Chapter 231 to send a gift to you

Chapter 231 to send a gift to you

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Gentlemen elders and deacons who donated gifts, have been Ji-day trip put into the space inside the ring.

Next year, he will no longer need to worry about practicing resources.

Elders and deacons who donated gifts, mostly some immortality and materials, as well as a small amount of Lingshi.

These days Ji rows remember clearly, but also to calculate the number and approximate value.

With the exception of the head of the Chu Tiansheng send him gifts, packed in black jade pull that, and did not know specifically what treasure.

Exalted hall and more discipline in public day trip and could not pull that in view of things.

But he can guess, head of Chu Tiansheng personally gift, will certainly valuable, definitely more than the elders of you a gift.

Unconsciously, a quarter of an hour passed.

Gentlemen elders and deacons are presented gift, turn a few elite disciples.

Interestingly, in addition to cloud Yao congratulate Ji-day trip, and send a gift, the other a few disciples do not have any representation.

White dust, Hao Meng and two young elite disciples, just to hand over arch Ji-day trip, said the sound congratulations verbally.

This scene falls on the head and the eyes of the elders of you, the people immediately understand the attitude of a few elite disciples, Ji-day trip to the upstart appears to be some rejection.

But it is understandable, in the presence of elders and deacons who did not speak, pretend to see nothing.

Seeing, apprentice ceremony to end.

At this time, we waited at the entrance hall of the disciples, suddenly walked into the hall, loud intrinsic reports: "Qi Bing head, heart month were asked to see the Grand Ayatollah."

The crowd in the hall, I heard a voice letter and report disciples, immediately quiet down.

Chu Tiansheng heart seems to have long expected by month were Presbyterian, nodded slightly and said: "There is please!"

That signaled disciple turned out of the hall, the entrance hall to convey commands.

Shortly after, one wearing a purple robe, graceful ***** walked into the hall.

It was her heart on cases of elder, also XuanXuan's aunt, Shulan's Master.

Came to the hall, she bowed to Chu Tiansheng a ceremony, gentle voice authentic mildly: "Heart month were great elders, Grandview Meet Chu head!"

"We hear today received head of the pro-Chu celebration disciples, Grandview here to congratulate Chu head."

Chu Tiansheng nodded slightly, the pavement with a smile: "Genie elders determined it!"

Atlas cases and cases of heart on befriend generations, the relationship between the two factions of the alliance.

Grandview has repeatedly before entering the dyke cases, so the field of you no stranger to her elders.

After greeting a few people, Grandview talked down to business.

She hand over a gift, looking awe: "The head of Chu, today Grandview venture to visit, mainly to Chu apologize to the head."

"Before Grandview School Shulan come to your door disciples were drug delivery, did not expect was the use of the inferno Princess. Princess inferno that attached themselves to sneak into your body Shulan cases, almost a catastrophe ......"

"After heard the matter, and this door sovereign Grandview are deeply guilty, is the king Yite came face to face head Chu apologize."

Chutian Sheng nodded, looking calm and said: "Grandview determined to elders, and say hello to your seat on behalf of the sovereign."

"About Shulan witch possessed by it, and you can not blame the disciples were, blame it inferno cunning. Fortunately, the seat promptly detect abnormalities, it has been defused That calamity."

"Grandview Presbyterian please do not blame yourself, and your door later this were to be more prevention, vigilance alert to the inferno."

"Chu head, then brought to Grandview certain." Grandview bend a ceremony, and then said:. "Jun Yi Deng door visit, the second thing is to take away the remains of Shulan Disciples"

"The disciples weekdays respect for teachers, diligent and hard, is proud disciple of Grandview."

"Unfortunately, the catastrophe befell her, give their lives, she can be considered a hit that has this robbery. Grandview unworthy of the disciples, only wanted to bring back the remains of this door, we put to rest."

For her this requirement, Chu Tiansheng naturally nodded yes.

"Grandview elders so compassionate disciple, is really kind heart. That Shulan's body, temporarily placed in the closet by the xuan, xuan Grandview elders approached the matter may go before a later time."

"Thank you, Chu head sake." Grandview again hand over a gift, and looking calm, said:. "Grandview come today, the third thing is to congratulate Chu head overjoyed"

"This door sovereign learned the news, specially ordered Grandview to congratulate him, offer a little gift, please accept my gift Chu head."

When he finished, Grandview took out a spirit of jade ring, presented to Chutian Sheng.

Heart month Presbyterian gift of gifts, nature is priceless, very precious.

Chu Tiansheng not see things in the ring, directly to the spirit of jade rings take it, smiled and said:. "Multi-Xiegui Zong Lord's gift, he will certainly Japan's seat door thanks"

Grandview polite with him a lot, took out two vials white, ten dazzling Lingshi, presented to Ji-day trip.

"Congratulations Shi Zhi awarded mentor, from a meteoric rise, promising!"

Ji-day trip a bit surprised, I did not expect to visit Chu Tiansheng Grandview, gave him also prepared gifts.

He quickly filled the panacea of ​​all Yuping and began to accept, Yixing Li smiled and thanked the king.

Until after he accepted the gift, Grandview leave this salute to the Chutian Sheng, "Kimberley task of this trip has been completed."

"But before you leave, but also on behalf of the Grandview door Chu asked the head of the sovereign, eight parliament after ten days, held as usual at the peak of the stars, then I ask the head of Chu whether to participate?"

Chu Tiansheng consider a slight frown, he smiled and nodded: "If the seat will personally participate, will send representatives of the seat to go."

Grandview nodded submissively said:. "Grandview head Chu will certainly be taken if, say good-bye."

"Grandview Presbyterian walking!" Chutian Sheng stood up, arch of the hand, watched Grandview turned to leave the hall.

Soon after, the apprentice ceremony will be declared over.

Gentlemen elders, deacons and elite disciples who have left the dyke hall.

Chu Tiansheng of Ji told the two-day trip, then also out of the hall.

Ji temple, leaving only the two-day trip and the Promise, the Promise is smiling at him, eyes some pondering.

Ji-day trip to see him look different, he smiled and asked: "? The older generation, but that you have something to teach his disciples."

Promise to blanket a grin, teasing tone of smiles: "Boy,We have sent you a gift, do not do the old lady said, you are not very disappointed ah? "

Ji-day trip startled a little, chuckled and said: "? Dare to dare, to take care of the older generation of disciples has been a very, luxury disciples dare more"

"Humph! Hypocrisy!" To the Promise snappily white at him.

"Come on, old lady go with PETN Palace, the old lady to send a gift to you!"

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