263 Chapter Yan Ling City

263 Chapter Yan Ling City

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After much talking, Hao Meng ring from space and pulled out seven crimson spell.

Each spell has a foot long, wide slap in the face, redness whole body exudes vitality extremely violent fluctuations.

Ji-day trip can clearly feel this a few spells of high grade, contains the power is very scary.

If detonated together seven Baoyan character, even blow up half a mountain.

Yao Hao Meng cloud seen in the hands of Baoyan character, nodded his head and said: "Hao fellow's a good idea!"

Hao Meng exposed smiling, he continued:. "These are the ones Baoyan mysterious symbols are top grade level spells, charms only to master refining"

"As long as a spell detonated, killing anyone will be able to dan territory below, can destroy rocks radius of tens of meters."

"Although, this magic cave located deep underground, wall full of hard rock."

"But the magic cave accessible, drilled numerous holes and channels, the foundation is not stable."

"As long as the proper use of this a few Baoyan character, certainly can magic cave completely destroyed."

Although there are many magic cave passages and the Chamber of Secrets, seemingly complex terrain.

In fact, the core of the whole magic cave, the cave is open tall kilometer radius.

Crosscut surrounded by six caves extending passage many, many cut chamber.

As long as the core of the cave blew up, the whole magic cave will collapse collapsed, completely destroyed.

After made up his mind, Ji-day trip, cloud Yao Hao Meng and exit the chamber, he returned empty cave.

Hao Meng walking around in the cave, careful observation for a while, we found a place suitable for placing Baoyan breaks.

He spent two quarter of an hour, he gave seven Baoyan characters are placed in the cave around.

Everything is ready, he quickly returned to Yao Ji Sky and clouds around, looking awe said: "! Big senior sister apprentice, Ji Young, we get out of it."

"I have Baoyan character in battle formation to adjust well, after a quarter of an hour, seven characters will all Baoyan detonate."

Yao Ji Yun-day trip and heard his words, immediately enter the dark passage, ran to the magic outside the cave.

Three very fast through the dark passage, less than a quarter of an hour left the magic hole.

Three back in the jungle outside the cave, silently watching possessed cave entrance.

After about a hundred time information, Baoyan character was detonated.

"Boom" is heard a dull bang, suddenly came from the ground!

In turbulent shaking the earth, the whole mountain trembled as if an earthquake occurred super.

Severely bumpy ground a dozen times, cracked a huge gully bar.

Many trees have 'crashed' trembling shaking, more numerous trees broken, issue the 'click, click' cracked beneath his feet.

For a time, the whole mountain was vibrating jump, as if to a general collapse.

Mountains and sky aroused dust, dirt and grass debris, eloquent falling down.

Ji Yun Yao three-day trip and well prepared, even if the earth shake shaking madness, also did not fall to the ground.

After a long time, the earth was moving the huge movement, ease down slowly, gradually calmed down.

At this time, the whole mountain distorted.

Mountain sunken hundreds of meters deep, out of thin air dwarfed.After the end of the magic hole was blown hollow interior peaks, leading to the fall settling mountains, filled hollow region.

Even less than three people look at the situation inside the mountain, can guess, the whole magic hole is bound to be destroyed.

"Call ...... finally the successful completion of the task!"

Hao Meng grow breath, his face exposed pleased smile.

"We completely destroyed the magic hole, also killed so many inferno guard. A short time, inferno certainly not out of trouble!"

Ji-day trip nodded, smiling: "Yes ah stars ancient territory but also peace for some time!."

"Only hope, after the high priest and witch withstand the blow, escaped from the ancient territory of the stars, do not come back!"

Yao Yun looking calm, did not speak.

But we all understand that, in order to temper the high priest and witch, and certainly will not let go, will not easily leave the territory of ancient stars.

Perhaps, soon after they come back up again.

After a long, sky flying dust and wood chips clippings finally dissipated, the sky clear atmosphere restored.

This cloud Yao whispered: "Hao Young, Ji Young, let's go back to the complex life."

Hao Meng nodded, then followed her to leave.

However, Ji-day trip hesitated, but did not follow up.

Cloud Yao turned and looked at him, puzzled and asked: "? Ji Young, how not to go."

Ji-day trip showing a touch apologetic smile, explained:. "Big senior sister apprentice, I have a very important thing to do, do not back door were together with you."

Cloud Yao slight frown, did not ask.

Hao Meng but pick pick brow, puzzled and asked: "Ji Young, how long are you going to come back ah??"

Ji-day trip thought for a moment, looking awe said:. "That is very important, and very difficult, perhaps get ten a half months, it may be a month time."

"But rest assured, in any case, before the day standings majority next month, I will return to these doors."

Since he would not disclose what it was, and cloud Yao Hao Meng will not go into questioning.

"So, you're careful on the road."

"Ji Young, all carefully ah!"

Ji-day trip for two people told about it, and then he waved goodbye, turned and left.

Ji day trip looking cloud Yao Hao shoved back and leave the station in place for a long time, he turned toward the other direction.

After leaving the mountain where the magic hole, he put thousand months from Babolat Kit put out.


Thousand months turned into a touch of ice blue brilliance, appeared in front of him, the rapid expansion of the body increases.

Blink of an eye, its size will grow to more than three meters, become a handsome appearance, flavor majesty of the great ice fox.

In particular, it was twelve bushy tail, it appears to be both mysterious and glamorous.

"Old discipline, you do not return these doors with the big senior sister apprentice, ready to go alone?"

Ji-day trip hand touched its forehead, mouth evoke a touch of meaningful smile.

"I was just magic hole of the closet and found clues about the Star beads, I want to investigate the situation as soon as possible."

He is currently practicing Kenshin Road exercises the fourth layer.

Soul Calibur burial day long said to his flesh | mortal body qualifications, can only stop at the fourth floor,We can not practice the fifth floor exercises.

This means that he can only stay in the territory Tong Xuan, destined not to reach dan territory.

Want to solve this problem, he can only try to find the Star beads, fused Jian Shen blood!

Thousand months, though not know what Star beads, but also know that this was very important to him.

It nodded and asked: "? Where did you prepare to initiate an investigation."

Ji-day trip the night sky gazing north, smiled and said: "If you want to find out information and investigative leads, of course, have to go to Yan Ling to the city."

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