Chapter 262 mysterious ancient books

Chapter 262 mysterious ancient books

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Everyone helpless face went stone table, got together to discuss strategy.

Min Yao Feng look to cloud, low tone and asked: "? Cloud Yao senior sister apprentice, we searched the magic hole did not find the high priest and witch, then how to do."

Wu shook his face angry fist, cursed: "! Damn High Priest and the Witch, and certainly would have escaped, but did not really kill them."

Yao Yun eyebrow embroidery Jincu, slightly thought a moment, then Chen Sheng said:. "Feng Min junior sister apprentice, Wu Young, the high priest and witch bound to run away from other exporting"

"They have this Mibao Body Magic, even if we find them, they can not kill them."

"Since they had already escaped, the action on this end of it."

Min Feng and Wu are some can not be reconciled, but they also know that the cloud Yao is justified, it can only give up.

They looked at the cloud Yao, Stern said:. "Feng Min junior sister apprentice, Wu Young, both of you leave the magic hole as quickly as possible, back to our goal, to take care of those injured disciples"

Feng Min puzzled and asked: "Cloud Yao senior sister apprentice, then you do not withdraw it three magic hole with us??"

Cloud Yao gently shook his head, Chen Sheng said:. "Inferno guard were exterminated, the high priest and witch have fled, we have to completely destroy the magic hole, the action is considered successful conclusion."

Min Feng and Wu nodded in agreement.

He no longer delay time, and to the cloud Yao Ji said the sound three-day trip to leave, he left the chamber, evacuate the magic hole.

Dark chamber, the only cloud Yao, Hao Meng Ji-day trip and three.

Cloud Yao looked around in a circle, Chen Sheng said:. "Hao Young, Ji Young, this chamber is magic hole core powerhouse, perhaps with possession of secret clues, we carefully look for it."

Ji Meng Hao-day trip and also understand this, and immediately began to act carefully searched every corner, and a secret compartment in the wall.

After approximately half an hour, the trio searched the closet and found a lot of bits and pieces.

Three of these things, piled in the middle of the chamber floor, even piled up a hill.

Messy hills, there are dozens of books exercises Cheats like, a dozen old thick old book.

There are a number of shell engraved text, as well as fragmented mysterious device equipment, compass and immortality material.

In addition, Hao Meng also find a few strings gray pearl chain, after closer examination reveals that several bones chain turned out to be made of human bones.

After the search, the three gathered around the 'hill', observed frown identify with.

After roughly looked at the pile, three are showing a look of disappointment.

These things may be useful for the inferno, the human race did not much use.

That dozens of exercises Cheats and ancient books are written in text with the inferno, three people have not read.

Those mysterious is equipped, immortality and a variety of materials, are also used to stuff the inferno.

Even so, the cloud Yao will not miss the clues that may arise, Chen Sheng said:. "We check these things, there may be nothing found"

Hao Meng nodded, her look with those ancient books, trying to identify the contents of the book.

Ji Sky free to look at a few of the classics,See inferno dense text as tadpoles, I just feel dizzy, they lost interest in continuing to look at.

He continued to search in the secret room, tapping the wall around the corner, looking for hidden in the walls of the secret compartment.

Before long, he really found a secret compartment.

He managed to open the secret compartment in which to find a black books.

Originally, he did not care about the book book, that the book is not read his text inferno.

But he readily turned two, was surprised to find that this book is text, the text turned out to be one family.

Ji-day trip stunned for a moment, thought to myself filled with doubt: "This secret room is the most secret of the magic cave powerhouse, how ancient books Terran will also hide the high priest so hidden??"

He hastened to look at books, quick sidelong glances contents of the book.

Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of the book appeared in 'Jian Shen' word, suddenly a reduced pupil, careful look down.

I saw the book wrote: "Jian Shen name spread throughout the continent, attracted three Fangdi Ting fear, of all ethnic groups to hear his name and shied away ......"

"Boxer, Dragon month, set foot Tian Chen Jian Shen domain, this domain secret somewhere inside, imperial sword to defeat the strong level, were moving Quartet, this region attracted people bow to worship."

"Tian Chen Jian Shen domain to linger ten days, its track is unknown, cause unknown."

"A few years later, came news Tianchen domain, there are big opportunities to those who Jian Shen pointing, power ginseng good fortune."

"Jian Shen to leave the territory of ancient beads a Star, but shaking treasure, can speaks territory ......"

"However, Star beads never secular, this message is real to the enemy, or to circulate erroneous words."

Ji-day trip carefully look at books, the contents of the book about Jian Shen, all read it again.

This book volumes have been thin on the last few pages also were ripped out.

He just saw the news about the Star beads, there is no further progress, suddenly filled with anxiety and doubt.

However, the last few pages of the books, the sandwiched a yellowed sheet, painted a smoke-shrouded mountain map.

Ji-day trip carefully glances, can only see this picture, the picture is a mountain and jungle, there are layers of thick fog shrouded.

In addition, the painting does not have any text annotation, I can not see any clues.

He closed the books, heart secretly thought:. "For nearly a century, the inferno have been looking for the Star Pearl"

"This book content recorded in the book, and Jian Shen Star beads and relevant, it seems hidden clues about the Star beads."

"No wonder some people here family books, also saved the high priest solemnly."

The thought that he secretly glanced at the cloud and Yao Hao Meng.

They are dedicated to see the look of ancient books, he quietly put the black books put into the space inside the ring.

He then calmly walked stone table, two inventory to help things, looking for clues.

An hour passed quickly.

Three put everything counted again, did not find valuable clues.

The only potentially useful clue is that dozens of ancient books.

Unfortunately, the three can not read old books in the inferno text, can only bring back the dyke cases were handed over to the door handle.

Cloud Yao open space ring, the stone table of a lot of things,All incorporated into the space inside the ring.

"Ji Young, Young Hao, these were things I want to bring back door, to the head of the Master complex life."

"We have searched the magic hole, and now the destruction of this evil magic at the hole."

Hao Meng nodded, revealing a touch grin smile.

"Rest assured big senior sister apprentice, I was already ready."

"In recent years I have done a lot of door division task, head and elders had rewarded me a few Baoyan character."

"I've been saving not willing to use, today finally can come in handy."

"I put a little later Baoyan symbol attached to the magic hole around, then put a few spells detonated, will be able to blow up the whole magic hole!"

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