Chapter 271 maps hand

Chapter 271 maps hand

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Although, that burly man enjoying warm fragrant soft jade full embrace, Food and Wine string and wind sound, a sensual pleasures posture.

But Ji-day trip, but I could see that this person is not the least bit frivolous dissolute gas, covered with a kind of fierce tigers overbearing momentum, but also as falcon-like eyes sharp.

There is no doubt this man is a mysterious Eagle Square, the main!

See Lei Qianjun with Ji day trip into the hall, Eagle Square master slightly raising his hand.

The hall where the music suddenly stopped singing girl with dancing girls were all bend the bow, they have pulled out of the hall.

Even the two beauties nestled in Eagle Square, the main arms, but also softly soft language of the sound track to retire and opt step down.

Blink of an eye, leaving only the main hall where the Eagle Square, the main, Leiqian Jun Ji-day trip and three.

Leiqian Jun *** temple went hand intrinsic reports: "Main Square, Ji-day trip brought!"

"This child had just been defeated on the spot werewolf Shadow and Shadow seriously wounded."

Eagle Square, the main holding glasses, slowly sipping his face showing a touch of playful smile, his eyes like an eagle looked like Ji-day trip.

After a moment, he nodded his head, his face a smile and said: "!! Yes the seat has not seen for many years, so the junior interesting"

"As young teens, a mere territory Tong Xuan triple strength, can escape shadow beat werewolf!"

"Little man, if the seat is not wrong, then you should be a dyke were elite talent, right?"

Ji Sky Atlas were wearing white robes Disciples to Eagle Square, the main insight of experience, of course, recognize at a glance.

He can not see through Eagle Square, the main meaning, I will not answer this question, but respectfully hand over a ceremony: "The younger Ji-day trip, Eagle Square, have seen the Lord!"

Eagle Square, the main is what dignity in people?

Naturally he could see a small mind Ji-day trip, just smiled, did not pursue the matter.

He once again holding the glass savoring, slowly he asked:. "Little guy, now that you have completed a challenge to follow the rules, then say what you wish it."

"As long as the seat limits of its resources, can meet your wish!"

Ji-day trip is not nonsense, of Eagle Square, the main hand over a ceremony and said:. "Main Square, juniors need a detailed map fog hidden mountains"

Eagle Square, the main suddenly frowned, his eyes indifferent look, Chen Sheng asked: "? Boy, fog hidden mountains but ancient territory number one fierce, the map where you want to do."

"You are a young talent, to refrain from breaking into the fierce and other places, lost their lives in vain."

In fact, he does not care what Ji-day trip to do, whether to enter the fog hidden mountains, you can come out alive.

He said so, but tried to persuade Ji-day trip from another wish.

After all, detailed maps fog hidden mountains, the city is a whole Yan Ling, in his hands.

This map is invaluable, priceless treasure called.

He is weighing the heart, how to not give the map.

Ji-day trip to his bow a ceremony, looking calm and said:. "Thank Square, the main reminder, but the younger generation really need that map, but also hope to be able to fulfill the main Square"

Ji-day trip to see the attitude reasonable manner, very firm to ask for a map, Eagle Square, the main will frown look Leiqian Jun.

"Lei Zongguan, The Square tonight how much profit?"

Leiqian Jun Ji glanced day trip, hesitated and did not speak.

Yuki-day trip to this outsider, he can not disclose the specific amount.

But there is no avoiding the discipline Eagle Square, the main day trip meant he had truthfully replied:. "Qibing main square, nearly a thousand gamblers have taken to the cleaners."

"There had just been principal report, The Square tonight Lingshi earned three thousand pieces, two money than half a billion, and some mysterious and immortality, etc. bet."

Although Ji-day trip has been psychologically prepared, but when he heard the amount, he can not help secretly scared.

He knows, like Atlas and the days were so Jianzong top of these doors, but also reserves began more than a thousand block it.

Tonight he defeated werewolf shadow, but let Eagle Dufang earn three thousand Lingshi!

This is definitely a phenomenal wealth!

In addition to Lingshi, there are two silver money and mysterious than half a billion devices, immortality, and this is a great asset.

Of course, Eagle Dufang large fortune, this wealth will soon be paid out, it is difficult to save all down.

Even so, Ji-day trip also felt the powerful forces of heritage Eagle Dufang.

Eagle Square, the main report Leiqian Jun heard of, but also in the eyes flashed a hint of surprise.

Apparently, he did not expect there will be such a big surprise tonight, Ji-day behavior he has brought so much wealth.

Tone down his face, then look to Ji-day line, many eyes have become kind.

After thinking for a moment, he nodded and said:. "Worth mentioning, the seat Now that set the rules, it will fulfill its commitments to meet your wishes."

When he finished, he took the ring from space in an old yellowed scrolls, hit a soft glaucoma, wrapped fly reel before Ji-day trip.

"Boy, this map fog hidden mountains, Yan Ling whole city only this one, but priceless treasure."

"This seat give it to you, you have to carefully keep! Also, the seat you want to live well, do not die young."

"After all, like you young Junjie, after a great opportunity to stand-oriented work! Ha ha ha ......"

Eagle Square, the main exposed smiling and laughing bold tone.

Ji-day trip solemnly took the reel, a ceremony to hand over him and said: "! Thank Square, the main sake, they do not bother the younger generation, this leave"

Eagle Square, the main nodded slightly, ordered Chen Sheng said: "! Leizong Guan, see a visitor."

Leiqian Jun kicked quickly hand over, with Ji-day trip left the hall.

They pass through palaces, walking in the corridor Diaolan jade puzzle, to Dufang big door.

On the way, Leiqian Jun cheeky gentle smile, a meaningful day for Ji-way street: "Little brother, the identity of our Lord's Square, few can got into his stuff."

"Square, the main even just praise you face to face, this is a rare thing, it seems to you that we are very interested Square, the main ah!"

Ji-day trip to understand what he was getting at, then looking calm and replied:. "Thanks Square, the main sake, the map can be presented, the younger generation is already grateful."

"As for the other things, the younger but I did not dare to think, after all, the younger generation were as Disciples, there is the task of the door division in the body ......"

After listening to his explanation, Leiqian Jun understand it, he declined Square which is in the Lord's favor.Leiqian Jun some regret sigh, smiled and said:. "Also, you have this little brother martial arts talent, in the case of the door also would gain attention, the future prospects broad."

Soon, they will reach the entrance of Dufang, Leiqian Jun submissively said: "! Well, the Toilet send you here, little brother take care of, we meet again."

Ji-day trip also hand over the salute, said the sound to leave, they move out of the Eagle Dufang.

After leaving Eagle Dufang, he went immediately went to an inn in town.

Next, he was prepared to carefully study the map, make adequate preparations, and then left for fog hidden mountains.

At this time, in a dark corner outside the gate's Dufang, it is a pair of gloomy eyes, staring at his shadow.

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