Chapter 240 gold eyes White Tiger

Chapter 240 gold eyes White Tiger

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Reveal the fourth order, the equivalent of the strong dan territory.

Atlas cases reveal garden, fed by only a few head they reveal third-order, fourth-order but did not reveal.

Ji Yun-day trip heard Yao said, there were only two dyke fourth order they reveal.

Which is the head of a horse, while the other end is forbidden guardian beast.

In the territory of ancient stars, the fourth-order they reveal is extremely rare, rare exception exists.

Seven other forces weaker heritage were the door, only up to a fourth order they reveal.

Ji-day trip could not believe it, knows no boundaries mountains actually had a fourth-order gold eyes White Tiger.

He was filled with shock and incredible, secretly thinking: "? I do not know is lucky or unlucky too."

Although the fourth-order reveal rare and unusual, but the strength is also too powerful, able to compete with the strong dan territory.

Ji-day trip silently consider the order to his strength trying to capture gold tiger eye, sort of possibility of success?

"This is the first gold eyes White Tiger's strength comparable dan environment strong, hard if I come, it is absolutely impossible to defeat, could not rein it."

"Fortunately, they reveal are more humanity, especially in this first gold tiger eye, wisdom will be higher."

"I need to find ways to rein it, try not to conflict with it."

At this point, gold eyes into the white tiger in open space, his eyes staring at the bodies of Golden Delicious carved on the stone disc, showing a touch of color puzzled.

It clearly felt this area has a strong aura fluctuations, there are a few head breath they reveal activity, so it rushed over to see what happens.

But to him, it found that there is only one open space, only one Golden Delicious carved body.

It is filled with puzzled stare at the bodies of Golden Delicious carving, stone slowly paced around the disc, I want to find out what had happened.

Unwittingly, gold eyes white tiger entered the M & M array.

When it came under stone disc, Golden Delicious carving near the bodies of M & M array finally started.


Verge, M & M array of lit up bright golden light, and instantly form a radius of twenty meters golden mask.

The eye White Tiger not react, it was shrouded in a golden mask.

M & M array reveal not only imitate the atmosphere, but also a storm front, immediately burst into a powerful repressive force, gold eyes firmly imprisoned white tiger.

The eye immediately realized that things were not white tiger, eyes exposed deep color of anger.

It roaring upward twice, issuing forceful, shocking Tigers mountains.

Radius of hundred meters of trees and the earth, even collapse, officials are more than shaking the trees branches also issued a 'crashed' sound.

Ji-day trip suddenly exposed face surprise of color, could not help muttering: "! This is the first gold tiger eye momentum is too strong."

Under Verge, gold eyes lit white tiger covered the muddy fire, twisting body trying to struggle.

It is issued twice growl, a powerful burst of power, soon broke free from repression array of M & M, walking in a large array move forward.

Even M & M array of full operation, continue to release powerful forces of repression, but it no longer irrepressible.

It paced walk around the golden mask in from time to time out huge claws, hard beat golden light walls.

"Bang bang bang!"

A burst of muffled sound burst, the whole array of M & M have been shot shivering,Violent shaking up the golden mask, Dangqi ripples ripple, as if overwhelmed.

Seeing this, a rare blast of discipline Sky anxious, hurriedly jumped out of the tree.

He arrived with a small M & M Heilonggang outer array, Hui Zhang hit gold real dollars quickly injected into the matrix method reticle.

"Little Black Dragon, quick to help me reinforce M & M array, can not let the gold eyes white tiger escaped!"

Small Heilonggang nodded, Talon also quickly reached, the injection force huanling element array.

M & M had some overwhelmed array, the gold is to be sold tiger eye cracks.

After being injected Ji Yuan-li-day trip and a small black dragon, the increased strength of a number of tactical deployment, a golden mask and more thick.

The eye white tiger surprisingly stopped struggling, his eyes staring at him indifferently and small black dragon.

It is slowly paced, steady pace and majestic, actually exudes a very strong overbearing and dignified atmosphere.

Ji-day trip previously only heard 'Strategic dragon' is a word, an insight into today truly, what is the king of beasts majesty tolerance.

This is the first gold tiger eye although they reveal, like a human, like mighty imperial hegemony.

Kim Ji-day trip to see the white tiger eye seems to have feelings and intelligence, is thinking about something, they try to communicate with it.

Unfortunately, he was not fed they reveal the trainer does not know how to flow with the spirit **.

He can only use a gentle face and eyes, the white tiger gold eyes said he was not malicious.

However, gold eyes only white tiger quiet for a moment, then lost patience observation and thinking.

It seems uttered a warning growl directed at Ji-day trip, and one pair of front paws full swing, "bang bang bang" quick photo mask matrix method.

Not only that, it opened its mouth, in the mouth of the combination of a mass of muddy brown flame, Hong Xiang bitter battle formation mask.

Brown flame that group, contains the power of Armageddon, exudes a very violent atmosphere.

Even if separated by a layer mask matrix method, Ji-day trip also had a feeling scared and fear.


H severely flame light group in the mask matrix method, shaking loud sound burst.

Verge, flame light group explode, flames burst out of the avalanche of brown, covering a radius of ten meters.

M & M array mask matrix method, also instantly blasted a huge loophole, the burst fracture dense.

After a violent shake, M & M array to collapse, collapsed on the spot.

The eye White Tiger lost the battle formation bondage, finally regained his freedom, excitement uttered a sound Tigers.


I saw a flash of fire brown, gold eyes white tiger rushed out of ten meters, fled the M & M array.

Move it down the hill towards the running to escape, as if an arrow speed, the blink of an eye out hundreds of meters away.

Ji-day trip too late to feel sorry for the collapse of the array of M & M, Di soon will catch up.

"Little Black Dragon, fast chase!"

He managed to reveal encountered a fourth-order, this also paid the cost of a matrix method to do, how can we let this gold eyes white tiger escape?

Carrying a small black dragon quickly Ji-day trip, driving fast pursuit gold tiger eye, and flew down the hill.

Although gold eyes demon Dan White Tiger is a condensation of the fourth order they reveal, flying fast.

But still it can not fly,Even fully running in the mountains, but also throw off a small black dragon flying in the sky.


The eye is like a white blur white tiger, the shuttle in the dense jungle, along the severing do not know how many trees.

It followed a small black dragon, flying around in the sky quarter of an hour and a half across half the mountain, only to stop.

Because, gold eyes white tiger fled to the hillside at the other side of the mountain, got into a dark red cave, he disappeared.

The cave entrance is like an arched door, side door of dark red rock, faintly lit the fire.

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