251 Chapter emperor selected Princess

251 Chapter emperor selected Princess

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The forces of the inferno is not strong, eight large doors have the strength to wipe out the remnants of the inferno alone.

Just inferno secretive whereabouts have been hard to find, difficult to catch them.

Since Atlas cases have been found inferno stronghold, ancient stars that will soon be peace and tranquility of the border.

However, Sword sovereign frowned, looked indifferent eyes cloud Yao, questioned.

"Cloud Yao, this is just your side of the story, how to make everyone believe?"

"Mozu treacherous and cunning, we all understand. Inferno fight with a list of these so many years, we could not find the inferno hiding place, how did you find?"

Heard remark, the crowd went quiet.

Several head of Yao also look to the cloud, waiting for her to explain.

Cloud Yao indifferent eyes looked Sword sovereign, look calm: "? Sword sovereign, the door to investigate how the inferno stronghold, is it still possible to report to you yet."

"On such a solemn eight parliament, how could I make irresponsible remarks, to give false intelligence?"

"Besides, you believe it or not does not matter the news. Even if you were not involved in the operation to wipe out the inferno, do not send a single soldier, the door can easily destroy the remnants of the inferno!"

Sword sovereign slight frown, not much to say, to recover the cold eyes.

His heart is secretly thought: "? Well, that's actually lightweight, if you were really Atlas can easily wipe out the remnants of the inferno, why not earlier action, how could wait until today."

"Inferno weak remnants of course, there are a few pieces of the Magic treasure in hand, extraordinary power. When people were to be dyke to destroy the demon stronghold, casualties will certainly have to pay the price."

"If people were Atlas heavy casualties, exact mind this seat. This seat waiting for the dyke were related to the inferno lose-lose it, how could send someone to help?"

Thought here, Sword sovereign they did not speak, looking indifferent looked at the sky and stars, one has nothing to do with the posture.

Taiwan stars fell into silence, the head of a list of these are considered the deadpan.

Although, destroy the remnants of the inferno, maintain peace throughout the ancient stars, which is eight common tasks.

But in the action to wipe out the inferno, it will pay the cost of casualties, several head must weigh the pros and cons, will not rush involved in the matter.

At this point, elusive mother looking awe said: "destroy the remnants of the inferno, eight of our common responsibility, we certainly would not stay out of heart on cases."

"When Yao Yun, were decided to be your action, Laoshen will send a few elite disciples to go to help out!"

Yao cloud of moon in the water immediately bowed her mother a gift, "her mother clearly knows, in the cloud Yao thanked her mother."

Moon Water mother was full of wrinkled old face, showing a touch of gentle smile, nodded and said:. "Yao Yun, you do not have much ceremony, aimed at eliminating the remnants of the inferno, but also the door since the beginning of this thing."

With her voice down, solemn tone Kuni school head also said: "Over the past decade, the remnants of the inferno Xisha this door dozens of disciples, also destroyed this door a spiritual pulse."

"The action to wipe out the remnants of the inferno, the door will also have to join, to avenge the death of his disciples!"

"Yao Yun, were to be your day of action, the door will also send several experts, help you do!"

Cloud Yao again bend a ceremony to send the head of the Kuni,Thanks.

Seeing this, the other four head also looked at each one, secretly exchange of views.

Finally, and another body burly, gray-haired old man stood up, his tone of awe: "I were Dan Ding cotton also contribute to a force to be remnants of the inferno at the head of items, pay homage to this door that is magic! family mutilation disciples! "

Cloud Yao again saluted and said thank Dan Ding sovereign.

However, since then they no longer speak.

Sword sovereign and head of the other three, all Grossly, nose, nose view of the heart of sitting back, look calm and indifferent, there is no helping hand extended meaning.

Yun Yao is very clear that all three of these doors close dealings with Jianzong days, there is this reaction is normal.

She did not care Sword sovereign and head of three, beginning with the elusive mother, Kuni school head and Dan Ding sovereign discuss Miemo action.

"Moon Water mother, goose head, Qi sovereign, thanks to help of three head."

"Tomorrow I will be summoned to this door, go to the inferno stronghold sent some investigation to determine the remnants of the inferno did not transfer stronghold, we are ready for action again."

Yan Kuni faction head nodded slightly, smiling and said: "This is very good, inferno always cunning, afraid they caught on and fled, let us Baipaoyitang."

Dan Ding Qi were sovereign, stroked his gray beard stroking the chin, nodded and said:. "Yao Yun, the seat believe in your ability, the action to you to command."

"You have to be action on the occasion, the seat will send several experts, listen to your disposal and arrangements."

Moon Water mother also showing a touch of gentle smile, nodded and said:. "Yes, you can rest assured that the matter to the cloud Yao, Laoshen will send a few elite disciples to assist you."

"As for when to act, the specific plan of action, we will re-Communications in touch."

Cloud head Yan Yao and Qi sovereign nodded, her mother agreed to the proposal of the moon in the water.

Set this matter, and four are also quiet.

After a moment, Sword metropolitan see cloud Yao, who finished deliberations, this loudly announced the second thing.

"Inferno destroy the remnants of the task, they were done by the dyke, Liuhe camp, heart month and were Dan Ding were the fellow."

"This seat looking forward to your triumphant return as soon as possible, completely destroy the remnants of the inferno, also stars in the ancient territory of a peace and tranquility."

"Next, the seat to announce a crucial thing, it relates to the fate of the large doors eight of us, and the whole Tianchen domain!"

Sword sovereign voice of the stars spread throughout the whole stage, his tone solemn and serious.

People have to quiet down, looking at him in awe.

Several apparently knew the head of news, guess what he wants to announce that all is sitting back blankly.

Sword sovereign low tone said: "As we all know, asylum in the Central Imperial Court of thought, millions of people enduring race to land south of the nine domain, thrive on the continent."

"Emperor, my family is not only the strongest, but also our human family shelter God! There REGENTVILLE refuge, we can rival ethnic groups and demons!"

Here, Sword sovereign toward a distant northern worship, look solemn and pious.

Several have also head up, bowed toward the northern sky, distant shrine Terran Emperor.Sword and sovereign tone of awe, said: "Twenty years ago, the Emperor and Empress gave birth to a legitimate son, but my family emperor."

"Son of Heaven and refuses all, like the reincarnation of the gods, to age a mere twenties, they aspirations Tianyuan territory! So extraordinary qualification, it is rare ancient and modern!"

Hearing this, a list of these chief disciples have revealed the color shock and reverence.

With the exception of Yao Ji Yun-day trip without blinking an eye, still look calm.

After a while, Sword sovereign continued: "Today, the emperor has reached the age of marriage, the Emperor decided to let the emperor wedding next year."

"Shortly before Plains Imperial Court issued a decree to pick a Goddess for the emperor in the south land nine field!"

"Only color queen, martial qualification extraordinary days of the arrogant woman, can be worthy of the noble status of the emperor!"

"In the Southern Miss nine field, only the first day of each domain are eligible to compete bit of the Goddess."

"However, there are nine extremely talented six were men, only three are women."

"Star standings this field first, were the chief disciple Cloud Atlas Yao, is one of the three women."

When the day Gladius main point, all eyes are gathered in a uniform cloud Yao body.

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