Chapter 225 each calculation

Chapter 225 each calculation

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Sword sovereign looked real secret, heart secretly to consider the trade-offs.

After a moment, he reached for the table scrolls, carefully watched after deployment.

For him, the real secret no matter what the purpose, as long as this is true Kowloon spiritual pulse diagram can be.

When he unrolled the scroll, painted scroll to see the pattern, suddenly widened eyes, eyes flashed a look of disbelief.

I saw that half a meter wide, on up to one meter reels, and she painted a spiritual pulse tactical deployment diagram.

Dense lines, clearly outline the pattern of nine mountain terrain.

Dragon nine are legible, Kowloon spiritual pulse forming large array, wherein the array of pieces of dragon key group and position, have made marked.

There is no doubt that this is both a clear and detailed view of Kowloon spiritual pulse.

Compared to Kowloon Ling Pulse HUANGFU a visiting deduce, Diagrams piece of reels, I do not know how many times in detail.

He just read through the rough, the heart will have the answer, painting Diagrams most probably true.

This is the front view of his dream!

Pondered a moment, he ventured to live secret asked: "? I dare live, Kowloon spiritual pulse Diagrams is a dyke were confidential, how to get this piece of real Diagrams of it."

"And, frankly, this door and there is no real friendship, why live this door so much to help busy?"

Secret live a leisurely gesture, hand stroked his white beard, indifferent tone said: "This is an act of God, not disclose the secret."

Sword sovereign surface calm, but my mind was cursed loudly 'old stick of God! '

His smile diminished, but continue to ask: "! Real insight into the secret really is to monitor an expert in the world of enlightenment."

"This piece Diagrams real gift, and for purposes of this door is indeed a gift, I do not know how to thank the seat live?"

Speaking honoraria and remuneration, the real secret look slightly changed, revealing a hint of a smile and said:. "This seat traveled the continent, busy understand the people, to convey God, no time closed-door practice."

"If the sovereign determined to acknowledge, then, might offer a little Lingshi, thanks to the right as God's ......"

Gladius day was secretly muttered: "stinking Taoist, put it so high-sounding, going around Lingshi not want it?"

Lingshi is produced in the treasure lode of precious stones, pure and contains plenty of real dollars.

Warrior can draw directly in the world of Reiki began to practice, the effect is better than taking immortality.

Thus, it began in martial arts circles highly sought after by the arms makers.

Unfortunately, the number of rare Lingshi, a common veins, up to dozens of pieces began with the birth of each year.

Even this second day Jianzong large doors, have only Lingshi nothing but a thousand, this is accumulated over the years.

Sword sovereign still smiling, nodded and said:. "Said is a real person, a real person compared to the 'hard work, and what began not too little."

When he finished, he took out the ring from space began thirty years, on the table.

Each began are egg size, five color quintana, which contains a boundless aura.

The thirty sovereign Sword began to push in front of the secret reality, smiled and said: "A little gift,It is this door of mind, but also look to accept reality. "

Lingshi real secret glanced, smiled and shook his head: "? If it wants to uphold the sovereign act of God, change the pattern of Tianchen domain, how can we not so sincere to God."

"Turned out to be too few?" Sword sovereign heart muttered.

He pulled out the ring and from the space of thirty began, in front of the secret reality.

"Reality is justified, can not offend God, this seat is sincere thank God. This is regrettable door Foundation shallow, the seat is strapped ah!"

His meaning is clear, we are a small day Jianzong door small family, I did not much Lingshi, give you so much content with it!

Secret live well aware, we will no longer posturing, yielded to accept the sixty began.

I saw he waved his big sleeves, on the table that began with sixty light flashes, they have all been taken away.

"Since the sovereign is so sincere, it will be able to meet God, become agitated Dragon Storm, the pattern of change."

Real secret smiling said, holding it up and whisk to leave.

"Sovereign Remember, this matter sooner rather than later, otherwise bungle the opportunity, I am afraid God but also a new change."

Sword sovereign quickly got both hands, until the real secret to the entrance hall just stop.

Looking at the real secret fluttering white back away, a smile on his face gradually disappeared, revealing a contempt of color.

After a while, until the secret live so far away, he returned to the hall where.

He took out a map of Kowloon spiritual pulse, carefully watched.

At this time, has been a visiting side hall and waited Huangfu, quickly ran into the hall, came around the Sword sovereign.

"Sovereign, real secret to go?"

He looked up the hall outside, scroll down and see the table, suddenly startled a bit.

"This is ...... array map?"

Sword Sovereign nodded, smiling face said:. "This is the spiritual pulse FIG Kowloon, the seat began with sixty bought"

"Ah?" Huangfu a visiting filled with surprise, some dumbfounding.

"Sovereign, can be bought for a mere sixty Lingshi Ling Kowloon Pulse?"

"You could there be this day ...... real machine cheated?"

Sword sovereign smiling nodded: "Yes, the real secret shit, is a trickster old stick of God."

"What is the situation with the seat pulled the occasion will be turned into a dragon, what God's people, and said that this seat is to change the pattern of the dragon Tianchen domain ......"

"Ha ha ha ha, who would believe in him that set?"

Huangfu Keqing increasingly puzzled, frowning: "? The sovereign, since the day falsehood real machine, not to the point, how do you still believe in him ah."

"Sixty Lingshi, while small, but also a lot of money wealth ah!"

Sword sovereign waved, pointing to the table Kowloon spiritual pulse diagram, smiled and said:. "Huangfu Keqing, although the real machine that day is a liar, but vice Diagrams is really on the line."

"You look at this piece of Diagrams Is there any problem?"

Huangfu is a visiting master channel array, then heard, staring array will observe FIG.

He first surprised 'Huh' a cry, and then his face became more and more joy, and finally could not help but issued a surprise laughter."Ha ha ha, it really is the spiritual pulse Kowloon Diagrams!"

"This piece Diagrams deduction in more detail than I am, and array-based Dragon everywhere are clearly marked, and reasonable, sophisticated profound!"

"Sovereign! You began this sixty, really earn big!"

Huang Fu Ke Qing could not help but repeatedly applauded.

Calm down, he was quite puzzled and asked: "sovereign, painting Kowloon spiritual pulse array map, but the dyke were confidential."

"Do not say sixty Lingshi, even six hundred six thousand will not buy ah!"

"That machine is a real person in the end what people? What his purpose? Why should this treasure given to this door?"

Sword sovereign nodded slightly, pondering smile and said: "He calls himself traveled the continent, the practice of secret Avenue, to convey God, how can we believe these nonsense in this seat?"

"See under this seat, the others mostly live this secret camouflage disguise."

"This person is likely to be other cases in the door, or some forces would like to take this power against the door of the dyke were."

"After all, Atlas were ranked eight in the first, has control of the domain Tianchen a thousand years."

"This is not just doors, gates and other cases of major forces, has also long been on the dyke were very dissatisfied."

"Those forces can not deal with Atlas were positive, so we came up with this approach, let the door come forward to deal with this dyke cases."

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