230 Chapter apprentice ceremony

230 Chapter apprentice ceremony

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Three days flashed by.

This day early in the morning, Ji-day trip ended a three-day closed-door practice, out of the chamber.

After three days of penance, he has grown up a orifices point, strength improved a little.

Room table, stood a white robe, which is sent in advance Han Qiao born.

Ji-day trip after the wash, put on a white robe, this out of the room, to the red Xiao peak rush.

Today is the day of the ceremony held apprentice, from today he is the Disciples, also head of the pro-disciple.

Ji-day trip wearing a white robe, refreshing the situation out of the hospital, prompting several of his disciples were filled with envy.

We are all energetic boy, who does not aspire to a white robe, three feet Qingfeng, scene of sword-line End of the World?

Moreover, Atlas were outside the Disciples of Qingpao, is somewhat common and ugly.

Only dressed in a white robe, it seems brighter than the light, suave, more famous disciples of uprightness.

Ji-day trip all the way down the Atlas peaks, peak rush toward the red Xiao.

The way, I do not know how many foreign disciples are frequently eyebrows, staring at him out of the way, still talk endlessly.

Everyone knows that today is the day of the ceremony coach, Ji-day trip to soar up.

After on the red Xiao Feng, Ji-day trip came to the house of Atlas, he was taken away three elders.

Three elders is a kindly face, body stooped and gaunt old man, were responsible for daily worship rites door and celebrations and other chores.

He Ji-day trip to the side hall, the words and deeds of Ji-day trip to talk, some of the rules and etiquette of the process of apprentice ceremony.

Today's apprentice ceremony, though not grand, very solemn, everything according to the rules of etiquette, and must not go wrong.

Ji-day trip listen carefully to the teachings of the three elders, quietly took down many matters complex and cumbersome.

With his wisdom and memory, remember these chores is not difficult.

After half an hour, the ceremony is about to begin, only three elders took him into the house of the dyke.

Hall has gathered more than thirty years, divided into two stood, whispering talking.

Eyes swept the hall Ji-day trip, I recognize a lot of people.

Thirty people attended, not only have nine elders, there was too much on the elders to Promise, a dozen high status deacons, and five elite disciples.

Atlas had six cases of this elite disciples, one of whom is the Yan children, did not show up today.

The five elite disciples, including cloud Yao, Bai Hao Meng and clean, there are two romantic suave, handsome young man.

Ji-day trip dialogue clean and Hao Meng is no stranger, but never seen two young men, can not help but pay more attention to the two.

The two young people are very curious and concerned about him, silently watching him.

Just because of you elders, deacons are present, two young men did not greet with Ji-day trip, nor did it speak.

But Ji-day trip can feel faint, two young disciples calm indifference on the surface, but in reality hostile to him faint.

He never met with each other, and no injustice Wu Chou, the other telling hostile.

He was not surprised and puzzled when he announced plans to close as a disciple, he would have expected this result as early as three days before the Chutian Sheng.Now, he said that the target of public criticism too.

However, Ji-day trip and do not care about other people's eyes and views.

Yao remember the cloud of his words that day, and will do the same trip.

Before long, the head of the Chu Tiansheng entered the hall, attended the ceremony coach finally in attendance.

The time comes, it announced three elders apprentice ceremony began.

In the hall just north of the Atlas, mountains carved with portraits of ancestors on the walls, and portraits lined with two rows of vigorous strong characters.

The left: Atlas mountains, the stars of the heavens protect my prosperity through the ages.

The right side is: dominating the ancient environment, the endless landscape from dominance to Jesus Christ.

There are four horizontal vested with exquisite characters cornice, vancomycin power cap!

Beneath portraits of ancestors of the mountains, has long been a good layout of the altar.

Placed stones on the altar lamp, bronze incense burner with the door of you were head of the tablets.

Three elders stood beside the altar, solemn-faced, Shengruhongzhong announced the ceremony speech, eloquent talk a lot.

These long-winded rhetoric, mainly celebrate the originator of the great achievements, as well as head of the ancient achievements.

Etc. After the speech, the three elders was loudly announced, people worship the ancient founder and head.

The main hall where the crowd has long been arranged in neat rows, the Chutian Sheng and stood in the forefront of the Promise, nine elders stand behind, next is the deacon and elite disciples.

And they were all looking solemn bow down to salute the statue of the founder, worship the souls founder and head of the ages.

And so after this one ends, three elders and holding a gift book, read the lengthy.

These words mean nothing more than ancient head conscientious, diligent disciples practice, to make the door were enduring.

Therefore, today's contemporary head of talent to pull pull, Atlas were to attract fresh blood, the recruitment of a disciple to do pro-disciple.

Ji-day trip has been in compliance with the rules of ceremony, his speech talking about the step by step, bowed, worshiping the founder ......

This solemn ceremony coach, went on for an hour.

Until Ji-day trip to Chu Tiansheng line apprentice ceremony, after instructions from the coach of tea, only three elders loudly announced the ceremony.

From this moment, Ji-day trip is the head of the pro-disciple Chu Tiansheng.

Gentlemen elders and deacons, have handed salute, congratulate Chutian Sheng.

Chu Tiansheng face nod smile, the crowd responded with congratulations.

Of course, he did not forget to remove a ring from space black jade pull refers to Ji-day trip.

"Sky disciples, this is your gift as a teacher gift, I hope you diligent practice, hard work ahead, not to lose face as a teacher!"

Ji-day trip took black jade pull refers to solemnly accept, salute Bese said: "! Please rest assured that head Master, Master disciple will certainly live up to the trust."

Chutian Sheng nodded smiling, happy face exposed color.

Then, the elders also come up with a great gift, presented to the public Ji-day trip, to congratulate him.

The Grand Ayatollah perception of discipline excellent day trip, so this is also priceless gift, as much as ten mysterious best for immortality, as well as ten Lingshi!

There are great elders take the lead, two elders and three elders and others, have also come up with a good gift already prepared, in turn presented to Ji-day trip.Elders gift of you shot, that extraordinary nature, are very precious treasure.

This is also the dyke were the convention, received the head of the pro-disciple, it is gratifying happy occasion.

Men of course, to congratulate the elders, presented some gifts and resources to show congratulations and encouragement.

Moreover, even with a few familiar Ji-day trip deacons, they have also sent a gift.

Ji-day trip to accept everyone turns to send a gift, smiled and bowed to thank.

Yao Yun see his smiling face, happy to receive a gift of incomparable look, eyes flashed a hint of a smile.

The clean white elite and two young disciples, but it is expressionless, eyes some cold.

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