Section 296 does not require you hypocritically

Section 296 does not require you hypocritically

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The following morning.

When dawn, more than 500 Disciples who are filled with excitement rushed inside the door on the square top of the hill.

Today is the day list a majority of the day, but also within the dyke were the most sacred, solemn day.

Day list only thirty places, participate in the day list a majority of one hundred Disciples, only the first 30 days to board the standings.

The list can surmount thirty days the Disciples, are the Atlas were the best talent, which also includes several elite talent.

Day list majority is essential, even bearing on the future of the dyke and the rise and fall cases.

All of the Disciples, will lay down everything, arrived in the square to watch day standings majority.

Even a few of you deacons and elders, as well as head of Chu Tiansheng, will personally come to watch.

Moreover, the majority of today's day list, ranking the challenges not only the Disciples of day, or day trip record clean-and-white days of battle.

The past month, many disciples are talking about it, watching it.

Today, finally able to see the result!

What is the head of the disciple Ji-day trip defeat, humiliation endured to become disciples fatigues year?

Or clean white elite talent was publicly defeated, abandoned former glory and status, shop and go horse sweeping rough work?

Everyone is talking about, wait and see.

Until the time when the sun comes out, the Disciples are more than 500 in attendance.

At this time, several elite genius scene after another.

Chen Su and Tang Yi Luo two men stood side by side in the field, with positive whispered conversation with a smile.

"Don Young, guess Ji-day trip and a little later two white dust, who took off his white robe to become fatigues?"

"Oh, Chen brothers, that you have any questions? Definitely Ji-day trip ah!"

"Yes, I think so. Ji-day trip to the strength and far from the white dust, not to mention he disappeared a month, even if he retreats a few years, it may not be the white dust of the opponent."

"Head and a little later a few elders will be there, I should like to see Ji-day trip after losing to go when the fatigues, the head would react?"

"Oh, who would head off the face? At that time, Ji-day trip and had to suffer the white dust!"

In the two side also stood a burly burly young elite, it is Hao Meng.

He heard the sound of sneer Chen Su and Tang Yi Luo, instinctively frowned, and some do not like.

Moreover, other ideas in his mind, does not agree with Chen Su and Tang Yi Luo words.

Recall a month ago, when he teamed up with the discipline to deal with the witch-day trip, Ji-day trip that sword play, he identified, Ji-day trip, not like on the surface looks so simple.

He even give birth to a feeling that a little later on the day list a large majority, is likely to be what unexpected things occur!

At this point, the white dust through the crowd, came to the plaza, stood still in Hao Meng side.

Surrounded by hundreds of Disciples, eyes are gathered to shoot straight at him.

Many disciples smile and encouraging look, and even cheer for him.

White clean ignoring the crowd's reaction, standing in the field, eyes closed, a leisurely, very confident stance.

Hao Meng see him so reactive, can not help but frowned.Hesitated, he was cautioned by spiritual acoustic soul clean dialogue: "White Brother, can not be underestimated Ji-day trip, I have a feeling he might grasp what cards stunt ......"

Ranging from Hao Meng finished, clean white will open your eyes, mouth brought back a contemptuous sneer.

"Oh, Hao Young, you would be too take him seriously and he has cards stunt, I do not do it?"

"A ravine to the scrubby boy fills, sometimes even luck, how? Today, I would want to trample on him, let him know who is lucky!"

Hao Meng after half of the sentence was choking back, staring round yo eyes, do not say a word.

Just then, a white robe teenager marching rising sun, steady pace of walking toward the square.

Many disciples have stopped talking, looked teenager white robes that have Niutou Zhao.

Hao Meng, white dust, Chen Su and Tang Yi Luo four, are also looking at his uniform, the eyes reveal the complex look.

There is no doubt, to those who it is Ji-day trip.

He ignored the field in everyone's eyes, to go to the square, stood around in a few elite disciples.

Regardless of four weeks hundreds of disciples in the door, what a strange look on his cast, issue what kind of ridicule and buzz, he deadpanned, no sorrow without joy.

In his eyes it seems that hundreds of the Disciples, but the roadside weeds, ants fills the earth, does not matter.

White clean face darkened, sharp eyes staring at him, the whole body pulsing with the slightest chill.

Chen Su and Tang Yi Luo Momo looked at his eyes, then stepping out onto his side, for he smiled.

Tang Yi Luo tone of concern and asked: "Ji Young, unkempt heard when you come back yesterday, abnormal awkward, is not injured will not affect the majority of it??"

Chen Su also face a smile of concern and said:. "Ji Young, after all, you are not old enough, not white Young has been the practice for many years in the case of the door."

"After the start a little later a large majority, you do not try to be brave, be sure to play it by ear. If the situation is critical, decisively lose them!"

Tang Yi Luo nodded and agreed, in all earnestness said: "?! Is not it fatigues year when MAN, to be resilient, can only become a major event."

"Anyway, you just enter the number of doors a few months, beat white Young also normal, everyone will understand, the head will not blame you."

Ji-day trip looking They looked indifferent, eyes flashed a hint of sneer.

He was not familiar with the two men, he said more than three words do not add up.

In this time, the two are hypocritically told him, one concerned about his appearance.

Under the two smiles, eyes hidden in the depths of contempt and ridicule, how will he not see?

We will also see what to say, he cold tone: "I do no work, the two brothers linked to heart."

Chen Su and Tang Yi Luo are looking for a stiff, after Samsam smile, then returned to his place.

But the hearts of the two, are cursed Ji-day trip ungrateful.

Soon, a dozen of you elders and deacons, one after another came to the square.

The east side of the square, already set up a good few rows of spectator seats.

After the elders and deacons of you seated in the spectator seats,Greet each other, we talk a few words.

Before long, the head of Chutian Sheng Yao also came with a cloud on the square.

Everyone looking awe bow, bow to the Chutian Sheng.

Chutian Sheng nodded slightly, indicating the crowd free gift, Dragon Tiger step Xiang walked just north of the square, he was seated on the throne of jade.

A white dress, like a fairy cloud Yao, quietly standing next to the throne.

Hundreds of disciples who are secretly looked at cloud Yao, revealing awe or admiration in the eyes.

The cloud Yao's eyes, but no one else in his eyes, looking for Ji-day line figure in the crowd.

When she saw Ji-day line, Ji-day trip is also looking at her.

When our eyes met, she nodded micro can not check on Ji-day trip showing a touch of encouraging look.

Has been indifferent expression Ji-day trip, then just look eased, many eyes have become tender.

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