299 Chapter Chi Yan Dragon Sword

299 Chapter Chi Yan Dragon Sword

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Ji-day trip sound is not great, but clearly spread throughout the plaza.

All of a sudden, whispering and buzz on the square were halted.

Hundreds of the Disciples, have turned to shoot straight at him, revealing his face and shocked expression differences.

Quiet for a moment on the square, and then broke out louder buzz.

"The challenge of the third day list?"

"Ji-day trip this guy just beat the white dust, won the fourth day list are not satisfied, we still continue to challenge the day list ranking?

"Ranked third, Tang Yi Luo brothers ah!"

"Ji-day trip that he need not waste time? What do you mean? Does he was in a hurry?"

"My God! Standings majority so sacred and solemn day, this door is a top priority, did not he, is there anything more important than the day standings majority do?"

"This guy is too mad! You see his face indifferent appearance, apparently did not mind the day standings majority ah!"

"Ha ha ...... there looked good show! Estimate Tang Yi Luo brothers did not think Ji-day trip will suddenly challenge him?"

Hundreds of the Disciples who were filled with excited talk, his eyes flashing with excitement naked.

Tang Yi Luo's face immediately darkened, looked frowning Ji-day trip on the ring, eyes flashed a hint of fear and hatred.

"Damn bastard! He must hold a grudge, otherwise how could such a hurry to challenge me!"

Chen Su's face is not very natural, nodded and said: "! Before he came to challenge white dust, we had good intentions to persuade him two, he did not expect such a narrow-minded."

"However, Don Young, sooner or later anyway, he should challenge your ranking earlier solve him, though."

"Go! Get out your housekeeping skills, gave him an insight about the day third in the standings at the extraordinary!"

Although Chen said Sue easy, Tang Yi Luo also cheer cheer.

But Tang Yi Luo's face does not look good, and I feel a little heavy.

His eyes glanced Chen Su cold one, interesting tone: "The Chen brothers, do not rush happy, you'd better pray I sincerely intended to win!"

"Otherwise, if I fail, then it's your turn to suffer!"

Chen Su was exposed the true idea, do not feel embarrassed, blankly said the sound: "That Don Young you be more careful now."

Tang Yi Luo no longer ignore him, turned toward the ring.

Although he is very afraid of Ji-day trip, fear of their own like white dust as a chance to display their secret means, it was made into palm coke.

But after all he is ranked third day list of elite disciples, top talent in the eyes of many people.

In this critical time, in front of everyone, he would not reveal the slightest fear and fear.

Genius, respect talented self-confidence and arrogance, otherwise what's the difference with mediocrity?

Under the watchful eye of countless people, Tang Yi took the step Luomai ring.

He looked calm, exude confidence, indifferent breath, his eyes staring Ji-day trip.

"Ji Young, you just clean white with a World War II, when most should step down to rest, so why hurry to challenge rankings?"

"In this way, even if I prevail against you, your heart will probably think I am not elegantly, right?"

With these words, Tang Yi Luo revealing a gentle smile,It seems to really care about Ji-day trip.

See Ji-day trip deadpan, did not speak, he then said:. "You just white Young duel with personal grudges, even if somewhat disabled, is excusable."

"But now this door day list a large majority, they are fellow comrades, has always been like brothers, with the gas branch."

"Even if we want the same stage, compete for rankings, also can not hurt the gas, Ji Young you say it?"

Ji-day trip to see him an eloquent, righteous look, can not help but frown slightly, Chen Sheng asked: "? What do you mean"

Tang Yi Luo smiled slightly: "In order amicable, we only need to learn, beyond that, no need to life Competing ......"

Ji-day trip eyes flashed a hint of sneer, irreverent tone and said:. "Rest assured, I will not use flame larger hands on you, do not be afraid."

Although his words very direct, so Tang Yi Luo some Xiunao.

But he promised not to use flame larger hands, Tang Yi Luo's purpose is achieved, heart secretly sneer and chuckle.

"Ji Ji ah-day trip day trip, alone, the strength of your state, if it is to use the cards that move, how could beat the white dust?"

"Since you are so stupid I snookered, publicly promised not to use the cards, then I may polite!"

At the same time, Yeh tone majestic announced: "! Day list a large majority, started"

"The first battle, the fourth day list Ji-day trip, the third day list challenge Tang Yi Luo!"

With his voice down, day standings majority has officially begun.

Tang Yi Luo hands of the golden flash, emerged out of a golden light sword, the whole body burst out of a strong fighting spirit.

"Ji Young, see trick!"

His tone of awe-inspiring Lenghe heard, suddenly turned into a golden streamer, rushing towards Ji-day trip.

"The wind Yue sword!"

Verge, Tang Yi Luo broke out Kazunari full, resorted to the bottom pressure kendo his secrets.

He knew the strength not to be underestimated Ji-day trip, it is not taking any chances, a shot to play the strongest trick.

His body and the hands of the sword as one, turned into a huge Jianmang up to five meters, severely Zhan Xiang Ji-day trip.


This groundbreaking sword, like the Xisha nine days Gang Feng, towering mountains repression, the power of violent, forceful extreme.

All of a sudden, radius of hundred meters of the golden ring is illuminated Jianguang, the air filled with exquisite sharp sword intended.

Ji-day trip was a huge Jianmang locked breath, suffer very heavy pressure, suddenly plunged into the woods.

Hundreds of disciples on the square are filled with breathtaking issued screams, Tang Yi Luo this sword only change my life scared, shocked and admiration.

Everyone could not help wondering, if the use of flame discipline Sky larger hands, how to resist this sword?

I saw, Ji-day line does not flash not avoid, stood motionless.

When the epoch Jianmang fell, his hand was a black sword scabbard appears.


He finally drew his sword, and when the sword scabbard, crisp sound loud burst out Jianming.


A stirring Miracle Dragons of sound, spread throughout the plaza and mountains, stunned many people are aghast face, covered with fine hair put up.Black Dragon sword turned into a huge matchless Jianmang crimson, like a Chi Yan dragon, carrying the power of destruction of days off, crashing Zhan Xiang Tang Yi Luo.

Chi Yan that huge dragon, claws burst out conflagration, it seems to be burning to do things in the world.

"Boom cracking!"

Two groundbreaking Jianmang, fierce collision in the air, burst loud sound shook the vault of heaven.

A wind Jianmang Yue, a Dragon Chi Yan Jianmang are marvelous sword shock the world.

Tang Yi and Luo Ji-day trip, Atlas were also one of the top talent.

Two collision shaking Jianmang, powerful duel between the two is genius!

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