Chapter 300 of the second sword, Dragon Sword

Chapter 300 of the second sword, Dragon Sword

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Earth-shattering loud sound, sword mountain wind moment of collapse.

Jianmang huge fried broken into numerous pieces of debris were violent Xieguo underlying strength, in all directions shock | shot.

The ring becomes unbearable chaos, it is Jianguang debris and filled with monstrous fire.

Chi Yan Dragon Sword, also slammed the collapse of the burst, turned into billowing waves of fire, so that the ring radius of hundred meters turned into a sea of ​​fire.

After a long, sky fire and violent winds did not lift.

Return to calm the ring, all will see the discipline and Tang Yi Luo day trip looks like.

Ji-day trip standing in the East of the ring, my body is intact, and white clothes, look indifferent.

Tang Yi West Los ring stand, with his hundred far apart, the distance long at the leg-shaped pit.

Half of his face are dark, nose and mouth have popped up in streaks of black smoke.

He was wearing a white robe is also monstrous fire blackened, charred hair curled, as if struck by lightning as before.

Fortunately, he seems to find any, but received only some minor injuries.

His eyes wide open looking at the record day trip, revealing a deep sense of incredible eyes, some driven to distraction drink and asked: "?! How is this possible."

"Wind Yue sword, my strongest Sha Zhao, how could you resist?!"

Although Tang Yi Luo Tong Xuan territory only eight heavy strength, but he is a remarkable talent of elite talent.

Full cast his sword mountain wind, power comparable to a heavy border dan strong attack!

He thought, in the case of Ji-day trip without the use of flame larger hands, he undoubtedly win.

But the result left him dumbfounded.

Ji-day trip not only shelter from the wind Yue sword, but unharmed.

How could he let this not shock inexplicable?

At this time, Ji-day trip, holds a Black Dragon Sword as fast as the winds rushed Tang Yi Luo, Bo whole body emits a powerful matchless war.

His eyes staring at the cold Tang Yi Luo, low shouted: "! Tang brothers, I want a second sword, you can get it."

When the voice down, his right hand holding a sword Black Dragon, operating life skill, severely sword cut out.


Black Dragon Sword once lit up bright golden light, turned into a up to five meters, can be like an epoch-making golden sword.

That monstrous golden sword burst out, like a huge golden dragon, holy dazzling, high-handed mighty to the extreme!

The second sword Ji-day trip, turned out to be dragon sword!

Dragon Sword as fast as Aurora Zhanxia, ​​when Tang Yi Luo not react, it is instantly covered his shadow.


Muffled sound, Tang Yi Luo directly Golden Dragon Sword bombers fly.

His mouth emitting a blood spot, rolling the body inverted out, in the air across an arc, fell in ten meters away.


Tang Yi Luo hit the ground heavily, shook the arena floor shaking, dust and splashes Grande Punto stone chips.

After rolling on the ground a few laps, he was relieved impact, stopped.

He struggled Xiangpaqilai, but it is heartbreaking tingling in the chest, feeling too weak paralysis.

"Ahem ......"

He can not help but cough twice, nose and mouth are overflowed Xuemo son, it has become a blood-red eyes.

He wanted to run real power, suppression of injury neifu,It found internal organs have been displaced, real dollars chaotic.

No doubt, he was cut dragon sword into serious injuries.

Within a short time, he actually lost the fight.

At this point, Ji Sky Dragon sword away, looking indifferent came to his side.

Ji-day trip condescending looked at Tang Yi Luo, calm tone: "You just said, we just learn from the contest, go beyond that."

"That ratio fighting between us, this is not the end?"

His voice calm, indifferent look, not the slightest bit arrogant, swaggering means.

But these two words, listen to the Tang Yi Luo's ears, but it is so harsh, that he Xiufen stricken, anxious to find a way to seam drilling.

Until this point, Tang Yi Luo finally understand.

He deliberately show the hypocrisy, arrogance and disdain in the heart, in fact, has long been seen through Ji-day trip.

But, Ji-day trip only bother to argue with him.

Verbal battle, too juvenile.

Only upright fighting, the most violent attacks overbearing, the other will turn dry ground, it is the most sturdy and most convincing means!

Ji-day trip did!

Tang Yi Luo filled with unwilling looked up, his eyes glared at Ji-day trip, hoarseness of low shouted: "!? Ji-day trip you will not only have the fire power, but also control of the gold-based element force."

"How is this possible? You obviously only strength throughout Tong Xuan, how could grasp yuan two attributes of force?!"

Only the strong Tianyuan territory, in order to control the power of the five elements, which is common sense martial arts community.

And Ji-day trip to Tong Xuan Habitat strength, even mastered fire department and gold tie two forces, this is definitely a very rare double lines genius!

This alone, he will be able to override the Tang Yi Luo, become the top talent within Atlas were the top three!

Tang Yi Luo defeated in his hands, absolutely not injustice, even as it should be!

Hundreds of the Disciples of the square, long stare, his face revealing shock of color.

Gentlemen deacons and elders, are also shocked inexplicably, his eyes gush Shining naked, secretly acoustic talk together.

Even rock solid, joy, anger, form or color of the head is not Chutian Sheng, also revealed at this time comforting smile face.

He looked Ji-day trip eyes, full of surprise and appreciation, this disciple apparently extremely satisfied.

In just a quarter of an hour, Ji consecutive day trip brought him several times pleasant surprise!

"Ji Ji ah-day trip day trip, this seat really did not wrong you! You are in front of everyone to prove himself, but sophisticates, par cloud Yao genius!"

Chu Tiansheng heart secretly sigh, relieved smile in his eyes, a completely undisguised.

The ring, Tang Yi Luo struggled to get up, his hands leaning on a sword to stand.

He was covered in a white robe has been disseminated blood, disheveled look very awkward.

Things are now, he not only unable to fight another day, it is impossible to glass slide with Ji-day trip.

He was silent for a moment, only depressed filled with anger and humiliation, deep voice said: "Ji Young, I give up!"

Ji-day trip nodded slightly, what not to say, covered with wreaths of surging war, gradually converge to dissipate.

Although he was in front of everyone, showing the two-line element force amazing talent,He defeated the day third in the standings Tang Yi Luo, this is a huge honor.

But he still look indifferent, face calm, without any excitement and emotion intended.

It seems to him, all this for granted.

Many disciples and deacons, elders, have seen this, the hearts of increasingly shocking.

A miracle in defeating the enemies of genius is not terrible.

Frightening thing is that this person very calm, even if it hit a brilliant record, also mindful not see mood changes.

This hidden, unfathomable people, is the most terrible genius, has the potential for terror, can also create more miracles!

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