Chapter 235 screwed up?

Chapter 235 screwed up?

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Ji-day trip to ridicule a few thousand months, so she took it back to the room.

The next two days, no one will come to bother discipline hospital day trip day trip.

He has been in closed-door practice in the chamber, using previously obtained and began a panacea, fast grown up orifices point, to enhance the strength of the state.

Next month is the day the majority of the list, he must as far as possible to enhance the strength, in order to be able to get a good ranking in the majority.

Ji-day retreat line penance, into a small black dragon black dragon sword, honestly lying ring in space.

Only thousand months in the yard sloshing day trip, play the whole day every day.

Two days later, the day trip every corner of the hospital have studied it, have felt boring.

On the third day morning, it day trip yard fly in a circle, fly out of the gate swaggering, hanging out together.

"Hey, the old record in the closed-door practice, not to play with a small black dragon, I have to go around."

"Atlas is the spiritual pulse treasure were plenty here heaven and earth aura, the scenery is beautiful, I have not been just enjoy it!"

Thousand months mouth and muttered, Pushan small wings to fly to the sky, left the hospital day trip.

It crossed a lot of houses and palaces, circling flying in the dyke cases, enjoy the scenery of the mountain.

"Wow, good style palaces!"

"Hee hee, good rich earth aura ah!"

"Gate is also very spectacular thing!"

"Er er, several peaks even larger array, the big mine ah!"

Thousand months were flying around in the dyke, east look west to see, from time to time twice a marvel, or a few reviews.

I knew it, it has been flying out of the dyke peak into the other peaks.

After approximately an hour, it was a fly on the mountain and enjoy the lush towering trees, halfway up waterfalls.

Wandering around in a circle, it falls in the woods not far from the waterfall trail, he looked round.

"Hey, this is where ah?"

"How much the disciples did not feel this, they reveal some of the flavor of it?"

Thousand months blinked silently with spiritual knowledge in the exploration of the mountain atmosphere.

At this point, it suddenly saw in front of the tree-lined trail, there is a wearing a white dress of female students, going to the mountains around.

It quickly flew past, came to the female students around, sweet voice asked: "? The sister Please stay, I would like to ask, this is where ah"

That female students immediately stopped and turned to see after a thousand months, suddenly his eyes widened, revealing a deep sense of joy of color Qiao Lian.

"Wow, what a cute little guy!"

"Little furry, could still speak, so cute!"

Female students face looked surprised thousand months, also could not help but reach out and touched its tail.

No doubt, she has been a thousand months cute Meng lived, can not wait to holding down two pro-thousand months.

Thousand months 瞪着大眼睛 looked at her, pretending to stay Meng asked: "? Beautiful sister, here is where I am lost ah ......"

Female students recovered, quickly smiled and said: "! Here, of course, we reveal park ah"

"Little man, you are not running out from the garden they reveal? How will it get lost?"

"? They reveal Garden" thousand months blinked, very interested and asked: "Is it raising a lot they reveal?"

Female students nodded and said: "! Of course ah Park has always been the place they reveal they reveal fed, and certainly there are many, it reveals it."

"However, they reveal they reveal the garden, are not you so smart and lovely, will speak ......"

"Really?" Thousand months both happy and curious, quickly pleaded: "? Beautiful sister, you soon will you take me to the park, they reveal they reveal ...... I want to see those."

Female students really like it, of course, could not bear to reject it begged, he nodded yes.

"Well, you come with me."

"Thank you, beautiful sister." Thousand months mouth sweet sound Xie Tao, filled with female students expected to follow, and went to the mountains.

Her son had just left, tree-lined trail appeared a figure.

This man was white dust.

Thousand months before flying in the sky, enjoy the scenery looked when he found a thousand months, and then all the way now over.

See thousand months followed by female students went to the mountains, he frowned, murmuring: "The? Damn fox, they reveal it to the park to do."

He thought for a moment frown, quickly followed by female students in front, but also quietly rush to the mountains.


After the two hour, time to noon.

Ji-day trip to temporarily end the practice, out of the chamber.

After a few days before the penance, he successfully grown up on the eighth road orifices point, finally grown up on the first pulse sword completed.

Today, his strength finally reached the border Tong Xuan double!

After out of the room, his body stretching activities in the yard.

He just saw fatigues disciples in the corner of the courtyard the well to fetch water, they Shunkou Wen sentence.

"Amu, you may have seen thousand months? Where is it gone?"

Since Ji-day trip day trip hospital stay, thousands of monthly day in a small courtyard in rock, has long fatigues with his disciples, and the ladies were acquainted.

Fatigues disciple Amu quickly put down the bucket, Ji-day trip to hand over intrinsic reports: "Ji brothers, yard thousand months too not fun, fly out this morning, we still have not come back yet."

Ji-day trip nodded and did not say anything, but my mind was a bit worried.

"Thousands month of patience, were running around in the door, I'm afraid to stir up any trouble ah."

"However, it is clever and cunning, should not lose, right?"

Thought for a moment, he turned back to his study, won a Front Road Cheats turning the pages, and waiting for the thousand months back.

However, one hour later.

Still did not come back thousand months, but looking Xiaoshuang maid hurriedly walked the library door, intrinsic reports: "Ji brothers, deacons have an adult outside the gate of the park position they reveal that there are events to find you."

Ji-day trip down immediately Cheats, cheeky puzzled pick pick brow, "reveal deacon Park? Find me doing?"

Xiaoshuang quickly replied: "Xiaoshuang do not know, but look at his face beadle adults, I am afraid some serious matter."

Ji-day trip frowned, got up out of the study.

When he came to the gate, they saw a middle-aged deacon wearing a black robe, front color dignified waiting.

To see him come out, that middle-aged deacon will open he asked: "Are you okay this day Ji Wu seat item, is they reveal park deacon?."

Ji-day trip to hand over a gift, and asked: "I dare term deacon find me anything?"

Wu, brow furrowed with items, majestic tone and said: "Ji-day trip, do you have a pet they reveal, is a little fox named thousand months?"

Ji-day trip vaguely guess what, nodded and said:. "Yes."

"Deacon item you came to me, because thousand months? Does it do anything wrong up?"

Item Wu nodded and said: "Before an hour, your pet they reveal broke into the park, killing one of the Church of the Third Order reveal fed!"

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