Chapter 236 also reveal you a

Chapter 236 also reveal you a

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Wu heard the term, then Ji-day trip suddenly brow of a challenge, his eyes flashed a hint of surprise color.

"Deacon items, this can not be right?"

"My thousand months of age is still small, low power, how could you reveal killed a third-order?"

Ji-day trip know, it reveals the strength of the third order, which is equivalent Tong Xuan territory fifty-six re-master.

Although Atlas cases they reveal they reveal the garden fed by dozens of heads.

But they reveal they reveal park feeding, most are first and second order they reveal.

They reveal relatively rare rare third order, the number is not much, only a few head.

Hear and killed a thousand months they reveal third-order message, his first reaction is to not believe it.

But items somber Wu nodded: "Ji-day trip, the matter true, you take a trip with the seat of it."

Ji-day trip looking calm and said: "So good, I would also like to see the matter if there is any misunderstanding."

He then followed the line item to leave the military hospital, to reveal park rush.

Reveal the mountain park is located in the Atlas mountains in the cases of nine more by post.

They walked their way half an hour before they arrived at the mountain peaks they reveal.

There on the mountain more than a dozen palaces and houses, but most of the area is open space, where the growth of low shrubs and grass.

That area is tall fence and protected matrix method, it is fed they reveal they reveal park.

Of course, it reveals a peak total of three animal park, animal park halfway up the two, designed to reveal low-level feeding of first and second order.

This beast of mountain garden, fed by a seven third-order only reveal.

Wu Ji took first entry into the Sky reveal park to see the other end of the sacred beasts were killed.

It was a quiet Yingbao, more than four meters in length, covered with dark gray, muscles full of a sense of power.

This is the third order they reveal genuine, both as a master of the horse, but also to participate in fighting the battle.

Unfortunately, it reveals that the first five years of quiet park fed Yingbao, now lying dead silent woods.

Its body is no apparent injuries, but has a few claw marks on his head.

But its bones were Paisui forehead, blood, bone fragments and mixed with minced meat, looks shocking.

Ji-day trip to see that this is the first quiet Yingbao attack they reveal a paw shot dead.

Wu looked at the tragic death of entry secluded Yingbao, pamper face, deep tone and said:. "This is the first quiet Yingbao fed us for five years, has been domesticated a very psychic"

"Originally, it was the first quiet Yingbao is to be awarded to the next month day standings majority, the outstanding performance of the Disciples."

"But now ...... hey!"

Item Wu shook his head, heavy sigh.

Ji did not say what day trip, blankly and said:. "Deacon items, it took me to see thousand months."

Item Wu nodded, Chen Sheng said: "This matter has alerted Wu elders of the Church, your pet animal Wu elders have been detained."

"Wu elders are waiting for you in the hall, the seat will now take you there."

After quarter of an hour and a half, with items Wu Ji-day trip into the hall they reveal Church.

In the main hall, a skinny old man with gray hair and whiskers, sitting on's first, deadpan eyes closed.

He is the elder Wu reveal Church, before the ceremony apprentice,Ji-day trip gave gifts to send over.

Wu wooden table beside the elders, stood a large black cage basin.

Carved lines on the matrix method cages, vaguely flashing multicolored brilliance, exudes real power.

Thousand months curled up in an iron cage, a sleepy look.

Wu Ji-day trip with a term into the hall, Wu elders bowed, intrinsic reports: "! See Wu elders under the discipline has taken day trip!"

Miss Elder That opened his eyes, eyes look to the indifference of discipline-day trip.

Iron cage thousand months, Wu is also key, then woke up and immediately lifted his little head and looked out.

Day trip to see the discipline, and its eyes are exposed relieved smile.

Ji-day trip took a step forward, Wu elders to hand over the salute: "The disciples Ji-day trip, see Miss Elder."

Miss Elder nodded slightly, slowly, said: "Ji-day trip, secluded Yingbao the other end of the bodies, the deacon items with you already seen it?"

Ji-day trip truthfully said: "The disciples had seen."

"However, this has not proved to be my pet quiet Yingbao killed, the matter may novelty factor."

"? Novelty factor" Wu elders pick pick brow, majestic tone and said: "This is the term deacon saw it, and your pet animal has confessed, you want to justify it?"

Ji did not refute day trip, his eyes look to the iron cage of thousand months, and asked: "? Thousand months, the other end was really quiet Yingbao you killed."

Speaking of this, a look of angry thousand months: "The old record, which do not blame me ah!"

"It is the other end Xiaobao suddenly mad, unprovoked attack me, I fight back!"

"Who knows, the other end Xiaobao looked mighty, but the results can not be made weak, was I a paw and shot dead ......"

Ji-day trip suddenly the hearts of surprise, face incredible asked: "?! You really a paw shot dead quiet Yingbao That was the third-order reveal ah."

Wu elders see he was not any guilt, but the surprise appearance of his face, his face suddenly more dark.

Item Wu also face speechless watching Ji-day trip, was secretly muttered: "?? This kid is too insane, right gone and your pet, what kind of strength you happy."

Thousand months it seems that fear Ji-day trip angry, quickly explained: "The old record, which I really innocent!"

"I'm just stroll around the garden they reveal, who knows the other end Xiaobao suddenly mad bite me ah?"

"And it is too weak! I just instinct to fight back, and took a casual paw, it was a direct shot me dead."

"Old discipline, I really just hand patted, was not going to kill it."

Hear this explanation thousand months, and Ji-day trip hearts become more surprise.

"Thousands month only three successful recovery force is so powerful, just a paw shot dead the third order can reveal."

"If it recovers five percent, Liu Cheng skill, would not be able to Fuyuan Dan territory of fourth order they reveal?"

The thought that he was filled with anticipation.

See thousand months filled with anxiety, some aggrieved look, he quickly smiled and nodded and said:. "Thousand months, I believe you are a careless mistake, these things do not blame you."

Thousand months suddenly smiling nod, like a baby: "! Century old, I know you very tricky."

Wu elders face even more dark,Sensual majesty said: "Ji-day trip, you come to the seat of the church, not to make you comfort your pet animal, but to resolve this matter."

Ji-day trip nodded, his tone calm and said: "Since the other end of quiet Yingbao really is my pet animal killed, I have nothing to say."

"How to resolve this matter, please Miss Elder shown below."

Wu elders of his attitude is very dissatisfied, majestic tone shouted: "?? How to solve this course is based on seat door rules to punish you, do not you can not return the seat a quiet Yingbao"

Ji-day trip immediately hand over said: "quiet Yingbao may not be able to get, but the disciples could find a way back to the Wu elders, they reveal a third order."

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