Chapter 269 Then you go go die

Chapter 269 Then you go go die

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Seeing, Ji-day trip will be the wolf claws hit, die also seriously injured.

"Good vicious beast!"

His heart cursed loudly, his eyes flashed sharp hint of coldness.

Critical juncture, he did not hesitate pushed two Jianmang, two front paws fiercely Zhanxiang werewolf shadow.


Two golden Jianmang appear out of thin air, instantly stabbed in the shadow of a pair of front paws, burst out, "bang bang" twice muffled.

Ji-day trip unharmed, but two golden Jianmang collapse, officials inverted out, severely inserted | into the rocky ground.

Werewolf Shadow also shook the body trembling feet "Deng Dengdeng" retreat a few strides, barely stabilize the pace.

It looked down palms, only to find his hands palms have a bloody holes, are constantly emerge out of bright red blood.

The result, so it froze for a moment, immediately issued a furious wolf howling.

He stands around the audience, to see werewolves Shadow was hit and wounded Ji-day trip, also revealing his face shock of color, issued an incredible screams!

No one would have thought that the duel is just beginning, the two sides played against two strokes only, werewolf shadow was wounded!

Before the duel many times, werewolves shadow also are trained or light or heavy injury.

However, its opponents will certainly bear more tragic injury, even at the cost of lives.

For a time, many of the audience were some stupidly.

After answered a God, so many are loudly shouting, cheering for the werewolf shadow, encouraging it fought back, Ji-day trip will be torn to pieces.

Unfortunately, werewolves Shadow understand where the Terran language?

It ignores the audience's reaction four weeks, his eyes staring at the gloomy and pernicious Ji-day trip, the mouth roar sound of fury.

"You only fucking asshole! I can escape the wounded?!"

"You're dead! I want your head off, a little knock into pieces!"

"I would also like to put your body into pieces, made into a pile of meat!"

"The only way to digestion my heart of hate!"

It pernicious tone cursing, but it says that the language werewolf clan, no one can understand.

Shadow was incensed, covered with a thick fog gush, apparently inspired full strength.


It shadow flash, turned into a gray blur, from the side toward Ji-day trip, waving paws again expanded culled.

Ji-day trip immediately cast shadowless step, body strange twist a few times, he escaped the shadow of culling, and exit back five meters.


Shadow unabated speed, flash figure, but also a change in the direction of continued culling Ji-day trip from the side.

Its speed approaching the extreme, far more than the shadowless step Ji-day trip, so fast that it is difficult to see Ji-day line in action.

Ji complexion day trip suddenly became solemn, eyes glued to the shadow, retreat to escape again.

They chase in the arena, the fierce and exciting fight.

He stands around the audience, only to see the two men turned into two groups blur, the rabbit from the falcon suddenly left and right, flashing back and forth.

Tong Xuan strength to reach more than five-border master, but also to see the two movements and trick moves.

Tong Xuan territory following arms makers,They do not even see the face, eyes completely blurred blur.

Ji-day trip very thrilling five consecutive escape culling, finally launched in the shadow of the sixth culling, could not escape its sharpened claw.

"Laugh friends" sound voice sounded torn robes.

Ji day trip in white at the chest, a few immediately torn gap, falling few rags.

Gap in white robes, revealing a dark golden Jinyang soft-surface also has a few deep claw marks.

Ji-day trip was not injured, but was looking for a change, the eyes become thickened.

"Good fast!"

"This is the first werewolf Xisha means, much like the inferno of agility, to a group incarnation fog blur, no wonder it's called the Shadow!"

"No, I can not avoid the passive. Even if there Jinyang soft armor protection, will soon be torn shadow."

These thoughts flashed in his mind, whole body Bo also issued a strong fighting spirit.

He has made up his mind to spend real strength and his secrets with werewolves positive shadow fight.

At the same time, werewolf shadow heap of fog again, as fast as electrical impulse to illness.

This time, it do not cull claw head and neck Ji-day trip, palms actually played twelve fog cutting edge, towards Ji-day trip to kill.

"Xiu Xiu call out!"

That twelve fog sharp knife, like twelve lever for the general, head fired Ji-day trip, neck and chest.

Ji-day trip I thought it would be close culling, I did not think it would Terran Warrior attack, manipulate Jianmang long-range attacks.

Caught off guard, he almost caught up.

Fortunately, he was fast enough, promptly escaped, and twelve fog razor pass.

"Ding Dingding!"

Numerous sharp knife fell through fog, severely stabbed in the rocky ground, the ground immediately separated and the 12 narrow gully.

"Despicable cunning beast, you go to hell!"

Di Ji-day trip sound angry, pushed three golden Jianmang, trying to kill the shadow of his secrets.

"Thousands of feather edge!"

Three Jianmang immediately split into nine, at a rate as fast as Aurora's expansion assassination, from all directions and angles, the shadow of the assassination of the key body.

"Shabu shabu!"

Nine Jianmang Jianguang dazzling lights, give birth to numerous road blur, like a arrows, the shadow enveloped.

Great looking shadow suddenly change, green eyes, the exposed thick horror of color.

Obviously, it has never been seen, Tong Xuan territory Terran Warrior, can escape cast such a powerful terror attacks.

Critical juncture, it did not hesitate to dodge to avoid, and waving claw slap, resist Jianmang assassination.

"Bang bang bang!"

A series of muffled sound burst, is transmitted to the arena around the bleachers.

After just five interest of time, nine Jianmang finally dissipated.

Until then, the audience in the stands, just look at the appearance of the shadow.

It is still standing in the field, did not fall.

But its body covered with criss-cross wounds, pouring a dark red blood, it will be covered with furry gray tinged.

It looks miserable injury, turned into a blood wolf!

A careful look reveals that, in its body at least a hundred sword, leaving hundreds of road wound!

For doing ordinary family Warrior,So seriously injured, and certainly tired, there is no power of the battles.

Shadow can be Yaozu, and Yaozu is quite cruel cunning, tough and fierce werewolf clan!

It is struggling with bite wounds, and even issued a sound Li Xiao, Ji rushed more crazy day trip, launched a counterattack.

Ji-day trip can clearly see that it is a pair of green eyes, red with a layer of color, full of bloodthirsty and mad flavor.

"Yaozu really tough fighting, battles also hurt like this!"

He murmuring something, secretly sneered: "! That being the case, then you go go die."

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