Chapter 224 to send home treasures

Chapter 224 to send home treasures

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After listening to the answer burial day, Ji-day trip could not help frowning, secretly Fu Fei.

"Buried predecessors day, you just told me that the devil matchless Jian Shen in the end there is no relationship can be."

"You said a lot of far-fetched, illusory, then what is in fact equal to not say ah!"

He certainly knows burial day, then another meaning, he needs to try to figure out.

But he just wanted to unlock the hearts of doubt, the answer to a clearly white.

Bury days seems to fall into a deep sleep, no longer ignore him.

Ji-day trip Jian Shen had to withdraw from the tomb, secretly pondering that remark.

He figured out a long time, faint hearts have the answer, but can not be determined.

Moreover, on the basis of this answer, his mind also cropped up more confusion and conjecture.

All kinds of doubts and conjectures, haunting in his mind, so that he could not long meditation.

Eventually, he decided to put all these thoughts in my heart pressure, do not bother.

"Even the funeral days do not want to say, let it be."

"Perhaps just as it said, so the time comes, I naturally understand."

So I thought, his heart calmed down and began to exercise our powers to practice.


Five days later, the day Gladius.

Early in the morning, day Jianzong hill in front, then came a beard and hair were white figure who trained the old man.

The old man dressed in white robes, tall and burly, long hair, eyebrows and chin long beard, all white color.

His ruddy, his eyes clear and contains nothing left, apparently extraordinary strength.

He hands holding a whisk gold silver wire handle, leisurely standing in front of the mountain, named Sword sovereign to visit.

Several security guard who guarded the gate, who did not know what the old man that he could see an attitude of enlightenment expert, they dare not neglect, quite respected among words.

"The older generation, you have to visit this door sovereign, please register your self taboo or appellation, or report it to the younger generation can not be sovereign ah."

Guard captain respectful of a ceremony, cautiously said.

White-haired old man proudly attitude, disdain nursing a captain of the guard, blankly and said:. "This seat Road days loom, martial arts world juniors, have dubbed this seat for the real secret."

'Live' this name, common strong dare not use.

Guard captain suddenly more respectful, waist bent lower, "the real secret, younger venture to ask you for visiting this door sovereign, Why?"

Secret live pick pick brow, a touch sourly emerged between the two browed.

"You just say to you, sovereign 'spiritual Kowloon Pulse' five words you can, given your sovereign will personally greet the seat!"

That guard captain simply do not understand 'spiritual Kowloon Pulse' is what it is.

But he saw secret real momentum strong, cheeky and angry color, they did not dare to nonsense.

"Please wait while we live here." Guard captain leave this sentence, were quickly turned into the news and report it to the door.

Secret reality turned his back on the gate, assumed a stance eyes closed, static and other sovereign in person to greet the Sword.

Sure enough, not the fact that he expected, after about half a quarter of an hour, the days will fly Jianzong a blue light.

Sword sovereign cyan true element unite into one pair of wings,Maneuvering rushed to the gate, landed on the ground.

And fluctuations in his face expressionless, his eyes but contains a touch of surprises and expectations.

After landing, he stared at the back of the real secret, secretly looked.

They guard at gate, see Sword sovereign, your visit, have bowed.

Live Sword knows the secret to the sovereign, but then the sound of the guard's salute turned a deaf ear, still eyes closed, arrogant attitude.

Seeing this, the Sword sovereign increasingly feel the real secret extraordinary momentum.

He quickly went to the real secret behind the bow line for a ceremony, "Sword sovereign here, Meet the secret live!"

This real secret slowly turned around, looked at him blankly, indifferent tone, said:. "Sovereign little ceremony."

This sovereign Sword got up to make a 'please' gesture, smiled and said:. "Secret reality, the hall also ask you to sit back, we'll go into the details later."

"This is precisely what is intended." Secret real smile, head across the gate, entered the day Jianzong.

Before long, they will enter the hospitality hall Jianzong day.

Wide and luxuriously furnished hall, only a visiting dumpy figure Huangfu presence.

After the meeting the two sides, he touted greeting each other a lot, this seated tea.

Although Huang Fu Sword and a visiting sovereign never heard the appellation of real secret.

See the real secret but extraordinary momentum, and because they referred to the 'spiritual Kowloon Pulse' five words, it would be for him a sacred cow.

After three Syrian few words, Sword sovereign will get antsy, take the initiative to ask down to business.

"Real secret, just let your guard gate and report news, referred to the Kowloon spiritual pulse diagram, I do not know the real meaning?"

The real secret slowly put down the tea cup, a visiting glanced Huangfu, revealing a hint of a smile.

"This is related to the secret, the seat inconvenience to disclose this."

Listen to him say, Sword Huangfu a visiting sovereign and immediately understand what he meant.

Huangfu Keqing very good grace to stand up, hand over a ceremony said:. "Now that there are important and real sovereign talk over, under inconvenient bother, thus retire."

When he finished, a visiting Huangfu turned to leave.

To be only two people in the hall, the real secret of this slowly: "The past century, the seat has been traveling on the continent Tianxuan insight into the secret, surveillance world."

"In years past, this seat has been hovering Tianchen domain, we observed here Yizhi heart day comes, a time when the international situation will, when Jin Lin coming out of."

Although the real secret to say obscure, but the Sword sovereign frown thought a moment, then I guess what he meant.

"Real secret, you mean ...... Tianchen domain now what the situation will be, the dragon out of the opportunity?"

Secret live nodded slightly, Stern said: "Yes, the pattern Tianchen domain has the millennium change, this situation substandard God."

"This seat lifelong repair the road, but the secret Avenue, the natural upper body to God, under the co people."

"According to Tianxin Yizhi, this pattern becomes a Tianchen the domain has changed!"

Sword in the eyes of the sovereign, suddenly flashed a naked, vaguely understand something.

He quickly asked: "Live said is that the situation in this field Tianchen,There is something that has changed! "

"Just I do not know, a real person said, would be born dragon, who is?"

Secret reality turned and looked at him, mouth evoke a touch of playful smile, "were present in person at your seat, and you talked about the matter, you say that is about to change who is the dragon Tianchen domain pattern?"

This sentence confirms the conjecture Sword sovereign, so that his heart secretly chuckle.

He asked with a smile: "No, why should I live to teach me how the situation will be turned into a dragon, change the pattern of Tianchen domain it??"

Real secret revealing a touch of enigmatic smile, taken from a reel Paoxiu, placed in front of him.

"Pulse pair Kowloon spirit, will let you borrow FY trend until the highest heaven turned into the dragon!"

Sword sovereign mind flashed a touch of shock, disbelief staring at the reel, a time actually dare to pick up.

He was very clear, if that really is the reel in Kowloon spiritual pulse diagram, he can successfully destroy the dyke were the Kowloon spiritual pulse, so the decline of the door were shattered.

Kowloon spiritual pulse can figure is that he deliberately, racked means none of the resulting treasure.

I do not know where to come out of a real secret, suddenly the initiative to come, put this treasure was placed in front of him.

If we say that there is no real purpose secret, how he did not believe it!

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