You do not deserve Chapter 233

You do not deserve Chapter 233

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Ji-day trip Getting there three months, the rules of the dyke were very familiar.

He knew that the general treatment of the Disciples, the basic situation with the hospital about the same, each room is equipped with practice of the Chamber of Secrets.

Only the elite disciples to qualify for these doors reward of a house.

In general, the house will be to the disciple's name or alias named.

House is elite disciples of territory, the facilities not only more complete, but also comes with maid and handyman disciples.

Ji-day trip get treated differently, with white dust, Hao Meng and two young elite is the same.

Of course, a lot of deacons in the dyke were also such treatment.

Among the crowd, when the number of cloud Yao chief disciple of the best treatment, is the highest status.

She does not live in the inner door, but stayed on the red Xiao Feng, there is a special part of her palace, called the Baiyun Temple.

This level of treatment, and nine cases of elder quite dyke.

After leave to Chutian Sheng, Ji-day trip will leave red Xiao Feng, returned to the inner door Atlas peaks.

Atlas peaks more than halfway up the mountain, including the mountains above, lies the dozens of palaces, the size of dozens courtyard.

These are within the territory of doors, inside and outside the door of elders and deacons, as well as treasury inner door, located on top of mountains.

Ji-day walk in the mountains of the palace complex in the shuttle, looking for half a quarter of an hour, only to find day trip homes belonged to him.

This small courtyard next to the mountain cliff walls surrounded by towering trees, the environment is very quiet and elegant.

Boxy small courtyard, an area of ​​only fifty meters radius, the rooms are only a dozen.

However, the small but refined and elegant courtyard, the others have.

Ancient lintel hung a plaque on the door that read 'Sky Academy' three characters.

Two disciples fatigues and a maid, would have the yard and clean up the room, Ji-day waiting line to check in.

When Ji-day travel hospitalized, two disciples fatigues and young maid shouted bend salute respectfully call loudly Ji brothers.

Ji-day trip smiled and nodded for their little ceremony.

He transit in hospital in a circle, we can see that the yard has old trees, stone bench and stone table under a tree.

There are a few nursery yard corner, it can be used to grow and cultivate medicinal herbs.

Facing the lobby door, wide light and spacious and grand, next door is the bedroom and study.

The yard around the two rows of rooms, is clean and warm.

In addition, the left side of a row of houses, and yet also has a practice room, and a red room.

Ji-day trip around the turn of this small courtyard satisfied.

After the familiar hospital environment day trip, he will enter the room to rest.

He lived bedroom, a secret door behind the bookcase, connected to a secret room.

On the chamber floor and walls are carved with the tactical deployment of lines and symbols.

This chamber matrix method, matrix method is clearly more than the senior chamber of the hospital situation.

Ji-day trip can clearly sense that this secret room secret room situation compared to that hospital, heaven and earth aura of concentration at least five times for the third year.

His practice exercise our powers in this chamber, the better the effect, of course, enhance the strength faster.

That night, Ji-day day trip yard line go to bed,The hearts of smug, the future is full of expectations.

The next morning, he would follow orders Chutian Sheng, the whereabouts of the inner door elders reported.

Although he is the head of the disciples, but the head of the Chu Tiansheng not pointing and teach him every day.

Most of the time, he still keep other Disciples, like, accept the inner door Mannequin deacons teachings.

Of course, he is more liberal than ordinary Disciples, lectures can choose whether to learn, not be disturbed and punishment.

Inner door elder named Ye Hong, a tall thin, dark face, dignified temperament chill of the old man.

Ji-day trip before contact with the elders no Yeh, still seen yesterday apprentice ceremony.

At that time, Ye Hong elders also presented a gift to him, and said a few words of congratulations and encouragement.

Ji-day trip, including the main hall in the door, saw Yeh elders.

Yeh reaction was muted, businesslike as he inventoried, distributed Disciples robes and monthly cases of resources, he turned and left the hall.

Subsequently, the inner door deacon Feng Xiao briefed him in detail of the inner door, as well as learning and training courses on weekdays.

Disciples total of about a hundred people, have the strength of Tong Xuan territory, regardless of the strength miscellaneous repair or martial arts exercises, are already fixed.

These disciples do not need lectures a day on weekdays, closed-door practice most of the time on their own.

Only in the face of problems and bottlenecks, they will ask the deacons and elders.

After Feng Xiao briefed the inner door, but also in all earnestness to tell Ji day do a thing.

"Ji-day trip, you have been head high regard, was promoted directly into the door. This is for you, not only honor, but also a burden."

"There is a message the seat to tell you, very coincidentally, is the inner door next month's annual list of the day a majority."

"This time of year, on the inner door hundred disciples going for the large majority, to compete day list ranking."

"Heaven list ranking is important, determines the number of disciples of the amount of resources, social status, and future prospects of martial arts."

Here, Feng Xiao would not continue down to say.

As a deacon in the door, he could good reminder Ji-day trip, is already doing everything humanly possible.

Ji-day trip looking calm nod to Feng Xiao Road, thank you.

Subsequently, he applied to leave Feng Xiao, returned to the Sky courtyard.

He had just returned to the room, the door will have maid came and messages.

"Ji brothers, there was surnamed white brothers came to visit, is waiting for you at the gate."

Ji-day trip immediately pick pick brow, his eyes flashed a hint of doubt, "surname white brothers come to visit me? Could it be ...... white dust?"

He left the room, went to the big door, and she saw the white dust was standing outside the gate, a cold indifferent attitude.

"White brothers came to me, what are you doing?"

Ji-day trip blankly at him, calm tone asked.

White turned to dust, his eyes staring at him, mouth evoke a touch of playful smile.

"Oh, Ji Young these days can be described as too proud, high-spirited ah!"

Having heard this, Ji-day trip will understand his purpose in coming to poor, can not help but frown: "? White Brother, what do you mean"

White clean pumping the pumping mouth,Interesting tone: "I made a special trip to come to you, you want to give a good reminder."

"Do not get carried away! Inner door from time than the outer door, the Disciples without a weak, with the strength of your state now, but in the bottom of the door in the role."

"Although you done a great door for this, is the head received as a disciple. It was just you're lucky enough, head and a good heart, and reward you deliberately take care of it."

"You can not forget their own identity! Do not think you became head of the disciple, can be compared with the elite talent in this door!"

"Now you do not deserve!"

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