Chapter 247 I will not lose!

Chapter 247 I will not lose!

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Tang Yi Luo eyes flickering in the cold, tone of some Senleng whispered a sentence.

"That's the strength of weak Ji-day trip, also so reckless, I do not know how the dog went away | feces movement, became the head of the pro-disciple?"

Chen Su smiled, irreverent tone and said: "Don Young, words can not say."

"That's Ji-day trip is not necessarily reckless idiot, it could be fearless, rampaging warriors do?"

"Let's disciples among several elite interior doors, these years has been secretly competition, but did not dare face the battle Ming, also installed on the surface of a heap harmony."

"Now touch, out of nowhere a century-day trip, just enter the door on the sudden, so much controversy!"

"This kid just started three months, and even the number of doors and the rules are unclear situation, dare to publicly challenge the afternoon of white dust, it is also considered a brave man."

"This is a good thing for we, we just can show from the sidelines, watching his white and clean fight a lose-lose!"

Tang Yi Luo frown thought a moment, nodded and said: "! Having said that, Ji-day trip is a showstopper."

"Unfortunately, his strength is too weak, how could clean white opponent?"

"I'd like to see, and so he lost in the hands of white dust, after disgrace, how should end?"

Chen Su nodded, meaningful sneered: "By that time, his head disciple identity, probably not protect it?"

Tang Yi Luo showing a touch look forward to look, his face proudly said:. "Moreover, it will also be the white dust because of this incident, to head a bad impression."

"In this way, the white dust is loss of eight hundred thousand kills self, our competitors on one less!"

"Oh, it is so." Chen Su nodded again, his smile become more complacent.


Impermanence courtyard, towering big tree.

Clean white sitting on the bench, the smiling face Duanzhaochabei, slowly tea.

Hao Meng sat across from him, his face somewhat complex, a hesitant look.

After a moment, put down clean white cup, smiling at Hao Meng, he asked: "? Hao Young, you already know what happened gauntlet"

Hao Meng nodded his head and smiled: "The war Shoki day trip, three days to show it on the stone, and now the entire inner doors are aware of."

"I said white brothers ah, Ji-day public row down the gauntlet to you, how can you laugh at? This is still a leisurely cup of tea it?"

White dust pick pick brow, pale emaciated cheeks, emerged out of touch of excitement flushing.

He cited a show of hands in the cup, interesting tone and said: "That idiot right time, why am I not laughing?"

"Originally, I had to face him, put him as my opponent, but also planning how to deal with him in the end I discovered that he was still out of the run-down small country bumpkin."

"He thought he hit the jackpot became head of the disciples, can a defiant?"

"The result? He is not my play in the applause, I was so angry and even irrational, down the gauntlet to me in public?"

"Oh, next month on the day list a large majority, I want to publicly severely torn him! I want to make him lose anything, such as a lost dog like crawling awayWhen the roll to humble handyman! "

"This is my cup of tea, when is ahead of the celebration."

When he finished, he looked up the cup of tea in one gulp.

Hao Meng slightly frowned, puzzled and asked: "White Brother, you are in the end of the day the line discipline to do what how he was forced publicly to put you down the gauntlet to the??"

White dust revealing a touch of pride sneer, whispered:. "Oh, I was cleverly decided to let him suffer knock it, he would be gas door down the gauntlet"

"Hao Young, you say that this weak strength, not any Ayutthaya Mangfu, why fight with me? Why get big senior sister apprentice of close friends?"

Hao Meng brow screwed together, if not then.

Some hold back if he did not say in his heart, but it does not mean he did not mind.

He obviously felt that since the understanding Ji-day trip, more and more narrow-minded white dust-free, has become the unreasonable.

However, he clearly white clean reasons for this change, and what not to say.

After a long silence, he muffled tone: "The white brothers, today I went to see the big senior sister apprentice."

"Three days later, the head of the parliament will not go to eight, but let the big senior sister apprentice and Ji-day trip to attend in his place to go."

"What?" White clean body suddenly startled, holding cup hands were shaking a bit.

His face instantly darkened, his eyes flashed a touch of coldness Senleng.

"Impossible! That can not be!"

"So eight parliamentary important meeting, you and I did not even qualify for, how could let the head of Ji day to go to?"

White clean complexion livid, cold tone, low drinking, apparently can not accept this news.

Hao Meng see the site look like him, sighed, "White Brother, can not you see it?"

"Master Ji reason so discouraged day trip, he established the power by no means as simple as these doors, is the head of him as a successor to develop ah!"

"Now you and Ji-day trip was referred to the fields this step, is incompatible, and that can not be removed the gauntlet."

"White Brother, even if you are in the majority in next month's day list, publicly defeated Ji-day trip, can you really win?"

"Ji-day trip course to become a handyman, you may also offend head, ah! Real winner, Chen Su and Tang Yi Luo ah!"

Analysis listening Hao Meng, white dust increasingly ugly face, his hands shaking some gas.

His eyes gazed at the stone table, whispering to himself and said: "! If I can not beat Ji-day trip, I will prove better than he is more qualified to be the head of the disciple!"

"I was the head of the place, the big senior sister apprentice is my! I will not lose!"

Seeing this, Hao Meng helpless sigh, had stood up, patted him on the shoulder.

"White Brother, you still have to calm down and think about it."

"I have things to do, say good-bye."

When he finished, Hao Meng turned and left the hospital impermanence.

White dust still looking ugly froze in place, none sit for a long time to get up.

Two days flashed by.

These two days, the entire interior doors are boiling everywhere are talking about a duel Ji-day trip with white dust-free.

Even the news of the interior doors, exterior doors and even many disciples who knew about it.Hospitals outside the door disciples, internal Disciples very strange, for discipline-day trip was very understanding.

Especially after Longshan majority, apprentice ceremony, many foreign disciples followed his proud, very worship.

When people learned that Ji-day trip to challenge the white dust of news, all in an uproar and boiling, emotional talk with.

Especially in the hospital a few disciples situation, it is filled with excited talk about it, silently praying for Ji-day trip, I hope he can hit a miracle!

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