Chapter 295 in January, far from impressive

Chapter 295 in January, far from impressive

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Ji-day trip after leaving the square, went straight back to the hospital a day trip.

Waited at the two yard fatigues and maid Xiaoshuang, listlessly sweeping the yard, it seems somewhat depressed.

Obviously, Ji-day trip away for a month in the case of the door, the door came a lot of gossip, so that the two handyman and maid Xiaoshuang also been implicated, was derided and ridiculed by others.

When Ji-day trip entered the hospital, the two handyman and maid Xiaoshuang saw his shadow, he was immediately stunned.

After three answered a God, immediately reveal the color of his face surprise, quickly went up to say hello salute.

"Ji brothers, you can count back!"

"Great! You Ji brothers finally back!"

"Ji Brother, I'll go to you boil water, wash your wait ......"

With three such as the backbone, spirits, also straighten the spine.

Ji-day trip just for three nodded slightly, then returned to the room to take a bath change clothes.

He sat for a moment in the room, maid Xiaoshuang end to it and hot tubs.

He had just finished washing the face, the sound of the door they heard a report it fatigues disciples.

"Ji brothers, white brothers come to you, are waiting outside the gate."

That fatigues disciples quirky tone, it seems 'white brothers' harbor resentment, but silent resentment.

Ji-day trip immediately frowned, his eyes flashed a fierce shirt.

"Oh, I just came back, he was so soon get news?"

Hearts sneer, he move out of the room, he came to the front yard.

White dust was standing outside the gate waiting to exude cold aloof temperament, his face wearing a hint of sneer.

His eyes looked contemptuous Ji-day trip, weird tone, said: "! Oh, Ji Young none appeared a month, I thought you fight shy to escape, not back yet."

"This month, Ji Young is certainly hiding, flows around it? Otherwise, how could so embarrassed made miserable?"

Ji-day trip looked at him blankly, cold tone, said: "But is it a duel with you, why fear?"

"Relying on you, so I did not qualify looked down!"

White dust is not angry, like he did not hear the words, like, joking sneered:. "Ji Young, you even have the courage to come back, so I was surprised and amazed."

"Do not worry, tomorrow's day list a large majority, in front of all his disciples, deacons and elders face, I will not let you lose too ugly!"

Ji-day trip look like a fool at him, revealing a touch of pity in the eyes, the tone of indifference and said:. "See you still so stupid, I can rest assured."

White dust frowned, eyes flashed a fierce coldness, but immediately went to hide.

His mind very angry, but do not want to show it.

Since the last time he was vomiting blood gas thousand months, secretly made up his mind, however violent anger, do not let Ji-day trip to see.

"Ji Young, tomorrow see the inner door Square, you can not get cold feet Oh!"

"Only when disciples fatigues year only, you soon get used to."

White dust sneer, after leaving this sentence, he turned and left the hospital day trip.

Ji-day trip completely ignoring his sarcasm,Blankly back room.

Half an hour later, he finished washing, put on a new white robe, resumed handsome and brilliant appearance.

At this time, wearing a white dress, temperament Chu Chen refined woman, came to the front door of the hospital day trip.

Xiaoshuang maid saw her, his face suddenly exposed the fear of color, bend the bow, saying loudly big senior sister apprentice.

Baiqun woman is cloud Yao.

She crossed the yard under the leadership of Xiaoshuang, walked into the living room.

Ji-day trip that cloud Yao arrived, walked to the living room, say hello to her.

Yao cloud complex eyes looked at his eyes, only spoke and said:. "A month gone, you finally come back."

"This time, we are very worried about you, five days before, Master also sent out to look for you."

Ji-day line sat down beside her, cheeky hint of apology, said:. "Let us worry about"

Yao cloud and then asked: "Listen to the door disciple said, shuttles when you come back, covered with scars, some awkward ...... not what happened, right?"

Ji Sky shook his head, his tone calm and said: "I just handed down a private affair, although some danger, but not hurt."

"Ah, so much the better." Yun Yao nodded, he carefully observed a moment, clear eyes suddenly flashed a hint of surprise.

"Sky Young, you ...... actually reached a five-Tong Xuan territory?"

Ji-day trip strength is enhanced, and the sword of flame tire combines the power, the power to become a low-key and subtle.

Tong Xuan master common border, such as white dust, can not see his strength level.

Only the strong cloud Yao Yuan Dan territory so in order to see that.

Ji-day trip and did not deny, look indifferent nodded, "It is."

"In just one month, no, you are actually moving up a triple, ...... simply incredible!" Exposed shock of color on the cloud Yao Qiao Lian, could not help but uttered a marvel.

Her deep eyes staring Ji-day trip, his thoughts returned a few months ago.

She remembered the time in Qingyun home, first met Ji-day row scene.

Ji-day trip had was a triple border of refining the body of waste, weak extreme.

And just a month later, he has reached the territory of real dollars, also won the majority first.

His strength increase speed, just incredibly fast.

Looking back over the past few months, he has been found in the cloud Yao rapid growth and the rise has been in miracles.

The more she is close to Ji-day trip, the more he understands, the more that they see through him.

This feeling, let her heart is full of shock, but also some happy and pleased.

Shortly after, the convergence of the cloud Yao thoughts, revealing a trace of very light smile on Ji-day way street: "So, then you have a good rest in preparation for tomorrow's day standings majority."

"I will report it the whereabouts of Master message."

Ji-day trip to stand up to her arch of the hand, smiled and said: "Then there are big senior sister apprentice workers, and for me to head Master reported that a safe."

Cloud Yao nodded, and then they leave and left.

Ji-day trip to take her out of the door, looked at her back away, he turned to return to the room.

Then, no one will come Sky hospital disturb him.

He continuously run around a month, after a variety of life and death danger,Already physically and mentally tired.

Back into the room, he lay in bed the whole body relax, close your eyes and rest, recharge your batteries.

That night, in the dyke were simmering, not calm.

Ji-day trip were returned dyke news has spread in the door.

Prior to countless disciples thought he ran away, had contemptuous remarks and laughed at him.

Many people feel, he would probably be the biggest laughing stock Tianchen domain.

Everyone can be no thought, he was back in the day list a majority of the day before.

Countless disciples were filled with surprise, a large majority of tomorrow's day list full of expectation.

Everyone can not wait to see Ji-day trip with the white dust of the battle, exactly what would result?

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