Chapter 290 falling stars?

Chapter 290 falling stars?

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Ji-day trip around the land we walk a few laps stone, carefully observed a moment, has not discerned.

So, he climbed to the land of my stone body, close observation of exploring.

Some mysterious carved stone pattern, but weathered stone surface already covered with cracks and rough bear.

Ji-day trip glimpses, this stone is certainly what mystery, it seems there is breath FIGHTING.

But this is only his speculation and conjecture, yet could not be verified.

Then he climbed to the top of the head stone of my land, standing on the highest point looked around.

He suddenly glimpse, in the desert outside the front Shiji Li, stands a black shadow.

He attentively observe a moment, we see a black shadow that road, seems an ancient stone carving.

"Here there are actually more than a stone?"

He muttered something, looking a touch of color in his eyes gush.

Subsequently, Lu Ji-day trip leaving my stone, sand flying Shiji Li in the ground, and finally came under another seat black stone.

This is the same black stone sand buried more than half, exposing only the upper half than 50 meters high.

Stone surface mottled vicissitudes of life, full of cracks and weathered etched traces, for some mysterious patterns and symbols, have become blurred.

Moreover, this is also a stone carved ancient animals, is a ferocious appearance, soar giant bird.

Ji-day trip can vaguely make out, it should be a long eagle animals.

Unfortunately, a large piece of stone carving incomplete damaged, so that animals missing a head.

He felt around on a dragon eagle stone, no change before the conclusion.

Stone too old, weathered damage is very serious, even if there are tactical deployment of lines and symbols above, has also been unable to identify.

Ji-day trip secretly speculation that, outside of this land I stone dragon stone eagle and ten miles, is there any connection between the two?

He frowned thought a moment, then looked up the distance, looked around the desert.

Soon, he saw the desert southwest, there is also a black stone figure, about ten miles away from him.

"But there are still a third seat stone?"

Ji-day trip a little surprised, quickly jumped from stone dragon eagle's back, to go tearing rush toward the southwest.

A moment later, he came to the front of the third seat stone.

After close observation looked for a while, he recognized it, this is an ancient stone animals, is the legendary three gold Ukraine.

The case of black gold stone, two stone in front of the same, not only mottled vicissitudes of life, and some incomplete damaged.

He stood on the top of the head of the Ukrainian stone, Shoudaliangpeng of looked around, and soon saw the two stone figure.

One in which the northeast, the other in the southwest, has ten miles away from him.

Taking he observed a long time, we recognize that two huge stone, carved are ancient animals.

He continued to look around, and soon saw the statue several good old animals.

Stone between each block, are separated by a ten miles away, and the kind of ancient animals are carved.

In addition to the land I, three gold and black dragon hawk, he saw ridicule the wind, Zhu Kui cattle and animals and so tired.

finally,He radius of fifty miles of desert, we found a total of twelve animals of ancient stone seat.

These animals stone, arranged in accordance with the special law and orientation, even in a circle.

He walked this piece of desert in | center, standing on a raised dune, you can clearly see the twelve animals around the stone.

Quirky, his foot of the dunes, the distance from each block of stone, are just nineteen miles away.

Ji-day trip know, this can not be a coincidence!

That twelve animals stone carving, certainly contains some FIGHTING secret!

"These animals stone quirky, it may be related to Moon Lake, it will not appear here for no reason."

"I'll have to look at, perhaps these animals in stone, clues to the exploration Moon Lake and Star beads from."

Ji-day trip thought a moment, then move down the dunes.

He was ready to personally boarded each seat stone, carefully observe whether there are any hidden clues in the stonework.

But at this point, the original cool and bright in the sky, a sudden gush a few dark cloud.

Calm desert suddenly shook, trembling violently, like a major earthquake.

"Rumbling" sound muffled, the ground cracked wide gully, tens of miles radius of the desert began to collapse collapse.

Strangely, only twelve animals stone fenced area, is constantly down collapse sank.

Outside of this place, the earth is still calm, the sky is still cool and bright.

Ji-day trip immediately looking for a change, trying to rush off outward fled.

He is very clear, so strange and terrible upheaval momentum, certainly related to those animals statue.

However, he just rushed down the dunes, at the foot of the desert will crash slammed into endless sand, deep fall towards the ground.

His feet actually had a huge black hole, like a bottomless abyss, the endless sand are swallowed.

He can not survive, filled with sand along the dark abyss of falling, it seems to fall into hell.

I do not know how long, he suddenly saw the abyss at the end of the foot, there has been a touch of faint light.

With his speed fall, getting closer distance that light, he discovered that it was a layer of pale silver screens, boundless, abnormal broad.

Under Verge, he mixed with sand and sky, fiercely rushed into the pale silver light curtain.


Strong collision, burst out loud buzzing noise, exploded in his mind.

He shook the confusion on the spot, fainted.

A moment later, he crossed the pale silver screens in a coma, fell into a boundless void.

Dark void in the cold, distant only at the shining little star.

His fall speed continues to slow and eventually stop down.

He fell floating in the void, stationary suspended.

Obviously the body is empty at him, but seemed to have an invisible ground, firmly hold him.

Coma him unconscious, lying motionless in the void, sleeping quietly, it seems to blend into the vast expanse of emptiness.

Void very quiet, silent time goes forward.

I do not know how long, perhaps 35 days maybe three or five months, Ji-day trip finally woke up.He slowly opened his eyes, rubbed his forehead pain, to come forward and sat up.

He looked intently, they found surrounded by endless darkness and empty Nothing.

His foot of the vast void, dense distribution of thousands of pieces of silver spot, and every single spot is a star.

According to a certain rule thousands of pieces of distribution stars, an arrangement of a vast mysterious stars in FIG.

And he stood over the pair of drawing the stars, feet marching dark void, also Rulvpingdi walking!

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