Rain or shine Chapter 228

Rain or shine Chapter 228

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Yao Ji Yun-day trip to listen to something about the fire nation prince, is rapt.

Most people have a special blood, enough to become a martial arts genius, to allow ordinary people to match the height.

Has two special blood of the people, is definitely very rare, rare Wu Daoqi before, immeasurable achievements of the future!

Yan children is the fire nation prince, a pair of strong parents, can be described as unique.

He had inherited the gift of blood and fire after fire Emperor, this is definitely a big humble.

Not only that, he also awakened Wildland Fire treasure body, with a special constitution.

Ji-day trip in opinion, both are two special blood Yan children, have special physical, is bound to become evildoer level of genius.

But he did not think the shortage of fire Po Yan body but let children suffer torment!

"Great senior sister apprentice, Yan children has two special blood, there Wildland Fire treasure body, is it not a higher level, become extremely gifted it?"

Cloud Yao gently shook his head, looking a little grim sigh.

"Yan children only if Young has two kinds of blood, can be described as top talent. If there is no two natural blood, only Wildland Fire treasure body, it can also be a top talent."

"Unfortunately, he has both two natural blood, there Wildland Fire treasure body, which has become the catastrophe."

"Fire imperial purple red sun fire is positive, after the fire arctic yin fire is negative. Yan child Young pregnant with two kinds of blood, yin and yang, will not have any discomfort, but the strength of the rapid sophistication."

"But the shortage of fire Bao body is very positive attributes, the world can swallow all sorts of fire power shortage into the fire, is the most powerful high-handed."

"The power of two natural blood Yan Young children, the body and wildfires have treasure violent conflict, resulting in the power of runaway and out of control, only to plunge skill Yan Young children, traumatized by their suffering."

Hearing this, Ji-day trip nodded, quite sorry and sympathetic and said: "So, really a pity!"

Cloud Yao then went on: "Three years ago, after wildfires Young children Yan Bao body awakening, has been suffering from pain and suffering."

"With the growing his skill, suffering is growing. After the fire, and fire Emperor tried every means, but can not solve the problem."

"Two years ago, the fire Huang Yan children will be sent to this door, head shot request help."

"Since then, Yan Young children will stay in this door, his head will be received as a pro-disciple, utmost care."

"Over the last year, the situation Yan Young children increasingly worse. He could only have been sleeping in the closet, under the Master rely head cloth matrix method to suppress the body's Wildland Fire."

Ji-day trip finally came to understand the whole story, nodded and said:. "No wonder I never heard of him."

Next, the Yao Yun He also asked a few questions.

They talked for a while, until the sun goes down and they parted on the occasion.

When Ji-day trip back to the hospital situation, we can see a few disciples are gathered together to discuss something.

Although separated far away, but he thought he heard the 'open big fuss' and 'into the door' and other words.

He immediately realized that is definitely news has spread, several disciples are talking about him.

Sure enough, when he saw that a few disciples, immediately shut up and not a statement.

If done before,Several disciples will be looking at him with a strange look, and talk quietly behind him jealous.

However, after Longshan majority, the situation of the hospital a few disciples, have convinced him, and he was also interested in good relations.

Now he set a number of doors for the great service, was promoted to head directly into the door, also received a pro-disciple.

So the glory of prominent status, leaving the crowd can only envy, even jealousy are afraid to give birth.

Several disciples have exposed face smile, I do not feel embarrassed, all hand salute to him to say hello.

"Ji brothers!"

"Ji brothers well!"

"Seen Ji brothers!"

Greeted, several of his disciples were all flooded over, the century-day trip surrounded.

People wonder and envy face expression, rushes asked him how it was.

"Ji brothers, we have just heard the news, today announced the promotion you head into the inner door now?"

"Ji brothers, head to charge you for the pro-disciple ah! After you are one of the most distinguished identity of this door a few disciples, we will not ignore, right?"

"Hey, brother Ji, and so you become the head of the pro-disciple, and later will be able to with the big senior sister apprentice in pairs, and simply get any cooler ah!"

"Ji Brother, can you tell us about that, that big array in the end is how ah?"

Several disciples were filled with curious and puzzled, looked at him helplessly, waiting to hear him talk about twists of them.

Ji-day trip to the crowd nodded, a slight chuckle:. "Yes, another three days after the ceremony and other apprentice, I may have to enter the door."

"Ladies and gentlemen Shidi Men have to work hard to practice, fight through the door within three months after the examination, myself included door waiting for you."

His calm tone, look indifferent to the conversation with a few disciples.

Although he is now the head of the man in red, are the envy of all his disciples.

But he still is so calm and indifferent as usual, covered with not the slightest proud and haughty tone.

Several disciples of both envy him humble, but more to admire his courage of your convictions and conservation.

A mindful, talented Warrior Rain or shine, in order to go further, with more amazing achievement.

Ji-day trip with all men chatted for a few, he did not say the magic array Kowloon trapped thing, but some people encouraged.

In addition, those things were related to the secret door, and he said nothing.

He does not trust these disciples, but no need to tell the news to those few disciples.

Etc. When these few disciples enter the door, we have enough powerful and important position, naturally qualified to know those things.

Telling the crowd after a while, Ji-day trip will leave Baoquan, he went back to the room.

Several disciples looking at his back away, still together, and filled with emotion, talk for a while.

Easy ink face complex laments: "hey, fate really wonderful ah!"

"In just three months, Ji brothers who actually took place so tortuous change, really incredible!"

Shi Jing Cheng also endorsed nodded: "Yes ah, when we went into the hospital situation, the strength level of discipline not as good as our brothers do."

"At that time he not only being framed,Fined to sweep the floor, was also thrown into a dark and stormy hole introspection, which twists and turns, unimaginable. "

"Today, he not only reached the border Tong Xuan, Longshan win a majority, but also oriented door feats, advance into the door, it became head of the pro-disciple."

"Such bizarre twists and turns of experience, if not personally witness, I could not believe ah!"

Another disciple is deeply felt and said: "So, the old saying goes, is always shining gold!"

"Even if Ji brothers had suffered tribulations, nor did he give up, still hard practice, excellence, so the only chance today."

"We have to hard work, or else there are chances after coming also to grasp."

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