Chapter 226 third pro-disciple

Chapter 226 third pro-disciple

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Analysis of sovereign listening Sword, a visiting Huangfu suddenly understood why.

His heartfelt praise: "or sovereign clever!"

"No matter who the real machine that day, regardless of what motives he cherished, the door were only sixty began, they exchange Kowloon spiritual pulse diagram, this is great wisdom!"

"With this piece of Diagrams, the door will soon be able to destroy the dyke were the spiritual pulse, destroying their Millennium Foundation!"

Here, a visiting Huangfu an enraptured look, tone full of expectations.

"By that time, the door will be able to replace the dyke were in control Tianchen domain, sovereign monarchs Tianchen domain can become a domain overlord!"

These words make Sword sovereign hear very comfortable, can not help but reveal a proud sneer.

"Yes ah! Damn dyke cases, recaptured Shan, also found a tall Millennium tomb, originally wanted to steal gas transport this door."

"It now appears that this door is moral support from many, Atlas cases is scant support!"

"Guardian of the tomb of that big array of very deep, certainly in the short term dyke were unable to crack."

"After this door to be destroyed were the dyke Kowloon spiritual pulse, not only to destroy the dyke cases, there is still a tall Millennium tomb of this door!"

Ke Qing Huang Fu nodded go along, asked: "? Sovereign, spiritual pulse Diagrams now at hand, that when we move."

Sword sovereign waved, his face revealing a confident smile, and said:. "The matter does not hurry, let's take a good look at this piece of spiritual pulse array map, determine the authenticity Diagrams"

"And, within the dyke were strong clouds, garrison guarded, want to destroy the spiritual pulse Kowloon was not so easy, it must be examined thoroughly."

"Under understand." Huangfu a visiting nodded.

Subsequently, the two men left the hospitality hall, the spiritual pulse Diagrams research went into the secret room.


Gladius hundred miles away from the day's mountains.

A white robe, whisk the secret embrace of reality, the mountains are flying speed.

He's fast, flying occasion clothes flying, brought up a road behind a white blur.

A moment later, he entered deep into the mountains.

See no trace behind, around and deserted, he was showing a body Mami.


While twisting his body change, she gushed Black Mist, whisk white robe and large groups also disappeared.

Blink of an eye, he becomes a more than two meters tall, covered with purple skin burly man.

He had a full head of hair purple, tie became dozens root pigtail, wearing a gloomy black robes, red with a pair of palm-leaf fan like Bigfoot.

His neck and arms, etc., also exposed a number of tattoo designs, Xie Yi looks very grim.

There is no doubt that this man was the high priest inferno.

He twisted his neck and limbs, while stretching the body, while sneered muttered: "Oh, Sword sovereign this mean villain, could be so stingy!"

"This seat send him a spiritual pulse array map, so precious treasures, he even began with only sixty sent wanted the seat!"

Here, he was filled with hatred and sullen tone Senleng low shouted: "Well, the human family is the cunning, the Sword sovereign certainly no big thing!!"

"By means of the seat even if he gift FIG spiritual pulse array,Atlas were destroyed Kowloon spiritual pulse, it is impossible to control Tianchen domain. "

"At that time, the seat to be rescued magic Majesty, will be the stars of the ancient territory bloodbath!"

Having said body while Priest distorted into a cloud of black fog magic gas.

He quickly as illness electricity in Shanlin Jian shuttle back to the magic dong.


Within the dyke cases.

Atlas hall, the Chutian Sheng head sitting on the throne, dignified bearing.

Hall, where stood a few elders, and Yao Ji Yun-day trip also impressively, when they were of procedure.

Just listen to Chu Tiansheng dignified tone, loud voice announced:. "Gentlemen, today the seat of procedure to convene gentlemen, there is a very important event to announce"

Heard these words, several elders looked at each other, exchanged glances, are showing a knowing smile.

Obviously, people have guessed Chu Tiansheng to announce the event.

After all, the night vision of the world is amazing, nine dragon ghost shining world, thousands of miles radius can see.

Chu Tiansheng revealing a touch of comforting smile, loudly announced:. "Recent inferno rampant, frequently attack this door in an attempt to destroy seal a big fuss, rescue guise devil"

"Just five days before, and the elders of the seat too, with Ji-day trip into the den, we have successfully restarted Kowloon sleepy magic array!"

"After the restart a big fuss, K-Swiss devil will be completely suppressed, can not break the seal at least a hundred years!"

"Even then there inferno master sneak into this door, it is impossible to destroy seal a big fuss!"

Bluntly said, Chutian Sheng, which means that, from the dyke were safe and secure, and safe at least within a hundred years.

Everyone not to worry about K-Swiss devil break the seal, no need to worry about damage to seal inferno master.

Several elders are exposed relieved expression, have been revealing smile, all talk quietly together.

Of course, several elders look Ji-day trip eyes, full of happiness and appreciation.

We all know that the days of discipline behavior of these doors set a great future certainly promising.

At this time, Chu Tiansheng and then said: "Of course, this door being safe, and Longshan tombs of things, but we need to accelerate progress, to investigate and crack."

"In addition, were responsible for guarding the door of the elders, but also to step up prevention, must no longer allow the inferno invasion!"

"Humph! Damn remnants of the inferno, were killed me Atlas of the heart die, the door sooner or later you want to catch them, give all Zhumie!"

The main hall where several elders who have expressed obeyed submissively.

Subsequently, the Chutian Sheng Shining eyes look Ji-day trip, his voice solemnly said: "In addition to this, also announced today the seat of the second thing."

"The success of Ji-day trip to restart Kowloon sleepy magic big fuss, oriented door set a great service, this feature when rewarded!"

"This seat today to announce that promoted Ji-day trip into the door, and the door in the wall of his income, as the seat of the third pro-disciple!"

"After three days, this apprentice ceremony held in the temple!"

Men of the elders did not think the second thing Chutian Sheng to be announced, turned out to be close Ji-day behavior of pro-disciple!

Faction head to close the pro-disciple, absolutely thrilling, far-reaching event!Several elders understand what this decision means.

People are showing a complex expression, have look Ji-day trip, his eyes shining Shining naked.

Although there are six elders we have no objection on the matter, just surprised.

But there are three elders, obviously other ideas and plans, we do not agree on the matter.

One of the qualities of grace, body fat and women elders, look complex thought to myself.

She handed over to Chutian Sheng said: "! Head, your valued as a Lord, to close pro-disciple the matter at stake, related to the Millennium Foundation this door, please think twice head"

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