Chapter 294 he turned back!

Chapter 294 he turned back!

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After the end of practice, discipline-day trip opened his eyes, stood up.

At this point, he is in addition to the slightly lower strength, already a Grandmaster of the Front Road.

Tianyuan below the rank of any matrix method, have not beat him.

He mastered the essence of twenty-four kinds Tianyuan large array, it holds the Front Road, core and origin.

Any Tianyuan below the rank of a big fuss, and is an extension of the branch that twenty-four kinds matrix method.

As the saying goes, it remains the same.

He has mastered the Front Road origin, wanted to break what tactical deployment are easy.

He looked deeply at a turtle Pa, and then move toward the rear went dark golden throne.

Black palace wall behind the throne, there is a black Shimen, bears tactical deployment of lines and symbols on the door frame.

Through this fan Shimen black, the stars will be able to leave the ancient temple, back fog hidden mountains.

He took only one hundred interest of time, put on the tactical deployment of Shimen cracked.

After the Shimen opened, there has been a white condensed from the portal.


Ji-day trip across the portal, shadow flash, he left the stars of ancient temple, back to the long desert sand.

The sky overcast with heavy clouds, desert storm blowing Chiang Kai-shek, roll up dust all over the sky, blotting out the sun.

He stood on the dunes looked beyond him and found that the twelve animals statue has long disappeared, the abyss pit would cease to exist.

Surrounded by low and undulating desert, without any exception, just like the twelve animals statue never appeared.

Before his fall into the sky, the stars into the ancient temple of experience, like a dream.

"Calculate the time, I've been delayed for almost a month, a few days is the day the majority of the list ...... I hope we can have managed!"

Ji-day trip murmuring something, then turned and left the dunes and dust storms across the sky, a firm pace and walked towards the north.

After three hour, he finally out of the desert sand, left the Moon Lake area.

Then, he followed the guidance of the map, looking for export fog hidden mountains.

After leaving Moon Lake, he went through the dangerous area two, it has experienced several dangerous fight.

A day later, he was out of the fog hidden mountains, riding a thousand months were back rapidly to the dyke.

Atlas returned from the fog hidden mountains were enough to have three thousand miles away, letting his delayed two days.

On the third day evening, Ji-day trip back to the dyke were busy schedule.

He stood at the foot of the mountain peaks of the Atlas, looking up at the huge towering gate, his face covered with tired.


Atlas Peak summit, the inner door on the square.

Disciples are more than twenty, being small groups together, whispered talk with.

There is a small stature, such as monkeys, cheeks thin, fine bright eyes and a sly young disciple, being surrounded by several Disciples.

This person is a celebrity in the Disciples, ears nickname, a name well-informed.

He squatted on a stone bench under the tree, is vivid to several disciples about some of the gossip and legends.

There is a tall youth listened for a while, then said: "What? Ears, you say well-informed, you tell us, Ji-day trip that guy where to run."

"Since destroy the magic hole, it would not be that guy again appeared,This all month, day list a majority tomorrow to begin. "

Several other young disciples, suddenly nodded echoed, rushes to talk together.

"Yes ah! Tell us more about your ears, that kid is not like the rumors said, fear the strength of the white brothers, has long been hiding?"

"I say, ah, most probably rumors are true, alone, Tong Xuan Ji-day trip throughout the double strength, can lick Who?"

"Hey, not to mention the white brothers, even my six-fold Tong Xuan, can easily beat Ji-day trip, you believe it or not?"

Ears exposed face pondering smile, rushed the crowd and made a silencing gesture.

Disciples have to be a few quiet, low voice he said:. "Actually, this thing we all know, now full Disciples are talking about it."

"Not only is our inner door, outer door disciples more anxious these days all day discussing Ji-day trip."

"I also asked to be, and even some of the deacons and elders also concerned about this matter, for Ji-day trip was very disappointed with it."

Several Disciples listened carefully, nodded in agreement.

Ears revealing a touch of playful sneer, then said:. "I heard that, five days before, they sent out to find the head, the command must retrieve Ji-day trip"

"Unfortunately, ah, do not know Ji-day trip to hide where to go, full five days later, did not the slightest news."

"We also used guess, Ji-day trip is definitely fight shy escaped, which now is certainly hiding horn Gala Li shivering too!"

Several of his disciples are convinced, then, they have exposed sneer of contempt and ridicule.

"Ha ha ha, really not what I expected, that kid after all escaped."

"Gee, he was a month ago and down the gauntlet in the square, more than a momentum ah, more confident ah!"

"I never thought he had just a few days down the gauntlet, he showed the true colors. That kid timid as a mouse, even fight shy absconded, the home is really a shame!"

"Hey, as distinguished head of the pro-disciple, could be so weak and incompetent, is really an eye-opener ah."

"Well, we do not mention the waste, or the next day to discuss tomorrow's majority list, I guess that several senior ranking it."

Thus, several disciples would change the subject, chatting standings majority of things.

But they did not just talk a few words, then came around to hear the incredible burst of screams, and people shouted aloud the name of discipline day trip.

Several disciples were stunned for a moment, and quickly turned around to look at the entrance plaza.

I saw a ragged, disheveled boy, is stepping line to a busy schedule.

Although he looks very awkward, as if to climb out of the most dangerous places in the same survivors.

But his eyes clear and deep, covered with faint exudes confidence, strong flavor.

That from the depths of the soul of self-confidence and strong temperament, like an invisible sword, so many disciples on the square, I felt ashamed.

The buzz on the square disappeared, everyone staring in disbelief that young, expression becomes very complicated.

After a while, when Ji-day trip to ignore the crowd, straight through the inner door Square, many disciples to collect myself."Ji-day trip!"

"He turned out to be? How he come back?"

"Impossible ah! He is not fight shy to escape it? How is it possible to come back now?"

"This month he went to hide what? How to get so embarrassed, like a beggar?"

"Ji-day trip turned back! I hasten to tell other people, tomorrow certainly looked good show!"

Several disciples were surrounded by the ears, like a slap in the face to endure more than a dozen, blushed crimson with humiliation, shame.

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