Chapter 260 how he do?

Chapter 260 how he do?

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Blood Moon Princess looked down at the right palm, his eyes flashed a touch of color doubts.

She could not believe, Ji-day trip was obviously hit her in the clutches of bloodthirsty, why suffered only minor injuries?

Their rage, she gave so much, rushed to Ji-day trip again onslaught.

"Small animals, satisfied to life!"

One pair of blood Blood Moon Princess's hand fell from the sky, severely beat his head to Ji day trip.

But then, suddenly came the roar side, Pilai a flame Jianmang up to three meters.

"Witch! Your opponent is me!"

Obviously, Hao Meng arrived in time, to hew sword, blocking blood moon princess.

Blood Moon Princess if not close hand, is bound to suffer, Hao fierce sword.

In desperation, she only swallowed their anger close hand, give up kill Ji-day trip, turn against Hao Meng.

"Bang bang!"

She waved one pair of bloody hands, shot from the side of the flame sword, the sword shock partial, severely cut in the ground.

"Boom" a loud noise, the grass is cut out of a sword more than three meters long, nearly half meter wide gully, darting countless hot scorched earth.

Hao Tigers roar, his hands holding the sword, but also severely Pixiang Blood Moon Princess.

Blood Moon Princess was entangled him, had to pull out all the stops and go all out to resist his attack.

Both you come to me to fight them, fight 'bang bang' sound, shook the ground shaking than.

Radius of twenty meters range is in ruins, civil darting debris whipped.

Take this opportunity, Ji-day trip and Shi Zhanfei star jianjue, not far from the Princess of the Blood Moon attacked.

"Red Dragon flash!"

His running life skill, condensed out of a two-meter long golden Jianmang in the palm of your hand.

Jianmang its might emerge a golden flame leapt up, turned into a dragon prototype fast as Princess Aurora Hongxiang Bloodmoon.

Blood Moon Princess working with Hao fierce fighting fierce, suddenly aware of the Red Dragon flash hit, suddenly looking upheaval, hurried retreat to escape.

But she was a step slow, did not escape the Red Dragon flash bombers kill.

Only to hear "bang" muffled, Red Dragon lightning in her back, she will spot bombers flying out of seventy-eight meters.

Blood Moon Princess tumbling fall on the grass, a purple shed blood.

When she got up from the ground, already messy hair, face grim as Xiongmo, covered with burst bleeding red intention to kill.

Leather After her back burst open, revealing a large purple skin, there is a huge wound deep visible bone.

Flesh wound rolled forward, continued emission of dark purple blood, Leather dripping down to the ground.

Grass on the ground covered with dark purple ** blood, immediately withered black.

Blood Moon Princess glared fiercely at Ji-day trip, angry and trembling, faces are distorted.

"Yuki! Day! OK!"

"How dare you hurt me! I will certainly put you Flayer cramps, fell bone dust!"

She stressing each syllable roaring, fury has almost lost my mind.

Before that, she had never had to face Ji-day trip, he will be only as small reptiles weak, a finger can be run over by ants.

However, this 'ants' kept her seriously wounded, hurt so miserable.

This is simply a big insult and mockery!

She felt, as she was proud of Princess inferno,Inferno of noble blood, were trampled mercilessly.

If Ji-day trip will be cut to pieces, how she can wash the shame, digestion hate in my heart?

Hao Meng see the injury Blood Moon Princess, but also on the spot stunned for a moment.

He looked back Blood Moon Princess, but also curious eyes glanced Ji-day trip, filled with surprise and shock.

"This kid ...... obviously only Tongxuan territory double strength, can escape the witch wounded like that?"

"I drop obediently! I have to beat the witch, let alone seriously injured witch, how did he do that?"

All along, Hao Meng Ji-day trip still consider themselves to understand.

But now, he found some strange Ji-day trip, so he totally can not read.

He also suddenly realized, no wonder Ji-day trip'm clean dialogue afternoon, that was it!

Even white dust again strong, strength is much weaker than the witch.

Century witch-day trip can hurt like this, naturally, have to beat the white dust of strength!

Think of this, Hao Meng Ji looked deeply a day trip, and my heart has begun to pray for the white dust.

"White Brother ah white brothers, just hope you do not lose too hard to time! Fatigues year when nothing, not disability in a duel that lucky."

At the same time, monthly blood again rushed to Princess Ji-day trip, launched a frenzied attack.

Ji-day trip suddenly plunged into crisis at any time may be seriously wounded bloody hands.

He had to rush desperately, trying shadowless step flee to escape the onslaught of blood Princess month.

Hao Meng recovered, quickly rushed to rescue Ji-day trip, full onslaught blood moon princess.

Three have embarked in the jungle fighting, playing earth-shattering, rumbling.

In the meantime, Ji-day trip is the Blood Moon Princess Gongsha to life, to struggle to escape and resist.

He has been in danger of life and death, only life outbreak of potential strength to play to the limit.

I knew it, he was the second pulse several orifices point of the sword, were majestic surging real dollars washed away quickly grown up is complete.

Killing three people in the jungle chasing a quarter of an hour and a half, Ji-day trip turned out in such a short time, the continuous refinement of the five orifices point!

When the power of the Blood Moon Princess gradually weakened, the offensive has become increasingly slow, he was greatly reduced pressure, finally relieved.

And this time, he suddenly found that the second pulse sword eight orifices point all grown up complete.

He even broke through the border Tong Xuan double, advanced in life and death in the fight to reach the territory Tong Xuan triple!

While Ji-day trip in several places covered by the injury, but he was filled with surprises, actually I do not feel pain.

At this point, not far from the jungle, suddenly came a muffled roar forceful.

"Princess! Please come back to the magic cave! This is Tiaohulishan, they're my family massacre warrior!"

This is the voice of the high priest, said that inferno language, tone immense grief and rage.

Blood Moon Princess immediately becomes mad looking eyes flashed deep hatred.

Her eyes stared pernicious Ji Hao Meng a day trip and immediately turned and flew away towards the direction of the magic cave.

Ji Meng Hao-day trip to see blood and May County main escape, is also looking for a change, and quickly caught up.

"Quick recovery! We must pin down her!"

"Never let her flee to!Give others time to fight for points! "

Ji Hao day trip and fierce hair enough to rush in the jungle, with the fastest speed to catch up.

However, Blood Moon Princess turned into a carnage, flashing in the jungle, speed is incredible.

After a short period of time one hundred interest, when Ji Hao day trip and stormed out of the jungle, arrived at the magic cave entrance, they saw blood just rushed May Princess and the high priest magic cave.

Then, cloud Yao, Feng Min Wu and three of them arrived at the entrance of maneuvering, apparently also kill the priest.

Three of them were injured, but the injury is not heavy, is not life-threatening.

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