Chapter 259 upgrade again

Chapter 259 upgrade again

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Long ago, Ji-day trip discovered a problem.

Ever since he entered the territory Tong Xuan, practicing Kenshin way fourth floor exercises, progress strength becomes very slow.

He thought it was normal, common throughout Tong Xuan Wu who want to improve the strength of a weight, better at least a few months or even a year.

However, after carefully pondering he found that this is not the main reason.

Kenshin way ordinary martial arts exercises different, the use of force can not be measured path of common sense.

He glimpses of his practicing the wrong way, so slow strength.

Before he was still suspect, closed-door practice in the secret room, grown orifices point speed is too slow.

If in actual combat, all-out mobilization of real dollars, continue to impact and stimulate orifices point, it may be faster to complete grown up.

But this is only his speculation, has no chance to verify.

Today, his fight with the Blood Moon Princess, outbreak potential in life and death, really grown up on the success of an orifices point.

This proves that his previous guess was right!

The fourth layer Kenshin way, it really should in actual combat, life and death to practice more quickly complete!

Determine this, Ji-day trip filled with happy, secretly surprise.

He looked at not far from the Blood Moon Princess, his eyes flashing with Shining naked, filled with anticipation.

"I retreat in Munekado in practice, the environment is too stable, and no one with my life and death fight, there is no chance that enhance the strength."

"Well now, Blood Moon Princess both tried to kill me, but also strong enough strength, can threaten my life."

"This for me, is a perfect opportunity to hone!"

The thought that he do not hesitate, and immediately pushed three Jian Qi, Shi Zhanfei star jianjue kill the Blood Moon Princess.

"Thousands of feather edge!"

Three golden Jian Qi, electrical kill as fast as the blood disease month Princess, instant split into nine Jianmang, from various angles and positions, to kill her Vital point.

Suddenly, nine Jianmang gold from the sky Jianying, a blood moon enveloped the Princess.

Blood Moon Princess Meng Hao is working with the flame front, desperately waving one pair of bloody hands, slap Hao fierce flame Sword.

Both were nearly two meters tall burly giant, overbearing attacks are extremely powerful.

They fight together, like two wild beasts on the H collisions, sudden movement almost earth-shattering.


Loud sound, for two consecutive three bombers, violent burst of raging underlying strength, the earth is more than seismic shaking.

They figure finally separated, Hao Meng 'Deng Dengdeng' exit eight steps away, severely hit on a broken tree before it stopped.

He apparently suffered light injuries, looking ashen, nose and mouth are overflowed with blood, his forehead red with rage jump more than.

Blood Moon Princess upper hand, is trying to take advantage wins the pursuit, on the spot bombers kill Hao Meng.

But at this point, the sky shrouded Golden ying down, crazy Xisha her point.

"Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu!"

Even Blood Moon Princess of very strong, very fast, very strong defense.

However, she still did not achieve invulnerability, the degree of flesh invincible.

Eyes, throat, heart and forehead and other parts, is still a key Vital her, if they Jianmang pierced, still may be killed.So, she can only cast a magic power carnage body care, protection covered the key, and waving bloody hands slap the sky Jianying.

"Bang bang bang!"

A series of muffled sound, a lot of gold Jianying was made into a smash.

However, the assassination of nine Jianmang speed that is too fast, she can not possibly all blocked, it is impossible to dodge.

In the interest of just five, nine Jianmang assassinated thousands of times.

Blood Moon Princess withstand the most attacks, but also the sword prick in two hundred times.

Even if she carnage body care, can not afford such a strong attack, suddenly repulsed three steps, cut into the black robe is also a pile of rags.

She can not see body parts of several have been injured, out of the dark purple blood.

"Ji-day trip!"

"You damn small reptiles! I want you to shreds!"

Blood Moon Princess was furious, immediately cast ghost change, turned into a carnage, as fast as illness electricity rushed Ji-day trip.

Ji-day trip without blinking an eye stared at the carnage, the second trick play once his secrets.

"The wind struck by lightning!"

He pushed two golden moment Jianmang, Zhan Xiang Blood Moon Princess around the punch.

Jianguang mixed with the wind, turned into a golden lightning, severely Pixiang Blood Moon Princess of the carnage.


Dull loud sound, blood just rushed to the front month Princess Ji-day trip, the wind was struck by lightning in boom head.

Carnage on the spot collapse broken blood monthly Princess figure emerged, staggering pace of Tuikai.

Her disheveled appearance a little embarrassed, covered in a black robe has turned into rags, scattered on the grass ruins.

Until now, Ji-day trip only see her true colors.

She was wearing a dark cold tight leather armor, slim waist, legs straight and tall.

Compared to the Terran woman, her size and stature, it is the world's best extreme hot.

Especially her wearing a black leather armor, close to her body, a clear outline of her exaggerated lines.

However, she exposed skin was purple, looks very strange.

Especially her face, although the facial features correct, but since his face pale purple, scarlet eyes as blood, it is no beauty.

"Ji-day trip! You're dead! Who can save you!"

Blood Moon Princess always dressed in black robes, never in front of outsiders to reveal the true colors.

Ji-day trip ruined her black robe, forced her to show their true colors, already incensed her.

She filled with furious growl, turned into carnage again rushed to Ji-day trip.

This time, her speed to the limit, incredibly fast.


Carnage flash, she rushed to the front Ji-day trip.

She suddenly show his true colors, palms condensed into bloody hands, severely beat his head to Ji day trip.

Seeing this, it is rapidly rushing to the rescue of Meng Hao, immediately change complexion mad, uttered exclaimed.

"Ji Young, be careful!"

He has enough time to rescue Ji-day trip, and can only pray for him in mind, I hope he can escape unharmed.

Critical juncture, Ji-day trip had no time to fight back.

He has already prepared for the potential outbreak of a life, desperately cast shadowless step back to avoid.

However, his speed is to give birth to a blur, but still be a bloody hands shot in the shoulder."Bang!"

Muffled sound, Ji-day trip while shaking figure, almost stumble to the ground.

He rushed out of ten meters only to stabilize the pace, when turned, mouth overflowed with blood, his face more pale.

His whole right arm droop at the side of the trunk, apparently clap blood dislocated.

Even if he was wounded, but did not anger, his eyes actually flashed a hint of a smile.

Because, at just that moment of life and death, he flung the sword veins The third orifices point.

His strength again be raised from Tong Xuan triple border closer!

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