Chapter 268 actually met him here!

Chapter 268 actually met him here!

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Leiqian Jun, it will field one thousand stimulate blood boiling.

Almost as soon as his voice down, there will be countless people have bet.

Eagle Dufang a dozen of those in charge, scattered in the stands around and was immediately surrounded by the crowd.

After two full quarter of an hour in the past, the field nearly 80% of the audience under the note.

The result is no doubt that almost all the audience who bet werewolf shadow, betting it will win.

Does have a few people who bet on Ji-day trip, the bet amount is meager, basically just down the play.

Indeed, there are two people pestering Dufang those in charge, repeatedly claimed to be on the wrong note, change the note to him under the shadow of the werewolf.

All in all, the presence of nearly a thousand spectators were all identified, this duel has not yet begun, the outcome would have been doomed.

Tong Xuan, a triple-border human boy, dared to challenge the five-Tong Xuan territory werewolf shadow?

This has been a challenge can not be called, it is entirely in die!

On a challenger, it is a five-Tong Xuan territory of young talent, but also shadow werewolf torn pieces.

Field of the audience are talking about tonight challenge shadow werewolf boy, what would be the fate?

The dismemberment? Or into a pile of meat?

And they were all filled with anticipation, eyes glued to the middle of the hall arena.

A quarter of an hour to two, Leiqian Jun announced that no more bets, more than a dozen of those in charge that they have left.

Subsequently, four brilliant clothing man Leiqian Jun behind, respectively, to the north and south sides of the arena, opened two black iron gate.

South of the arena, two brilliant clothing man to Ji-day trip out of the chamber, went to the field stood.

Numerous audience's attention immediately gathered in the Sky discipline him.

Everyone condescending looked at him, his face revealing joking, mercy sneer, whisper together against it.

"Gee, a teenage boy, soon to be torn to pieces a werewolf, a pity!"

"Hey! This young boy reached Tong Xuan territory, it can be considered a young genius, but soon die myself!"

"Hey, I made a bet five began with, that's all my belongings. That kid must lose, or I will go bankrupt!"

"I got 2,002,000 of silver, that I tried my best to take care of all his possessions. Rest assured, that guy dead, werewolf shadow win ah!"

In the east corner of the stands, sitting in middle-aged man wearing a blue robe.

This person face resolute, tall and burly, it is Ling Yunfei's father, the master of the house Langkawi Ling whole world!

A month ago, he secretly left the Imperial City Qingyun, came to the territory of ancient stars.

In order to avenge Ling Yunfei, he tried to sneak into the city Yan Ling.

He had to be in town for a month Yan Ling, secretly made arrangements for the deployment, but also to attract a few master.

Originally, he intended Yan Ling slowly planned in the city, waiting for the right opportunity, then shot Ji-day trip to find revenge.

But he did not think, he just came to see a Dudou Eagle Dufang it, even in this road saw the familiar figure.

When you see Ji-day trip into the arena, he was immediately exposed face surprised expression, eyes widened."Ji-day trip? Turned out to be him!"

Lengzheng After a moment, he would regain consciousness, his face immediately became ecstatic and excited.

"How could he come here?"

"Ha ha ha ha ...... really beyond the pale in hunting, must come not a waste of effort, I did not expect to escape from here to meet him!"

Ling whole world filled with excitement, heart howling with surprise, his eyes also poured out thick shirt.

"Great! I was thinking about how beheaded him, but he did not think his own court death, even to challenge the five-Tong Xuan territory werewolf shadow!"

"Ha ha ha, ah Ji Ji-day trip day trip, you will soon be torn to pieces ...... Werewolf Shadow people really look forward to ah!"

He even keel seated, smiling watch the duel, waiting to enjoy Ji-day trip was torn to pieces, Siwuquanshi scene.

At the same time, the arena on the north side of the black iron gate was opened.

Two brilliant clothing man pulled a thick iron chain, the shadow werewolf pulled into the field.

Werewolf Shadow came on, all eyes, they have gathered in its body.

Stand around, also burst into cheers and shouts.

Many people Werewolf Shadow cheer, be sure to let him win, Ji-day trip to shreds.

After all, these people are under a lot of werewolf shadow who bet.

While the crowd shouting cheers, Ji-day trip also staring at the werewolf shadow, quietly looked at it.

This is the first time he saw Yaozu werewolf can not help but read more glances.

I saw, the shadow werewolf nearly two meters tall, like a human feet touch the ground, walk upright.

Its legs and hands are thick, black nails sharper than daggers.

It Iron shackles with the feet, a thick black chains tied around the neck, on the occasion of issuing travel 'jingle jingle' sound of the collision.

Long shadow covered with a layer of dark gray hair, no clothes can cover the key parts.

It is part of the body below the neck, and Terran looks very similar, but covered with hair, thick and more just.

But its head is sharp Langtou, long with a large and long wolf mouth, green eyes, the shining Senleng coldness.

"So, this is Yaozu werewolf clan." Ji-day trip heart secretly whispered loudly.

Werewolf Shadow took two brilliant clothing man came to the farm, hand cast off its chains around his neck, and fetters on the feet, it restored the freedom of movement.

It quickly twist the neck and legs, the body activities, eyes glued to the discipline-day trip, revealing the bloodthirsty coldness.

At this time, Lei Qianjun loudly declared: "The challenge in this field, now!"

After that, he took four brilliant clothing guard who walked away from the circus.

Wide flat arena, the only day Wolfman and shadow line discipline, far apart hundred confrontation.

Both look at each other Senleng, secretly gathering strength, the Thunder ready to launch a strike.

Ji-day trip silent operation body of real dollars, real dollars making surging acceleration, like a river Kuangyong general, contains a surging force.

Werewolf Shadow slowly bent down, low-voltage Langtou forward, exude a strong cold atmosphere.

See its action, everyone realized,This is a precursor to an attack, it is finally the attack!

Ji-day trip also secretly clenched his fists, his eyes gazed at it, ready to fight back.


At this time, Werewolf Shadow uttered a sharp Li Xiao, like an arrow-like figure with a gray blur from a road toward Ji-day trip rushed over.

It's too fast, too fast people see it moves, only to find it turned into a mass of dark shadow.


Just a blink of an eye, it rushed out hundreds of feet away, rushed to the front Ji-day trip.

It extends thick strong hands, Zhang Kaifeng wolf sharp claws, draw a few coldness, forehead and firmly towards Ji-day trip to grip.

Sure enough brutal werewolf clan, we have to tear up head shot Ji-day trip, he will shoot to kill on the spot.

Ji-day trip had been defensive, although surprised by the speed of the shadow, but it will not panic.

He immediately cast shadow step, the figure "shabu" flash, then flashed three meters towards the far side, thrilling escaped the shadow of the wolf claws.

Shadow a move away empty-handed, but action without delay, the pace does not stop.

It sprang body twist it to the side, out of one pair of wolf claws sharpened again, and firmly grasping his head to Ji day trip.

Ji-day trip just footing, forehead was enveloped wolf claws and a few coldness.

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