Chapter 261 victory

Chapter 261 victory

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Ji-day trip, and Yao Feng Yun Min, who, on the grass outside the confluence of the magic cave entrance.

Everyone looked at each other glances, both see each other only slightly injured, a little relieved.

"Do not know the four teams disciples, now the task is not complete?"

"This is a great opportunity, we join forces in pursuit of the high priest and witch, perhaps today they can be beheaded!"

"We go in fast with a look, can not let them escape!"

Hao Meng, Feng Wu Min and talk a few words, are filled with eager, to rush into the magic cave chase the high priest and witch.

Just at this time, from all over the bush km away, and suddenly it sounded zing 'swish' two signals arrows.

People have Niutou Zhao looked in the sky and saw Na Liangdao up signal arrow into the sky, are showing a happy smile.


"They have to complete the task, the withdrawal of the magic cave exported from the other!"

"Four teams were evacuated magic hole, back to the place we agreed convergence."

Feng and Wu Min, who were both startled spirit, revealing look happy.

Yao Yun frown consider a moment, Chen Sheng ordered: "! Let's not rush to chase the high priest and witch, go to the confluence with the list of these disciples to learn about fighting magic cave"

And they were all no objection, he followed her to the shuttle in the jungle, convergence towards the agreed place rush.

A moment later, Ji-day trip, who will arrive at the foot of a clearing.

Four disciples are waiting with open space, cloud Yao, who rushed to see, there will be two people quickly came forward, report it to hand over the case.

"Cloud Yao senior sister apprentice, we have completed the task, and successfully withdrew come!"

"Fortunately, not Ruming, we have the magic cave demon guard give all exterminated, even if a few slip through the net, but also non-disabled or injured ......"

Two disciples heard the news report it, Ji-day trip and Hao Meng, who were both in high spirits, exposed pleased smile.

However, those two disciples went intrinsic reports: "Cloud Yao senior sister apprentice, we had just fought a bloody war, beheaded hundreds inferno guard."

"However, we also suffered heavy casualties, almost everyone suffered light injuries."

"There are six Young and junior sister apprentice, died in this war, we have also brought their bodies out."

Sky and cloud Yao Ji, who looking slightly changed, and quickly looked toward the four disciples.

I saw, surviving more than thirty disciples, are covered with blood-stained, disheveled appearance.

Many people are dilapidated white robes, they were stained with blood become dark red.

Each disciples suffered light injuries, a few disciples were severed arm or leg, the injury is very miserable, constantly groaning painfully.

On the grass behind the grateful disciple, also lying side by side six dead bodies, it is the sacrifice of his disciples in the operation.

Six disciples died, there is a dyke cases, one cases of heart month, Kuni School and Dan Ding cases, will have two.

Seeing this, the cloud Yao and Ji-day trip and others mood becomes heavy, filled with joy also been watered down a lot.

However, the four disciples at this level of cost of casualties, destroy the magic cave hundreds inferno guard.

This is definitely an exciting encouraging victory,The real victory!

See all heavy cloud Yao injury, seek urgent need to heal, then looking awe said: "! Shidishimei Gentlemen, thank you for your generous help."

"You have been seriously injured, we can not delay this time, we are now back on the foothold across the mountain, to deal with the injury as soon as possible!"

"The next thing, to the five of us can."

Two of the leading disciples of the cloud Yao Baoquan a ceremony, and then I follow her orders, with more than thirty disciples quickly left.

People helping each other, with the bodies of six of his disciples across the Grand Canyon between the two mountains, back on the mountain opposite.

Of you to be disciples departed, and Yao Ji Yun-day trip, who quickly rushed into the magic cave entrance, continue to pursue the high priest and Bloodmoon Princess.

After quarter of an hour and a half, everyone will be tortuous path through the dark, into the magic cave.

Just enter the magic hole, it is an empty and dark cave.

Everyone holding a sword through the cave filled with alert, keen eyes looked around, searching for the high priest and the blood moons Princess trail.

Cave filled with thick Xuexing Qi, many lying inferno guard's body on the ground.

Ji-day trip silently counted only cave inferno guard the bodies, with as many as eighty.

However, everyone in the cave to find a circle, did not find the high priest and Bloodmoon Princess.

Cloud Yao frowned, looking around the cave a few fans Shimen, Chen Sheng said:. "There are a few fans Shimen, behind the door, there are many channels and the Chamber of Secrets"

"We are divided into two sets to search, once found traces of the high priest and witch, and immediately signaled to the other side."

Everyone immediately nodded in agreement, divided into two teams launched a search.

Act together and Feng Yun Yao Min, Ji-day trip, Meng and Wu Hao a team.

People have to open the cave around the Shihmen channel and the Chamber of Secrets after entering the door, with a thorough search.

After three quarters of an hour, and cloud Yao Ji day trip and others to channel the room after several Shimen, we are carefully searched again.

Everyone back to the cave collection, exchange messages with each other.

Hao Meng crowd said: "The left two Shihmen, Ji Young, and I have checked, and did not find the high priest and witch, a few slip through the net has been killed us."

Feng Min followed, said:. "We have checked the right side, did not find the high priest and the Witch"

Cloud Yao slightly frowned, looked the biggest Shimen front door, and said:. "Shimen not only checked the door."

"If I remember correctly, only the high priest and witch can access that door, it should be a secret magic hole powerhouse."

When he finished, she took Ji-day trip and others, went to the door tallest stone door.

Shihmen closed, flashing dark red glow.

Engraved with the tactical deployment of lines and symbols on the door frame, clearly has the tactical deployment of protection.

Cloud Yao, Feng Min Wu and the three together, only a hundred times interest, put on the tactical deployment of Shimen cracked.

After opening Shimen, all clenched sword, gingerly across Shimen, a thorough search of each room and the Chamber of Secrets.

Soon, a quarter of an hour passed.

Everyone continuously searched the six rooms and the Chamber of Secrets, did not find the high priest and witch.Cloud Yao again with the crowd, the final one chamber.

This secret room is large, like a ritual powerhouse.

Indoor altar, there is a huge pool of blood.

Blood pool stands a statue of the devil, illuminated by the carnage particularly hideous.

Secret room has a stone table, benches and cabinets, also dug around the walls with concealed storage.

However, the high priest and witch are not in this secret room.

Everyone searched every corner of the chamber, and even have searched the tall blood pool, or nothing.

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