255th chapter begins operations

255th chapter begins operations

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That night, Ji-day trip ended practice, out of the chamber.

Xiaoshuang maid was waiting outside with, came out to see him, report it quickly message.

"Ji brothers, big senior sister apprentice today afternoon sent to Communications, said that early tomorrow morning, she was waiting for you at the old place."

"Old place?" Ji-day trip startled for a moment, his eyes flashed a hint of a smile.

Atlas were entering the last few months, he was traveling with cloud Yao together a few times, a few times all converge at the square under the Atlas peaks.

He certainly would have guessed, cloud Yao said the old place, is the Atlas mountain foot square.

"Well, I know, you withdraw it." Ji-day trip waved.

Xiaoshuang step down until after, he returned to the room to rest and prepare for tomorrow's action.

Although this action by the cloud of magic punish Yao responsible for planning and deployment, but he will certainly have to make adequate preparations.

The night will soon be over.

The next morning, Ji-day trip day trip will leave the hospital, under the Atlas peaks.

When he arrived at the foot of the square, you can see a huge spiritual crane standing on the square.

Yao Yun Ling crane was standing back, quietly waiting.

Ling Crane also a red red Dire next to the bear's back and sat tall, like a tower-like burly Tahan.

This person is the elite disciples Hao Meng, riding the storm bears red inflammation, behind carrying a red red sword.

In addition to the cloud and Yao Hao Meng, there are ten wearing a white robe accompanied by the Disciples.

The inner door disciples, all of them have strong, strength basically reached about five-Tong Xuan territory.

Before two days, including Cloud Gate in Yao news release, led stronghold to crush the remnants of the inferno.

Many Disciples heard the news, we are encouraged to register to participate.

Cloud Yao disciples in the number of candidates, selected ten people to.

The action, they can not only contribute to a force to wipe out the inferno, but also get these doors reward sense.

Ji-day trip to see the square, ten Disciples looked at him silently, eyes and facial expressions somewhat complicated.

He dust down the gauntlet to the white matter, in the Atlas were already a well known thing, and everyone mixed on the matter, each holding a different view.

But ten Disciples, apparently believe that the clean white win no doubt, do not optimistic about Ji-day trip.

Of course, Ji-day trip, after all, is the head of the disciples, they even sly talk, not personally disclose any contempt and ridicule.

"Great senior sister apprentice!"

"Hao brothers!"

Ji-day trip came to the front of the crowd, and Yao Hao Meng Baoquan asakumo line for a ceremony.

Cloud nodded slightly Yao responded, Hao Meng also on hand to salute him, nodded his head.

"Well, people are in attendance, we set off!" Cloud said Yao looking awe.

Ji-day trip very conscious spirit to jump back Crane, cloud Yao walked around.

Seeing this, ten Disciples are looking slightly changed, his eyes flashed envious or jealous eyes, heart secretly Fu Fei.

Subsequently, cloud Ling Yao rode a crane, carrying Ji-day trip into the sky, leaving a dyke cases.

Hao Meng riding red inflammation storm bears, with ten Disciples riding, running on the earth.

Ling crane flying at high altitude, cloud Yao Ji-day trip and stood side by side,Calm eyes stared straight ahead.

They no one can bother, Ji-day trip to this cloud Yao asked: "?? Big senior sister apprentice, heart on cases Kuni School and Dan Ding cases of people do we want to direct it went to magic hole"

Cloud Yao gently shook his head, explains:. "Before I had sent investigated inferno magic still entrenched in the cave at that."

"However, the demon seems to be vigilant, we can not magic hole near the confluence, so as not to arouse his suspicions."

"I have been summoned to three people, an appointment in Hulushan collection, from the magic cave where there are two hundred years, the inferno will not be found."

Ji-day trip to hear nodded, smiled and said: "You know that big senior sister apprentice already made plans and arrangements, no wonder that three of the head are to trust you, to let you command the action."

Cloud Yao just nodded slightly, what not to say.

Both were silent, his eyes stared straight ahead, looking at the Spirit Crane crossed thousands of miles.

After approximately two hour, Rishangsangan the spirit Hulushan crane finally arrived, landing in a grassy top of the hill.

Sky and cloud Yao Ji Ling jumped Crane, standing in the grass waiting for a quarter of an hour and a half, Hao Meng and ten Disciples only arrived one after another.

Chi Yan Hao Meng riding the storm bears, can barely keep up with the spirit of the crane.

The ten Disciples were riding horses by the wind, hurry okay on the ground, much less on the mountains.

"We place to rest, we are here waiting for three of the men to converge."

Yun Yao gave the order, gentlemen disciples have collapsed, sitting on the grass to rest, recuperate.

Time goes by fast, half an hour passed quickly.

At this time, a great whole body was blue birds flew over the mountain from the sky, hovering in a circle before landing.

Ji-day trip recognize them, it would only reveal blue giant bird is the Blue Bird, the blood on the grade and strength, and spirit crane cloud Yao almost equal.

Stood a facial features picturesque, dignified and elegant woman in white on Blue Bird, like a painting out the beauty in general.

She is the chief disciple of the month were the heart of Phoenix Min, Ji-day trip and had seen her in the stars on stage.

Min Feng jumped back from Bird, pace and elegant asakumo Yao Ji days to walk.

To the near, her Qiao Lian showing a touch of a smile, a slight bow ceremony: "The cloud Yao senior sister apprentice, Feng Min was late."

Cloud Yao also a slight bow, also a ceremony.

Subsequently, Feng Min Hao Meng Xiang and Ji-day trip say hello.

Not long after, a group of white-robed woman riding a corner Madden they reveal the mountain, everyone came around.

The team total of nine young woman, although the faces of the body is different, but the type of temperament is gentle and elegant, exude elegance heart month disciples were only a breath.

After the introduction of Feng Min, public personnel know which team nine women in white robes, are the heart of the month were the Disciples.

There are two elite talent, strength reached Tongxuan Seventh territory above.

The other seven are excellent Disciples, Tong Xuan territory also have about five weight strength.

After greeting some people, they continued to wait.

Time and last an hour, to noon, Kuni people who rushed to the school.

Who led the chief disciple Liuhe camp, he brought nine Disciples,All of them have strength is not weak.

Until the afternoon, Dan Ding talents were long overdue.

After all, Dan Ding were far from here, even if it began to dawn on their way, they have four consecutive rush hour.

Dan Ding who were also ten, who also headed the sect's chief disciple, Ji-day walk in the stars on stage ever seen this person.

After all three people to be in attendance, on the grass of the mountain, they gathered more than forty Tongxuan environment Warrior, all of a list of these young disciples.

At this time, the cloud Yao before announcing the next plan of action.

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