain, but also refining gold eyes White Tiger Wildland Fire, greatly enhanced strength."

"This is it, it was also a chance and good fortune."

After listening to persuade Ji-day trip, Yan children to consider for a moment, just determined to try.

"Well, Sky brothers, he said according to you, we try."

The eye White Tiger guard him one year, and he had a certain degree of trust and affection.

If Ji-day trip of the way to work, he can not only get rid of torture shortage of fire, but also refining gold eyes White Tiger Wildland Fire,Become more advanced they reveal.

This is indeed a best of both worlds.

See Yan children agreed, Ji-day trip to open the treasure kit, released a thousand months.

He said on signing commanded: "Thousands month, you talk to the other end of the white tiger eye gold exchange about."

"You ask it, can Yan child refinery fire power shortage in the body?"

"Well, this thing to me."

Thousand months nodded, Pushan wings to fly small cave in the corner, came to the white tiger gold eyes.

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