Chapter 249 gathered eight

Chapter 249 gathered eight

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That a little old two women, in the corner of the stars in Taiwan, with cliffs overlooking the sea of ​​clouds below.

The old man was dressed in a purple robe, leaning on a crutch jasper silver-haired old woman.

Although her body somewhat stooped, but hale and hearty, whole body filled with invisible righteousness, hope it will make people respect.

There is no doubt, given the white-haired old lady who is Wu Daojiang, and is practicing the right way eternal combat exercises strong.

Standing beside her, a young woman in his early twenties.

That woman born facial features picturesque, face is beautiful, gentle and exude elegance.

She was tall, wearing a white dress, like the elegant beauty of the painting out.

Although, this white dress woman's appearance and temperament, to be somewhat more fragile than the cloud Yao, but also very beautiful rare beauty.

Ji looked at the two-day trip woman, cloud Yao also spiritual acoustic soul of the law, secretly to him and said:. "It is heart month were sovereign elusive mother, Feng Min, chief disciple"

"Heart month were related to this door is a family friend, Sky Young, we have Jian Li."

When he finished, it took Yao Ji Yun-day trip to the moon in the water and her mother walked Feng Min.

To the near, cloud Yao bow a gift to her mother Moon Water, respectful tone, said: "Cloud Atlas disciples Yao, Meet the elusive mother."

Ji-day trip is also a ceremony, also called loudly elusive mother.

Suigetsu turned and looked at her mother and Feng Yun Yao Min, are showing a gentle smile.

Feng Min also deportment dignified bend a ceremony, known as a cry cloud Yao senior sister apprentice.

Moon Water mother cloud Yao nodded slightly, looking kindly asked: "? Cloud Yao, who is beside you."

Cloud Yao quickly explained:. "Moon Water mother, who is a day trip Young, head of the Master received new pro-disciple"

"Oh, is he ah." Moon Water mother nodded, his smile looked Ji-day trip.

"Little guy is good, the future will thrive ah."

Ji-day trip can feel her mother's goodwill moon in the water, he smiled and handed salute, humble: "The mother is flattering ......"

After greeting the two sides, elusive mother then asked puzzled cloud Yao: "Yao Yun, how just you and day trip came when Chu will head to??"

Yao Yun looking calm and said: "Grandma, head of the Master otherwise engaged, could not attend the parliament, he sent his disciples and Young-day trip to attend on his behalf."

"I see." Moon Water mother nodded, his eyes flashed a hint of color, it seems to think of what happened.

She smiled kindly Feng Min said:. "Feng Min, you and Yao cloud, Sky are young, you can be more close to close, exchange about"

When he finished, she turned away, leaning on crutches standing stars Jasper table in the corner, silently wondering what.

Feng Min representation obeyed submissively, and then went to Yao Ji Yun-day trip around, graceful conversation.

Three of us stood edge of a cliff, looking at the clouds and below the cliff, looking calm chat, ask current situation with each other, talking about some interesting cases in the door.

Cloud Yao's temper has always been cold, not good chat conversation.

Ji-day trip is not a glib person, and for two things know much, and rarely take the initiative chipped.

most of the time,They are active and talk Feng Min, looking for some topics.

Feng Min dignified deportment, Tantubusu, and for two very good attitude, left a day trip to discipline an excellent impression.

Before long, there are a whole body red giant birds, flying from distant horizon, landed at the stars on stage.

He jumped back to the two birds, a middle-aged man dressed in a purple robe, burly, dignified bearing.

Another man is a young man, a dignified appearance, vigorous pace, apparently the younger generation of elite talent.

Yao to acoustic cloud of arcane discipline-day trip description: "That door is Chiaki door Joe Yuen owners and chief disciple, Chiaki door from the door this far, the relationship between the two factions dull."

Hearing this, Ji-day trip heart will have counted.

At this time, Joe Yuen initiative came gentle smile on his face exposed, to salute the initiative and Feng Yun Yao Min hello.

"Joe mysterious cloud seen Yao senior sister apprentice, Feng Min junior sister apprentice."

"Two years gone, and senior sister apprentice Feng Yun Yao Min junior sister apprentice, really getting Meirutianxian, not like the mundane world, ah!"

Qiaoxuan Gang met on the rhetoric of praise and cloud Yao Feng Min, Ji-day trip completely ignoring the two women beside him.

Unfortunately, he failed to win two glib woman smiling.

Two women are looking calm, indifferent look of hand salute, will no longer speak.

Joe seems to deliberately look for topics mysterious, looked at the two-day trip discipline, color cheeky doubts and asked: "The Young look unfamiliar ah, I ask you?"

Ji-day trip looked at him blankly, arch hand and said:. "Ji next day trip, head of the dyke were disciples"

"Oh Ji Young Oh ...... ah, I was the chief disciple Chiaki door Joe Yuen, you can call me soon brother Joe."

Joe mysterious half-hearted response to the sentence, his eyes fell on the right again and cloud Yao Feng Min body.

"Cloud Yao senior sister apprentice, no two years, have you been?"

No one could see, there is close and significant Qiaoxuan Ming Yao entangled cloud meaning.

Feng Ji Min and day row slight frown, think this is too tiresome as the mysterious Joe.

Cloud Yao was looking the same, indifferent eyes looked at Joe Yuen, asked: "? I naturally always well, it touches you, Joe Young, that the sword of injuries these days neat"

Having heard this, Jo Hyun suddenly looking slightly changed, I do not know how some awkward pick any more.

Two years ago, the stars in the ranking list war, he first saw the cloud Yao will be the heart of admiration, shamelessly entangled.

Cloud Yao attitude of indifference to him in the rankings battle took only three strategies to put their defeat, and the sword stabbed Joe Yuen.

Of course, the ring without eyes than the sword fight, the injured is also a matter of course.

Yao cloud can now bring that up, Joe mysterious face embarrassing, no longer ashamed to continue to struggle, he said the sound leave hastily departed.

Before long, the sun goes down, the night is about to come up.

They reveal one another a bird, carrying different schools and the head of the chief disciples, the stars have arrived in Taiwan.

Every time someone arrived in Taiwan stars, cloud Yao will secretly introduce each other's identity to Ji-day trip, Ji-day quietly took down the rows.

In addition to heart on cases, there is a camp Kuni, but also with dyke relations were good.

When Kuni sent the head of the chief disciples arrived in Taiwan stars,Cloud Yao Jian Li and Ji-day trip to go, say hello.

In addition, other door were people, you do not go ignored.

Wait until dark night, when the sky star appears in the sky, eight of the head and chief disciple, are also in attendance.

The eight large doors are dyke cases Jianzong day, heart on the door and were ...... Chiaki Kuni school.

The stars gathered on stage six people, after a while greeting small groups, they have the stars to Taichung | central aggregation.

Eight parliament is about to begin.

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