Jian Shen Cap 304 and a tomb?

Jian Shen Cap 304 and a tomb?

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And they were all breathless watching Ji-day trip, waiting for his answer.

He gently shook his head, calm tone of Ye Hong, said:. "Ye elders, than I have done."

"I have things to do, go ahead, and leave."

When he finished, he handed over a gift to Yeh, actually left the ring under the watchful eyes, look indifferent turned away.

Everyone was shocked!

Silence for a long time, silent on the square.

And they were all staring Ji-day trip, until his figure disappeared in the tree-lined path at the end, he recovered.

This day list a large majority, very important for the people, the solemn and sacred.

Even if it does not participate in the majority of the disciples, will drop everything to watch.

Disciples to participate in a large majority, but also as a matter of top priority every year, dare not have the slightest neglect.

Ji-day trip booing, an indifferent start to finish of the state.

Meaning a majority of the day list, won substantial awards and honors the top three, for he seems to have little appeal.

He came to participate in the day list a large majority, seems only to depress the white dust, beat Tang Yi Luo and Chen Su.

In addition, he did not put something else in mind.

He successfully won the second day list, the purpose has been reached, so we drifted gone.

Numerous disciples are exposed complex expressions, the eyes of admiration also heavier.

"Do not know Ji brother is too crazy, or disposition so, simply amazing!"

"Oh, look at Ji brothers so free and easy and confident, apparently long been convinced that the three can beat the elite talent, so he would stage a three Lien Chan."

"In addition to the big senior sister apprentice, any one day standings, I am afraid that the eye can not discipline brothers ah."

"Hey, unfortunately, I also want to see Ji brothers with a big senior sister apprentice than fighting it."

"Oh, I heard that discipline with the big senior sister apprentice brothers very close, in the eyes of the head, They are a good fit, but it's golden couple."

"Hey Hey ...... You say, Ji brothers did not continue to challenge the big senior sister apprentice, is not because he fell in love with the big senior sister apprentice, ah?"

"Hey, do not laugh so **** okay? Ji and big senior sister apprentice brothers are the perfect match, how are you to say it becomes a bit strange?"

"You sound a small point, big senior sister apprentice and head are in it! If you hear the two of them, then you both go to the pig sty it!"

In the buzz of countless disciples, Ye Hong sensual and majestic announced day list majority continue.

Qualify for the majority of hundred disciples, we can challenge the day list ranking.

Soon, there are some excellent disciples stage challenge with rivals fight them in the ring.

These disciples of strong, cast out when the full variety of swordsmanship and martial art fighting, but also very subtle and gorgeous.

However, the ring around hundreds of disciples, all the appearance of a lack of interest, there is no view of interest.

No way, there are three days of record peak of the war bead front row, left to Everyone unforgettable impression.

In contrast, these disciples of the ordinary than the bucket, it becomes dull.

Even further stage change ratio of a pupil of the bucket, people do not bother to Kanji Yan.Many people are still talking about, Ji-day trip with three elite genius powerful duel.

There is no doubt, after the completion of the majority of today's day list, the name of genius evildoer Ji-day trip will surely stir the whole Atlas were!


Ji-day trip to leave early in the Gate Square, not pretending to be cold, and arrogant and arrogant, he is really something to do.

In his view, anyway, he had a clean dry discolor, defeated the Tang Yi Luo and Chen Su, his goal has been reached.

Place to stay inside the door is a waste of time, he might as well leave early, went to Yongsan running a proper business.

Since he stars in the ancient temple, get taught at Dragon Pa Tianyuan matrix method, his heart has been thinking about Yongsan tomb.

He just wanted to go as soon as possible Yongsan, probing the case of tall tombs.

Day trip back to hospital, Ji-day trip to rest for a while, they were riding a thousand months left dyke, rushed to the Longshan direction.

In high heaven speeding thousand months, a half hour after arriving Yongsan, Yongsan landed at the summit.

There were a dyke guard guarding the mountain.

See Ji-day trip show an identity token, the security guard who was released.

Ji-day trip to Hundred thousand months income in tips, came halfway up the mine entrance, and some deacons guarded the entrance of the negotiations, was allowed to enter the mine.

He was walking through the complex twists and turns of mine hang on, hundreds of times went to the deepest mine shafts.

Mine Road in the dark, many fatigues disciples are still working hard, as usual mined ore.

But Atlas mining methods were more moderate, unlike the days of the original Jianzong as violent destruction.

Half an hour later, Ji-day trip reach the deepest mine shafts, he came to the edge of the cliff.

Cliff has two rope ladder, and a guard guarding.

Ji-day trip special status, of course, unimpeded, down the ladder down to the bottom of the cliff.

Not long after, he crossed the dark old channel, came to the old dilapidated square.

At the end of the square, tall km radius of the large array of Tianyuan, still lit colorful gorgeous luster, exudes a majestic thick atmosphere.

He afar, they look round Tianyuan array, has a few faint shadow walking back and forth.

Those figures do not close Tianyuan big fuss, just outside a large array of activities, such as patrolling guards.

At this time, a tall burly man purple robe, brisk wind came over.

This person is Chu Huai Shan, has been ordered to keep the tomb in Longshan Town.

To the near Chu Huai Shan come to see is Ji-day trip, stunned not help revealing a touch of color.

"Ji-day trip? How do you come?"

"! Chu met elders" Ji-day trip to hand over a gift, say hello, explained: "The disciples mind some doubts unsolved, then to the tomb to see ......"

Chu Huai Shan nodded, looking awe said: "Ji-day trip, you come to the tomb to see no problem, but not near tall Tianyuan big fuss."

Ji-day trip pick pick brow, puzzled and asked: "?? Well this is how it was."

Chu Huai Shan sigh, heavy tone, explains: "A month ago, the head had come too careful exploration of this large array, when the accident almost occurred."

"Afterwards head he ordered us to guard the tomb, but must no longer try to crack a big fuss."

"This is very dangerous large array,Deviation as soon as we try to crack the matrix method, it will set off a big fuss, together with the whole tomb blown to fly together ...... "

The head of Chutian Sheng told, and said before the Dragon hegemony under the same words.

Ji-day trip nodded that he understands, and Chu Huai Shan chatted for a few words, then walked in front of a big fuss, close observation of a large array of structures.

Today he is the master of Front Road, and then observe the tomb guardian when a big fuss, will be able to clearly see a large array of context, but also to identify the building of a large array of five law.

Moreover, his gaze through a colorful mask barrier, escape to see the tomb, a huge black font on the bare stone.

Several of the huge and ancient stone seal character, impressively written 'mentor Jian Shen's tomb! '

In the bottom left of the ancient monument, engraved with several vertical columns of small print.

Ji-day trip to observe attentively for a long time, we recognized that a few small print, shocking 'lack of filial piety Emperor Li Ye believers' six words.

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