Under Section 272 of the Xisha night

Under Section 272 of the Xisha night

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Yan Ling City at night, quiet and peaceful.

After Ji-day trip away from the Crescent City, Lower East Side, in the midst of an inn stay.

After the shut doors and windows, he sat at his desk, pulled out a map from the space inside the ring, ready to view and study.

When he slowly unrolled the scroll, see the map fog hidden mountains, suddenly frowned, his eyes flashed a hint of surprise color.

He did not expect, fog hidden mountain terrain structure is so complex.

Full of criss-cross lines on the map, like a spider web, and sketched out the terrain and landscape fog hidden mountains.

Just look at the map, to make people feel extremely complex and cumbersome.

If it is really into the fog hidden mountains, it is bound to make people disoriented, suffered all kinds of danger.

Ji-day trip hearts of some mixed feelings, silently thought: "! No wonder so many weapons broke into the fog hidden mountains, and finally died in the inside."

"Fog hidden mountains terrain is extremely complex, is like a huge maze, also shrouded in layers of fog. If there is no detailed maps, which can not enter any who come out."

Fortunately, his hand this map, marked not only detailed in the fog hidden mountains around danger, also lays out a few red line.

That a few eye-catching red line, is the route into and out of the fog hidden mountains.

Ji-day trip look closely at the map, will be marked on the map around danger, as well as routes to enter and leave, never forget all in the mind.

After a full two hour, he will have to memorize the entire map of the gains, this will scroll back into the ring in space.

This time is the middle of the night, Yan Ling whole city is mired in a deep sleep, silence.

"Fog hidden mountains map, I firmly remember. Tomorrow I'll buy some immortality and spells in the city, you can be ready after starting up."

Ji-day trip murmuring something, and then they sat cross-legged on the bed and began to exercise our powers to practice.

Magic hole a war, he can naturally grown orifices point in life and death, quickly increase its strength.

This allows him to find a way to quickly increase its strength, but also to comprehend the essence of Kenshin of the Road.

Word, that is fighting!

Only grow in the battle, honed through blood and fire, life and death test, in order to excel Kenshin faster way to become strong kendo!

Because understand this, he did not hesitate to enter the Eagle Dufang challenge shadow werewolf.

So, he can not only hone their own in the battle to enhance the strength, but also to see the Eagle Square, the main challenge after the success of sense.

This proved to be really brave and wise move.

Before he and werewolf shadow duel, broke lifelong skill, a logical refinement orifices point.

Unfortunately, werewolf shadow of his strength and well-matched, the battle was soon over.

If the time is longer, his situation is a little more dangerous, and he certainly grown more than one or two orifices point.

Of course, in addition to enhance the strength in battle, he usually still need to continue to exercise our powers penance.

Practice is like rowing upstream, one day can not slack off.

Unconsciously, but also a four hour later.

The weather has been great light outside the window,A new day has arrived.

Ji-day trip exercise our powers to end the practice, wash some after leaving the inn.

He again went to the Crescent City's Lower East Side, wandering around in the stores, look for and buy something useful to him.

He spent a total of ten Lingshi, bought a few healing, Qudu immortality, and a few special effect spells, some clutter.

After the ready, he left East Crescent City, Yan Ling to walk outside.

Gates still closed, and there are several guards guarding.

Ji-day trip after the show identity token, the guard then opened the gates and let him out of the city to leave.

He along Blackstone Avenue at the gate, walked next to 100 meters outside the black stone.

When he was with the token attached to the stone, start matrix method, then "shabu" and look Yan Ling left the city.

A sight that changed, he returned to the boundless grassland, standing next to a black stone.

He released thousand months from Babolat kit, the whole body a burst of blue flashes thousand months, immediately changed to three meters long.

"Thousands month, put an to the northwest, about two miles beyond, is the fog hidden mountains."

With these words, Ji-day trip back to sit down and jump thousand months.

Thousand months immediately flapped fly to the sky, flew leisurely north west.

Its speed is not fast, far can not be compared with the cloud Yao horse spirit crane.

Ji-day trip but not in a hurry, anyway thousand months of strength will gradually recover, after its flight speed will become faster.

He rode a thousand months sitting in the back, facing the sky, the wind, eyes crossed below the mountains, facing northwest.

He pops out of the fog hidden mountains topographic map, was silently wondering, how to enter the fog hidden mountains, go after and how investigative leads.

Time flies, to the sun goes down on the occasion, thousands of months before fly halfway.

It consumes a lot of physical strength, we have to stop to rest, recuperate to continue the flight.

Ji-day trip will make it landed in the vast mountains, stopping at a little knowledge on mountain peaks.

Hundreds of miles surrounding area is vast mountains, deserted.

Mountains are the original jungle, towering old trees on each covered peaks, ground accumulation of thick leaves.

Ji-day walk in the mountains and found a flat, open grassland, with a few stone disc and a number of tactical deployment of materials, fitted up a simple matrix method.

It's just a mysterious low-grade-level matrix method, could not withstand the territory Tong Xuan master.

But Nengzhe wind and rain, to protect him from harassment Wicked.

He sat cross-legged, eyes closed on the disc stone, quietly practicing exercise our powers.

Thousand months kitten's body to shrink so much, drill back in a treasure Tips rest go.

Tonight, he wanted to rest here for one night until tomorrow morning and continue your journey.

Anyway, enough of his time, not in a hurry this evening.

Late at night on foot on their way in the vast mountains, not only slow, but also very dangerous, it will provoke a lot of evil attack.

Rest left on this mountain, it is the most sensible choice.

Unusually quiet night under the mountains.

Some Wicked occasional roar from far away, but also adds a bit of mystery and danger color is dark night.

Also starry sky,Shed faint starlight, Ji-day trip shrouded in shadow.

His quiet mind, and soon into the practice of dedicated state.

However, by the middle of the night, when he was practicing exercise our powers, but suddenly heard not far from the mountains came a slight sound of footsteps.

He suddenly was awakened, and immediately end the practice, opened his eyes.

He turned and looked to see, his eyes would glimpse the dark jungle of hundred meters away, there is a touch of coldness in flash.

He immediately saw it, it was mysterious soldier sword coldness!

Someone is quietly approaching!

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