Chapter 298 of the fourth day list?

Chapter 298 of the fourth day list?

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Earth-shattering loud sound, echoed in the square for a long time did not lift.

On a few hundred square meters, ground collapse, officials also out of a lot of road cracks.

Hundreds of the Disciples, many elders and deacons, all eyes wide open looking at the ring, not blinking.

Until now, 10 interest of time has passed, people have not recovered.

People still can not believe that clouds of flame larger hands, Ji-day trip was actually cast.

Soon, monstrous fire on the ring disappeared, the air every now and then the dust gradually shed.

Everyone had a glimpse of the situation on the arena, Ji-day trip to see the figure.

He was tall and straight body, indifferent look standing in the ring, is still snow white robes, free of dust.

It is full of conflagration radius of hundreds of meters, without any effect on him.

At the moment, he's from out of the sky like the gods Chi Yan, high above, cold and dignified.

Hundreds of inner door disciples, looking up at his back, are showing a deep sense of awe eyes.

Not far away in front of him, the hard granite floor, there is a hand-shaped pit.

Extending around the crater cracks dense, webby general, a number of gravel and debris falling on the ground, are smoked flame became black.

Slap-shaped foot pit four meters deep, dark Bottom tummy a mass of coke, smoke positive risking curl.

Closer scrutiny will find that the piece turned out to be the human form of black carbon, it is the white dust!

There are streaks of his head did not burn curly hair, and had had a few pieces of rags, wearing a layer of soft-distortion, not far from the side, as well as a curved Broken Sword.

That flame was larger hands boom in heaven, he is like being struck by lightning dozens of times as heavy injuries on the verge of death.

He had been seriously injured in a coma, still unconscious body spasms, twitching violently.

Spectator gallery, gentlemen, elders and deacons saw lying on the large pit of white dust, immediately change complexion crazy, they have revealed the horror of color.

Elder woman wearing a purple robe, and immediately 'shabu' spectator seats flying and landed on the ring.

Her body despite all strange eyes, the wounded dying white dust picked up, cold eyes glanced discipline a day trip, he turned and left the ring.

The presence of the disciples who knew her, knew she was five elders, is the white dust of the Master.

Although the five elders to do so ungracious, but everyone saw the white dust of miserable fate, we will be able to understand the feelings of five elders.

Thanks to the clean white wounded people are pro-disciple Ji-day trip, head of.

If done the other disciples, I'm afraid five elders had hung up.

All eyes fell on five elders who watched her pick up the white dust quickly leave the square.

Until her figure gone, hundreds of disciples was answered a God, a lingering fear of talk together.

There are many disciples witnessed the horrors of white dust, could not help but suck down a cold lump, issued an incredible screams.

"My God! It really is Tongxuan border Warrior can do it?"

"Ji-day trip ...... this guy is simply perverted ah!"

"Amazing! Ji-day trip that beat the power of comparable dan environment strong ah!"

"No wonder Ji-day trip'm so mad! Publicly release raving, to beat the white dust in the three measures!"

"Yes ah! Just now we are still laughing at him overconfident, I did not think he was only a trick, put the white dust played so miserable!"

"Ji-day trip this guy, not only to clean white severely stepped on the foot, also played we all face ah!"

"Who would have thought he was so sick of it! Not only are we, gentlemen, elders and deacons certainly makes mistakes."

Not only talking about hundreds of disciples, spectators gallery of several dozen elders and deacons, also whisper together against it.

Everyone's face is very complex, look to the eyes of Ji-day trip, also filled with shock and incredible.

North of the square on the throne, also Chu Tiansheng eyes showing a touch of surprise of color, and some unexpected surprises.

Although he knew, Ji-day trip dared to publicly release raving, certainly has enough self-confidence and certainty.

But he also did not expect, Ji-day trip turned out to have such an amazing tool, it is a slap turned dry white dust.

This is simply too much for him ...... long face!

The crowd on the plaza, Hao Meng showing a hint of a smile, sighed softly.

"Oh ...... I guessed right, Ji-day trip to disappear for a month, and she mastered the skills cards more terror, more perverted than ever!"

"White Brother ah white brothers, as I would remind you, why do you still refuses to listen to it?"

"Do not you envy and hatred has already been blinded by the fundamental reality illegible, see the talent strength Ji-day trip of it?"

Hao Meng Su and Chen beside Tang Yi Luo two, look very exciting.

When the two men saw the flames from the sky larger hands, while the clean white look is H into coke, dead or alive to see that all silently staring, mouth fell open.

Until then, they recovered two talents, 'bang bang' bounce heart slowly calmed down.

Both were filled with shock, looked at each one, have seen the horror and fear in the eyes of each other.

If not personally seen, killing They will not believe, Ji-day trip can escape defeat white dust, but also beat beat turn!

Hearts of the two, are invariably emerge an idea.

"If I battle with Ji-day trip, whether it fell from the sky flame Go On larger hands?"

The thought here, two hearts instantly have the answer, can not help but sigh in silence, filled with self-confidence and arrogance, also fall apart.

This one month ago ignited a duel, is finally over.

Everyone thought, this is definitely a fierce competition, discipline and white dust-free day trip is bound to fight a long time before a winner.

But who did not think that this fight actually ended so quickly, the result is so amazing!

Yeh elders boarded the ring, looking awe, Shengruhongzhong announced: "The! Declare the seat, Ji-day trip with the white dust of this duel ended, Ji-day line wins."

"From immediate effect, Ji-day trip to seize white dust-free day ranking list, ranked fourth in days!"

"Loser white dust, will comply with the agreement, temporarily get rid of the Disciples of identity, dismissing it as a disciple fatigues for one year!"

With his voice down, hundreds of disciples in the square,And a flurry of crashing buzz.

Yeh Ji-day trip turned around to look, looking calm and said: "Ji-day trip, the duel is over, you can step down to rest."

However, Ji-day trip did not leave.

He Baoquan a ceremony on the leaves Hong blankly and said: "Ye elders, held the next day if you want to list a majority?"

Yeh startled a little, did not understand what he wanted, but subconsciously nodded and said:. "Yes"

Ji-day trip look indifferent, calm tone: "So, then I do not need to waste time."

"I want to challenge the third day list!"

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