Section 282 under newly hatched sea of ​​fire and hell?

Section 282 under newly hatched sea of ​​fire and hell?

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The woods to calm down and return the dead is so silent before.

Ji Sky Dragon sword leaning, looking pale to rely on a dead tree, panting violently.

See that tall mountain of bones of a giant, finally falling apart, into a pile of broken bones, he was relieved.

Just being chased by a giant bones that just a quarter of an hour and a half, is definitely a walk on the brink of death, the most dangerous moment.

Fortunately, his teeth came Qiang Cheng and keep calm in life and death, found the bones of a giant weakness before it can be defeated, out of danger.

Ji-day trip on a dead tree leaning respite for a while, and quickly find out the ring from space healing immortality dose, treatment of injuries neifu.

As for his soul fire engulfed the faint life element, but it is no cure and recovery.

In this case, piles of broken bones, have been creeping up, issued 'crashed' sound.

Many bone fragments to gather together, seem to have to piece together what the giant skull.

Ji-day trip know, should not stay here, must leave the job as soon as possible.

Although the bones of the giant he had been defeated, can be dangerous strange here, it is more possible danger.

He was struggling with injuries and tired body, walked away from the land of the dead, to the depths of the woods.

The next hour, all the way very well.

Ji-day trip through the sparse forest of dead trees, yellow leaves tens of miles across, and finally out of the forest of death.

When he left the forest of death, feet set foot on a dark green grass, this stop and rest.

Before death in the forest, he saw his eyes full of dark brown withered, yellow leaves, fog and gray sky, as well as gray bones.

In that area, the world seems to have lost color, only gray and pale, and thus also the decadent life, quick to death.

Ji-day trip finally escaped death piece of field, forest and meadow to see the side, I feel as if returned to earth from hell.

He greedy breathe the air containing grass Ye Fenfang of taking exercise our powers refining immortality, silently restore the loss of real dollars to supplement the lack of physical strength.

Four weeks surprisingly quiet, so he soon calm down, focus on exercise our powers into the healing state.

Unconsciously, two hour later.

Ji-day trip neifu injury recovery eight | Jiucheng loss of real dollars has also been supplemented.

He was covered in gray skin, gradually returning to normal mental state is also restored.

So he got up and left the grass, we continue to move forward.

He crossed the knee-deep in lush grass, light enters a dark jungle.

While hiking through the jungle, his heart was still quietly whisper:. "According to the label on the map, after passing through the forest of death, will enter the flames."

"But are surrounded by dense jungle, where there is any flames?"

He filled with puzzled eyes looked keenly looked forward to.

Over time, he continued deeper into the jungle, and soon see the clues.

Jungle originally a wet ground, covered with trees and shrubs, lush foliage dense.

The front of the jungle, becoming more and more sparse, more and more ground to dry.

Many forest trees and shrubs,Have become bare, tree trunks are also looming coke black.

Ji-day trip frown look ahead, look through the layers of branches, vaguely see a touch of dark red fire.

He immediately realized that the so-called sea of ​​fire, is likely to lie ahead.

After quarter of an hour and a half, he walked out of the jungle, came to an empty pile of rocks, had stopped.

Then he found a rock pile on mountain peak located a little knowledge.

Little knowledge is a few steps forward cliff, the steep cliff, the cliff is an immense ocean of dark red.

He found that after a closer look, it was actually brought together by a vast sea of ​​red magma.

This is a magma ocean!

Magma rising sea dark red flame, constantly crest dancing, prancing tens of meters high.

Although he stood on a cliff thousands of feet away from a full magma sea.

But he can still feel the searing blast blowing, there is the slightest wisps of dark red fire, constantly Jumping from the bottom of the cliff, flying in the air.

"So this is what the flames!"

Ji-day trip looking a complex murmuring, eyes become very dignified.

He tried to forward looking ahead, we can see magma ocean, fragmented stands towering peaks many seats.

Each peaks are thousands of feet up, bare barren surface, only dark brown rocks and covered with a thick layer of volcanic ash.

Those in the top of the mountain, the continued emission of thick smoke occasionally wafting a few dazzling fire.

Ji-day trip to observe a moment to recognize those mountains are volcanic!

From all indications, those who are most active volcano volcano, may erupt at any time.

Seeing this, he can not help but frown, mouth evoke a touch of wry smile.

"I did not expect, fog hidden mountains of dangerous and harsh environments, far beyond my imagination!"

"I'm just escaped death, but also across the magma ocean ...... such a vast magma ocean, how can I last?"

His foot of the mountain is a Koho, just in front of the sea cliffs and lava, in addition to no way out.

He has been through the forest of death, came here, I could never give up, go back left.

Since I can not retreat, he can only go forward.

No way around the magma ocean, he can only fly from the sky to cross the ocean of magma.

Made up his mind, he would communicate to mind with mind, calls for a treasure in the kit thousand months.

Unfortunately, calling him several times in a row, it did not respond thousand months.

He understood, is certainly too injured before thousand months, battered, is still healing and sleeping.

Thousand months could not carry him to fly, he can only pin their hopes on a small black dragon body.

"Little Black Dragon, how your situation? Able to fly over the magma ocean it?"

Black Dragon Sword holding his hands, looking dignified asked.

Black Dragon sword gently shaking the two, "call out" to fly in the air, lit up bright coldness.


Blink of an eye, Black Dragon sword back into a small black dragon, emerged a huge dragon footer.

It circled around Ji-day trip flying lap, then slowly bent over the body.

Ji-day trip showing a touch of a smile, heels, straddling a small black dragon's back,He said: "Come on, fly straight ahead, across the patch of magma ocean!"

Small black dragon nodded his head, body twist left the edge of a cliff, flew over the cliff as fast as high winds and flew forward.

Ji-day trip to sit on its back, overlooking the magma ocean beneath the secretly vigilant guard.

Although he had little knowledge is far from the magma ocean beneath.

But somehow, he felt faint bad, hunch this line will not be successful.

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