Chapter 281 of the original weakness here

Chapter 281 of the original weakness here

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Ji-day trip finally feel that life is what it feels like to be swallowed yuan.

Faint soul fire invade his body, silent, cold and left him covered, Ruzhui icehouse.

Especially his soul, the soul of the fire after being eroded faint, just feel Speranskia chill.

He could plainly perceive, vitality rapid passage of time, the body seems to have become old and more decadent.

After Fortunately he was a teenager, was engulfed life element, the appearance did not change.

If he was a white-haired old man, was swallowed several years of life element, I'm afraid it is far from dead.

Bleeding injury is not terrible, terrible is this invisible fire faint soul no matter, we were able to quietly taking a life attacks.

Ji-day trip very afraid of the bones of the Giants, they can not compete with a positive, can only continue to evade attacks and silently looking for the bones of giant weaknesses.

Thousand months of injuries too, even flying are some difficulties, not to war with the bones of giants.

So, Ji-day trip put it away into the treasure inside tips to make it a good rest, recover.

He was alone with the bones of a giant deal, withered in the woods to escape the rush.

His full cast shadowless step, referred to the speed limit, flashing figure in the woods, through the layers of fog.

"Bang bang bang" sound muffled, the bones of a giant move to chase your feet will step out a ground pit, shook km radius trembling.

It seems completely outraged, and constantly open dense white mouth, emitting a faint soul and a fire.

"Boom! Humming!"

Dull loud sound continue to burst, echoed in the dark sky.

Faint pillar of fire blasted through the woods one after another giant pit, splashing sky dust, durable ghost.

Violent shock waves, carrying quiet blue fire surging waves swept in all directions.

Ji-day line figure sometimes drowned the faint flame, sometimes pass with monstrous waves of fire, the situation is very dangerous, like dancing on the tip.

Interest rates just a one hundred years, the bones of a giant kill him ten miles away, and fired a ten faint pillar of fire.

Several times he was shock bombers flying out neifu growing injury, mouth overflow with blood.

But this is only minor injuries only, more serious injuries, he was swallowed vitality faint soul fire, breath becomes more and more weak.

He was covered in dead gray skin were wrought, cast a death breath.

Ji day trip do not know how long he can hold on, the ability to escape alive this piece of forest death.

Before entering fog hidden mountains, he only knew here is an evil step by step to the crisis, few people can go out alive.

At this point he finally realized that the legend is true, this place is more horrible than the fierce rumors.

"Bones of a giant spray of fire faint soul, seems to come from its eyes ......"

"It can be up to more than two hundred meters, I did not attack its eyes ah!"

As he fled in panic to escape the giant bones of attack, while filled with anxious to find solutions.

"I can no longer blindly ran away, or I have to sooner or later run out of vitality, die here!"

Moments later, when he escaped the bombardment faint pillar of fire again, they keen to seize the opportunity, launched a counter-attack.

His hands clasped Black Dragon Sword,Burst into life skill, severely sword Pixiang left foot bones of giants.

Bones of giant feet, just as he was not far behind, a toe is almost as big as him.


More than three meters long dazzling Jianmang, carrying an epoch-making power and influence, severely cut the bones in his left foot giant, broke a dull bang.

Great Fan Zhen, Ji-day trip to the earthquake's inverted out, drop out of ten meters.

Giants left foot bones, chop the spot in half, flying out of the collapse of numerous bone fragments, scattered around.

Its body is too great, his left foot was cut off, can no longer support the body's balance.

He was a staggering pace, tall body fell down, like a mountain collapsed, severely hit the earth.


Sound earth-shattering loud voice broke, endless echoing in the woods.

Earth smashed a huge pit, the ground shaking than crazy.

Take this opportunity, Ji-day trip did not hesitate to display their secret, pushed two Jianmang, eyes fiercely Zhanxiang bones of giants.

"The wind struck by lightning!"

Two dark golden Jianmang, either side to kill the giant bones.

Jianguang dazzling mix of winds and wind, forming a huge golden thunder, instant pizhong its left eye.

"Boom cracking!"

Loud sound like thunder explosion, the bones of a giant boom box is left to pieces, in the eyes of quiet blue flame that group, many have become dim.

It can not screaming or roaring sound, struggling to get up, and mouth and emitted a faint pillar of fire.

Ji-day trip taken precaution, when it opened its mouth in advance, then stepped away.


Faint boom huge pillar of fire in the earth, blasted a few hundred meters up the gully on the ground.

The underlying strength and fury mixed with the faint flame, fire form a monstrous wave that swept the ground a few hundred meters.

Seeing this, Ji-day trip immediately frowned, his eyes flashed a hint of doubt.

"How is it? I've been wounded in his left eye, faint soul why it sends fire, the power of no less?"

"Do not faint soul ...... the fire source, not its eyes?"

Aware of this, Ji-day trip sharp eyes staring at the bones of a giant, carefully searching for the source of a faint spirit of fire.

Suddenly, he found a trace of clues.

Body bones of giants, yet there are three groups faint flame.

In which two groups are its eyes, although mysterious and chill, but not strong enough.

The third group of faint flame, which is located at the throat, eyes bigger than it is, even more breathtaking.

"So here!"

Ji-day trip immediately spirit startled, his eyes flashed a hint of sharp cleaners.

Without hesitation he pushed a Jianmang, cast his secrets cards.

"Red Dragon flash!"

Up to two meters more than a golden Jianmang, rising golden flame, like a golden dragon ghost, carrying destroy all the power, severely boom in the throat bones of giants.


Crushing sound crisp, giant bones bones at the throat, is H flash Red Dragon pieces, exhibits huge potholes.

Golden dragon Jianguang through the loophole, an instant boom in that group most dazzling, most mysterious flame light group.

"Bang!"Flame Red Dragon flash light group and explosions while Jianguang, into waves surging mighty flame, fire in burst open.

A radius of several hundred meters area, was immediately covered conflagration, Ji-day line figure was also flooded.

After a long, faint waves of fire did not lift the sky, the trees return to calm.

Giant bones are still lying on the ground, did not have the movement.

Flame light group at its throat was defeated, they lost power support, the faint flame in his eyes, dim quickly extinguished.

"Crashed" sound Cui Xiang, the bones of the giant body began to collapse collapse, quickly turned into a heap of broken bone fragments.

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