Star Chapter 291 ancient temple

Star Chapter 291 ancient temple

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The vast expanse of emptiness, dense stars, in terms of the human family is the most distant mysterious presence!

No matter what state of the Warrior, planetarium are only a distance, but can not enter the void, personally explore the mysteries of the stars.

And now, Ji-day trip miraculous come void, and saw the stars of the heavens.

Of course he was filled with excitement and shock, I just feel like in a dream, unbelievable.

However, when the emotion and excitement of his mind dissipated, after emotions calm down, we will have to face a problem.

Him how to leave this piece of vanity? How to go back?

The vast empty sky and the stars, although spectacular, but he also could not have been here.

So, Ji-day trip quickly calm down, frown thinking about how to leave.

He stared at the foot of the void and the stars, silently observing the stars askew view of the vastness of the mystery, which would like to find clues.

When he was preoccupied staring at the stars, map, mind involuntarily immersed them, as if sucked into the vastness of the stars chart.

Time goes by quietly, he has maintained a careful observation of posture, motionless.

After a long time, he finally recovered, his eyes flashed a hint of naked, mouth evoke a hint of a smile.


"I never thought this thirty-six thousand stars, was actually composed of an array map Zhou stars!"

Zhou stars Diagrams, but Terran Tianxuan on the continent, run to several generations of strong strength and wisdom, was constructed in an array map.

Pair number of stars and the orientation of the array of FIG exactly correspond to the stars around thirty-six Plow sky.

The arrangement position and the path of travel every single stars, are traceable to Heaven contains reasonable.

It is no exaggeration to say that Zhou stars Diagrams, called one of the top Terran wisdom.

Terran future generations who want to study and explore the mysteries of the stars, you have to spend a lot of time learning Zhou stars map.

Fortunately, Ji-day trip had PETN in the palace, with limitless time to learn matrix method, we have studied this pair of Diagrams.

Zhou stars to Promise also very obsessed with drawing, painstaking research for decades, it can be described as proficient at this, the high attainments.

He discovered the talent discipline Front Road day trip, when they pass on Front Road secret, had deliberately told Zhou stars map.

Void pacing Ji-day line, eyes glued to the sky and stars, mind constantly emerge out of context diagram Zhou stars, wondering crack method.

He unhurried walk in the void, the eyes become more and more clear, deep, covered momentum has become increasingly mysterious, powerful.

One day, two ...... four days passed quickly.

Ji-day trip seemed tireless, marching mysterious, complex step in the void, moving continuously nap four days and nights.

After the fifth day, he continuously took ninety-nine thousand steps, and finally stopped.

At this point, he stood just above a giant stars.

"Finally I found! Juque star!"

Ji-day trip pick pick brow, mouth evoke a touch of self-confident smile.

Those four days, he took a total of ninety-nine thousand steps, that is, along the trajectory figure Zhou stars, reverse break the matrix method, matrix method to find the exit.And now, he finally succeeded, he found hidden in the tens of thousands of stars and stars in Juque star.

Fengyun huge and bright stars, flashing brilliant silver, like a moon.

However, only standing Ji-day trip in which the position, in order to detect its presence, to see its light.

This is one of the mysteries of one of the export figure Zhou stars, star Juque also Diagrams.

Diagrams marvelous pair of extraordinary, many strong a lifetime can not fathom.

Ji-day trip looked up at the front, palms out, in the dark empty void slowly waving, draw a Road golden arc.

He continued emission majestic palm in real dollars injected into the emptiness, like something in the open.

After about half an hour, empty ten feet in front of him, suddenly lit up a bright white light.


Dazzling brilliant white, oval instantly coagulate into a portal, stands quietly in the void.

Ji-day trip this recovery palms, mouth evoke a hint of a smile, lift step toward white light flashing portal.


White flash, Ji-day trip across the portal, the figure disappeared.

Under Verge, he left a vast expanse of sky, out of thin air in a dark hall in.

Founder broad black ground is paved with stone, although the surface pattern, but it is filled with a thick layer of ash.

Empty and silence in the hall, the air filled with the smell of decay, seems to have never flow through countless years.

On the ceiling above the head, dotted with dense stones, composed of a vast pattern of stars.

However, those gems years too long, many forces have been depleted of precious stones, turned into an ordinary stone bleak.

Leaving only sporadic ten a few stones, but also exudes a faint light, to disperse a little dark.

Ji-day trip standing in the central hall, looked around blankly, was secretly wondering: "This is where the fog was still hidden in the mountains it??"

By ten a few stones exudes a faint light, his eyes keenly watching this hall.

In his left and right sides, outside on the ground about ten meters, stands two rows of huge stone pillars supporting the dome of the hall.

Each tank has pillars so thick, vermilion whole body, but also on the surface with a lot of gold pattern with lines.

Ji-day trip to gently blow off the dust on the pillars, they see those patterns, it is a drawing of the head of ancient animals, dragons eagle, my land, Zhu disgust and ridicule the wind ......

Hall where each about six columns, depicting a kind of ancient animals on each stone.

Animals pattern on the twelve stone pillars, stone coincided with the animals he had ever seen before, respectively.

See here, Ji Sky heart has the answer.

Obviously, this hall is still in the fog hidden mountains, also Moon Lake area.

His heels and walked north toward the positive, out of a hundred paces after they stopped.

Before he was nine stone steps, stone steps is a flat plateau, Taichung has a momentum majestic mountain like a huge throne.

Throne cast from metal from dark golden unknown, full five meters long and three meters wide, carved circle complex patterns and designs.Despite this very ancient throne, covered with a thick layer of ash, it becomes bleak.

But its size and momentum, Ji-day trip than any ever seen a throne.

Whether secular kingdom's throne, or Atlas were the head of the throne, can not be compared with this dark golden throne!

Dark gold throne on the left, on the ground tummy a huge black turtle.

Turtle carved lifelike, exudes a majestic atmosphere heavy, their backs laden with a three meters high monument.

Seeing this, Ji-day trip eyes suddenly flashed a hint of surprise of color.

"This is the turtle pack monument ...... Dragon six children Bi (bi) xi (xi)?"

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