Chapter 252 Why you?

Chapter 252 Why you?

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And they were all on the Plains REGENTVILLE Jingruo gods, to honor the revered emperor is a plus.

Emperor not only as distinguished, unparalleled power, more comparable to the gods like martial arts qualifications.

Although the presence of a list of these chief disciples are geniuses.

But compared with the emperor, but like all humble mud worm-like, not worth mentioning.

When you hear the emperor to choose the Goddess, and the cloud Yao great promise as Goddess, several chief disciples were filled with envy and jealousy.

Indeed, there are several male disciples can not wait to become a daughter. Instead of competing for the cloud Yao bit of Goddess.

Sword sovereign also watching the cloud Yao, looking calm and said: "We all know very well, until after the Emperor abdicated the throne to the emperor would be my family Emperor."

"The Goddess of the emperor, Empress also will be my family. That was the supreme bit the mother of kings, Granville Pro seas!"

"If Yao can become a cloud Goddess, not only the future can become Empress, we Tianchen domain also bound to be REGENTVILLE look after them, the most powerful of a domain nine field!"

Several head also exposed his face looking color, nodded agreement.

Wu Zong true sovereign, dressed in a purple robe, a pair of middle-aged scribes dress, hands still holding a white folding fan.

He gently shake the hands of the folding fan, looking calm looking at the cloud Yao, slowly: "The Emperor issued decree, like Tianxin Yizhi in terms of my family, no one can disobey."

"Yao Yun, the emperor to pick Goddess, necessarily from you and two other women elected."

"This seat has two talented woman heard of that, they are also endowed with both, the qualification is not weaker than your genius."

"You want to be a Goddess, have to pay more efforts to do well in order to win the favor of the emperor."

Yun Yao face an indifferent, calm eyes look really Tsung Lord, reasonable manner: "The Emperor Yizhi, cloud Yao natural dare not disobey."

"However, the cloud Yao bent to the road, never talked about children affair."

Her meaning is clear, she could not defy the Terran Emperor's will, only with two other talented women together, to accept the selection emperor.

But she minded pursuit of martial arts pinnacle, the performance will not take the initiative, to win the favor of the emperor, nor want what Goddess.

Several owners really Tsung head suddenly face slightly changed, his eyes flashed a hint of surprise of color.

At this time, Wind & Fire were sovereign stood up.

This man of thin build, dark old-fashioned face, exude majesty distinguished atmosphere.

He frowned, looking at the cloud Yao Shining eyes, the tone of indifference: "The cloud Yao, but out of the dragon emperor, if you can become a Goddess, and that is the big luck and good fortune."

"This is how many women dream of blessing, how can you so behind the times?"

Tsung really look majestic Lord said: "Tian Chen Yun Yao domain you are the first day, ten countries in recent years suffered Warrior's admiration and praise, can be described as fame, glory unparalleled!!"

"Now you influence the lives of the domain for TIANCHEN! As long as you become a Goddess, you can let Tianchen domain prosperity rise, come out on top!"

"Besides, if you become a Goddess, this whole TIANCHEN domain and Atlas were concerned, they were happy to do!"

Subsequently, the main door is also open to persuade Chiaki cloud Yao,She tried to act coercion, striving to become Goddess.

Several head face persuasion and pressure, cloud Yao frowned slightly, the hearts of some angry.

But several said the head of sounding, the matter said to be related to the fate of the sacred domain Tianchen event, she is difficult to refute and reject.

In desperation, she could only hand over to a few head of a ceremony, indifferent tone, said: "Gentlemen head, at stake, cloud Yao can not call the shots, the need to go back and consult the head of this door."

Seeing this, Ji-day trip frowned, heart secretly thought: "! No wonder the head of an excuse to have events in the body, not to attend the parliament, that was it."

"Master election Princess emperor must have known about it, know that big senior sister apprentice certainly will not agree."

"He inconvenient position, also promised not to force big senior sister apprentice. If he is to attend the parliament, will be caught in the middle of a dilemma, he simply will not come!"

Before he can not figure out, how can let him Chutian Sheng Yao and cloud to attend parliament, and now he finally understood why.

Sword sovereign seen in the cloud Yao is perfunctory, in fact, still very resistant to the matter.

He picked a pick brow, looking dignified walked the field, uphold justice, said:. "Yao Yun, the greater the positive-called power comes great responsibility."

"You are a genius Tianchen domain first, in relation to Tianchen domain to work hard to compete for the position Goddess! This is both your responsibility and your duty!"

"Atlas were spent countless efforts, will train you to be the first day, do not you should return the dyke were you? As long as you become a Goddess, you can let the dyke were Apprentice!"

"In order to Atlas and hundreds of millions of people who were Tianchen domain, you must become a Goddess!"

Ji-day trip that looked at the face of the sovereign Sword pious, to do with blackmail and Atlas were Tianchen domain, forcing cloud Yao promised to fight for the position Goddess, his mind more and more anger Sheng.

When several other head, and 'earnest' of the cloud turns to persuade Yao, finally he could not wroth, Teng what stood up.

"Oh, some good righteous truths, hypocrisy is really ridiculous!"

He was filled with contempt sneer, suddenly the stars station into silence.

Several head and chief disciples, have to look at him.

He ignored the crowd surprised eyes, eyes glued to the Sword sovereign, awe-inspiring tone sneered: "! Oh, today I considered a long exposure."

"Cloud Yao senior sister apprentice has made it very clear that she minded pursuit of martial arts pinnacle, Goddess did not want anything, do not want to Panlongfufeng."

"And you have continued to coercion her head, she went to Princess stress that day, but also hypocritical to say the dyke were TIANCHEN domain and people? I think it is right for your future?"

"You want to become, let these doors thriving prosperity, but let the cloud Yao senior sister apprentice to make sacrifices, to force her to do not want to do, then what?"

"What right have you blame her? Also put on a morally countenance? So you want to be a Goddess, how you do not go?"

Ji-day trip will fall into a lot of words to say, immediately let everyone stunned.

His words very sharp, mercilessly expose the true face of several head and say their true purpose.

Sword and several sovereign head are looking for a change,Ling Li Hanguang eyes flashed.

Sword sovereign's face darkened, cold eyes looked sharp Ji-day trip, majestic tone shouted: "Boy, you are not eligible to what capacity here talking to you?!"

"And, it is the selection of Goddess Emperor Yizhi, no one can defy!"

"This thing is also not a cloud Yao and you can decide!"

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