Chapter 305 crowds

Chapter 305 crowds

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See two lines on the stone tomb, Ji-day trip suddenly startled body.

His eyes flashed a strange naked, look complicated brow severely screwed together.

He did not think how, carved on stone ancient seal character, turned out to be written by the twelve words.

Prior to this, he always thought, this ancient tomb is the tomb of Emperor leaves.

Huang Jian Shen Ye who has suffered attunement and teach, so the tomb was some sources with Jian Shen.

But he did not think how, this ancient tomb turned out to be a tomb Jian Shen, Huang and Ye is built!

How could this be?

What exactly is going on?

My mind is full of puzzled Ji-day trip.

After a long, his face was calm.

See all looked around no one, he sat down on a boulder.

His consciousness concentrated in the pubic region, immediately through the black hole, into the Jian Shen went to the tomb.


His awareness of a translucent human form, appeared in the cold dark space.

He flew over the wilderness, not long before they arrive at the huge sword monument indomitable spirit.

"Buried predecessors day! I have a vital thing, you want to ask."

Ji-day trip call a few times, it came in a huge sword monument vicissitudes voice burial day.

"What? Well!"

Ji-day trip quickly saw his twelve words, word for word to tell the funeral days.

"Funeral day predecessors, where actually it was a tomb Jian Shen, how could this be?"

Burial day without hesitation Chen Sheng said: "fake!"

"Only a true Jian Shen tomb is here, others are all false."

It's the tone of certainty, categorically, no doubt.

Ji-day trip have guessed this result, nodded and said:. "I thought so too."

"But why here Ye Huang Jian Shen tomb built a fake?"

Funeral day thought for a moment, only the tone of awe and said:. "On this point, only waiting for you to break Tianyuan large array in order to know after entering the tomb."

Ji Sky asked two related questions, they leave left the dark space.


Returning his consciousness, and sat boulder, Shining eyes staring at the Tianyuan big fuss.

A large array of colorful dazzling brilliance still, in front of the monument and grave, still exudes old vicissitudes of breath.

In the eyes of Ji-day trip, this fake tomb Jian Shen, has become more and more mysterious, surely hidden deeper secret.

"Really want a big fuss early break into the tomb to see how."

"Unfortunately, although I have mastered the law to crack a big fuss, but since not enough strength ...... hey!"

Ji-day trip my heart silently whisper, could not help but sigh.

After a long time, he got up and walked to the broken square.

To the square, he played with Chu Huai Shan hello, left the tomb, along the rope ladder to climb the cliff, backtrack.

Out of the hillside mine hole, he would ride away from Yongsan thousand months, were returned to the dyke.

When he returned to be hospital day trip, it is already late afternoon.

Day standings majority just ended.

Although the day had a change in the ranking list, several days disciples get the job list, there are several new disciples to board the day list.But these are trivial matters, nobody cares and concerns.

Numerous disciples talk of content, or discipline three-day trip that war scenarios.

Ji-day trip back into the room, before going to bed for a moment, then Xiaoshuang maid came to the door and report news.

"Ji brothers, two brothers came to call."

Ji-day trip can not help but frowned, puzzled some thought to myself: "Two people come together to call on who would it be??"

Hesitated, he fishes Xiaoshuang told: "! Let them come in."

A moment later, two young man in white Xiaoshuang led into the living room.

Ji-day trip into the living room and saw two young man in white are the Disciples.

However, he is somewhat unfamiliar with each other, not understanding.

Two young disciples to see him into the living room, but immediately got up and salute respectfully, his face smiling and said: "Congratulations Chi brother!"

"Today, Lien Chan Ji three brothers, three war victory can be described as valorous unparalleled glory matter ah!"

"Ji brothers, both of us take the liberty to visit, is the discipline came to congratulate the brothers topped the list of the second day."

"This is a little something for both of us, a little gift, but also look Ji brothers can accept ......"

Two young disciples to discipline Sky touted a lot, and it said had come out, that is to congratulate the gifts.

As the saying goes, people do not fight smiling hand.

Although Ji-day trip to two disciples did not warm, but that does not acrimony.

He looked indifferent and the two few pleasantries, he declined two gift, so to keep her off the maid Xiaoshuang.

Two disciples filled with regret excused, heart still secretly try to figure out, is not a gift too little prepared, and Ji brothers disdain?

Powell left the two men, then there are three Disciples come side by side, Ji-day trip to visit with a gift.

The three disciples had come and rhetoric, both in front of the same two disciples.

To put it plainly, these are the disciples wanted to discipline Sky cotton, knot a good fortune.

Even if they may not be something to help, but with mixed a Lian Shu Ji-day trip later in the door and can take care of more backing.

After all, not only the head of the disciple Ji-day trip, also stole the show today, setting a very brilliant dazzling record, won the second day list.

He is now the height of fame in the door of elite talent, outshining big senior sister apprentice cloud Yao.

As long as the long head of disciples all know, the line between day and cloud Yao Ji, the future there will be a successor who will head the big bits.

Ji-day trip to the upstart genius, brain disciples Emmanuel, of course, to curry favor as early as possible.

However, Ji-day trip to see through these disciples mind.

He looks to cope with two indifferent, they gave the three disciples turned away.

As a gift of three, he did not even bother to look at it all, but also to take away the three disciples intact.

Next, another batch of the Disciples, flocked to the hospital rushed day trip, with a gift to visit Ji-day trip.

Ji day trip troublesome, do not bother Xuyuweishe those disciples, is simply a waste of time.

He simply went out and left the hospital day trip.

The weather has been the curtain, the night is coming.

Ji-day trip nothing else, a man suddenly remembered,Mind will emerge an idea.

"When I agreed to Yan children, have the time to go see him. This is all more than a month later, I almost forgot this thing ......"

So he rode a thousand months were flying out of the dyke, maneuvering through the night, to rush mountain knows no boundaries.

After an hour, Ji-day trip to the mountains knows no boundaries.

Thousand months landed in the hole outside the cave knows no boundaries, it is about to Ji-day income in tips treasure, he stepped into the lift step is long hole.

Fire on the rock hole more and more light, temperature and more hot.

He entered the depths of the cave, we can see both sides of the wall increasingly dark, the air smelled of fire, but also the increasingly rich.

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