Chapter 244 participated in eight parliament?

Chapter 244 participated in eight parliament?

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Day trip back to the hospital after Ji-day trip took thousand months into the study.

He sat Fujiki big chair, looking dignified wondering, obviously heart problems.

Thousand months think it got into trouble this time, Ji-day trip will certainly punish learned it.

So, it Chuibei initiative to help Ji-day trip, also exposed his face ingratiating smile.

"Old discipline, you went to limitless mountain busy two days, it must be very hard, I can help you Chuibei ......"

Ji-day trip glanced at it, knocked on its head, and snappily said: "I am old trick with less, even if you think you could fool me?"

"It's definitely weird thing, you probably are being framed know?"

Thousand months nodded, somewhat resentful tone: "Yes ah, I have two days to digest this matter, but I could not think, who will trick with me."

"I'm furious! I've only pit of others, no one ever pit me!"

"If I find out, who is insidious despicable trick with me, I will surely ten times your money back!"

Ji-day trip nodded, looking calm and said:. "Thousand months, you put the cause of what happened, tell me again carefully."

"Those who reveal they reveal the garden, are domesticated for many years, it is psychic in nature, do not go crazy for no reason."

Thousand months also agree with that, smell a rat, the matter was put through from start to finish speaking again.

Until after it had finished, Ji-day trip will be frowned and asked: "?? Take you to the park they reveal that female students, they reveal her name is Park's disciples do."

Thousand months blinked his eyes, asked: "Old discipline, do not you suspect that her trick with me?"

Ji-day trip nodded and said: "ah, maybe there is a possibility."

Thousand months carefully recalled a moment, assured tone: "The old record, I think we should not her."

"I accidentally broke reveal peaks, ran into the female students. She could not know in advance that I'm going to reveal park there waiting for me?"

"And the door were very few people know I exist, that female students do not know who I am, but I do not know my relationship with you ......"

Ji-day trip frowned tighter, whispering to himself and said: "Who ever is it?"

Thousand months were rolling with big eyes, try to figure out the analysis for a moment, his eyes suddenly flashed a naked.

"For a century old, I could guess who did it!"

"In the cases of Atlas, only PETN Palace and I know your relationship to the old man and sword slaves, but they can not do it."

"In addition, the white dust know about it! And he harbor hatred for you, so I guess it is likely to be a clean white dry!"

After listening to the analysis and speculation thousand months, Ji-day trip suddenly hesitated, eyes become gloomy.

He pondered a moment, then nodded and said:. "Yes, you analyze thousand months makes sense."

"White clean this despicable sinister villain, I have begun to start yet?!"

Murmuring something, surging coldness in his eyes, feeling the breath becomes cold.

Thousand months also filled with anger, eyes Senleng cursed and said:! "Damn the king of white dust if the strength of the recovery, he shall surely be put to pieces to eat!"

At this point, the yard suddenly came the maid Xiaoshuang voice.

"Ji brothers, big senior sister apprentice came to visit, saying that events looking for you!"

Xiaoshuang hear the words, Ji-day trip this convergence wroth, pick pick brow, "big senior sister apprentice come to me?"

He got out of the study, came to the yard gate, they saw the cloud Yao was standing at the door, quietly waiting.

Ji days walking to her side, revealing a hint of a smile, say hello, "big senior sister apprentice, you're here."

Yun Yao to him nodded slightly, his tone calm and said: "Yesterday I had visited once, but you're not in the hospital."

Ji-day trip showing a touch apologetic smile, asked: "? The big senior sister apprentice, you What can I do something important."

Yao Yun nodded his head, "go talk."

Ji-day trip made a gesture invited and led her into the courtyard.

They passed through a small courtyard, entered the study in.

Cloud Yao just entered the study, saw thousand months, can not help a bit startled.

She looked a thousand months glances, turned around to look Ji-day trip, asked: "? Young-day trip, this is your pet animal you"

"Ah, she called thousand months." Ji-day trip smiled and nodded.

He need not told, they take the initiative thousand months flew in front of the cloud Yao, very clever salute the initiative to say hello.

It looks learn discipline day trip, cloud Yao hand over a gift, sweet voice authentic: "thousand months have seen big senior sister apprentice!"

"Great senior sister apprentice, you are so nice, just like the sky fairy ......"

Rao cloud Yao calm water, joy, anger, without form or color, can not help showing a touch surprise color.

She held out her slender fingers, gently nodded his head a thousand months, mouth evoke a touch of smile.

"What a cute little guy, are still talking, interesting."

Ji-day trip looked at from the side of her Qiao Lian, saw her mouth hanging smile looks like, I just feel very beautiful.

In his impression, this is the second time the cloud Yao showing a smile.

Like her other-worldly air, free of dust fairies, even if only showing a touch of smile, is enough to Empress Dowager.

However, she soon Qiaolian smile on convergence, Stern, Ji-day trip, said:. "Sky Young, today I have something important pieces and you say"

Thousand months very clever shut up and not a word, obediently lying on the table, it does not bother opening.

Ji-day trip also looking awe of nodded and said:. "Please tell big senior sister apprentice"

Cloud Yao tone solemnly said: "After three days is the current eight councils, venue peak at the stars."

"By then the head of a list of these and chief disciple will participate, discuss matters of common throughout the ancient stars, exchanges exchange some news."

"Longshan Tomb there has been some progress, the head of the Master should personally go to Yongsan, to study tall big fuss."

"So, head of the Master put the matter over to you and me, we replace him by the Parliament to participate in eight."

Cloud Yao concise introduction to the place and purpose of the eight council, Chutian Sheng convey commands.

Ji-day trip was immediately shocked, his face revealing incredible expression, "eight large doors of parliament, would not top the meeting Tianchen domain?"

"So grand and grand council, head of the Master not to participate, you actually send me to go?"

Had he not hear these words,He could not believe this is true.

Cloud Atlas Yao is the chief disciple of cases, it must participate in eight councils, this is normal.

He may just entry a few months before becoming head of the disciple less than two weeks, it is necessary to participate in such an important place of the head of the parliament?

"Great senior sister apprentice, this would not be a bit too lightly?"

"At that time, several other cases in the door and head of the sovereign who will be very unhappy, right?"

Cloud Yao nodded slightly, his tone calm and said: "When I heard the head of the command, but also like you do not believe."

"But this is really the head of the Master's command, he did, naturally has his reasons."

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