Chapter 222 you have today?

Chapter 222 you have today?

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Chu Tiansheng heard the words, Ji-day trip also full of enthusiasm, full of expectations.

He did not hesitate fingertip pinch broken, heart and blood pump power extract, was added dropwise under the body disk array.

Bright red Xuezhu drop, dropped on the disk array, and immediately spread out along the groove lines.

Colorful brilliance on the disk array is still bright, the entire altar seems to be no change.

Chu Tiansheng and the Promise of heart tugging tight, his eyes gazed at the array disk, the disk array look forward to wonderful changes can occur.

Second drip bright red blood bead, Ji day trip from the fingertips pouring, dripping on the disk array.

Blood dark lines along the disk array, spreading outward expansion.

Disk array of multicolored light lit, finally some hint of change, infected with a layer of color.

The power of the whole altar seemed to lift a little, become more bright light.

When the third drop of blood falls on the bead array disks, disk array finally produced a wonderful transformation.

Pattern and the pattern on the disk array, the acceleration change, actually had a twist interleave and the like.

The whole altar in the matrix method, also revved up, intertwined with overlap, resulting in a very marvelous change.

Three people can clearly feel the power of the altar jumped in quickly, just a few breathing time, to enhance nearly doubled!

"Om ...... buzzing!"

Altar inside the matrix method revved, majestic mighty burst of power, has allowed the whole altar are gently shake.

Altar around nine dragon, vaguely lit up the colorful brilliance, exudes a powerful force fluctuations.

Seeing this, the Chutian Sheng and the Promise, as one, the eyes are exposed thick lighted.

"Great! Blood Ji day trip really helpful!"

"To finally succeeded!"

They spirits, Shining eyes looked at the disk array, secretly clenched his fists.

Ji-day trip is the heart of a hi, but he did not relax, but also to continue to exercise our powers to extract a fourth drop of blood, dripping on the front plate.

Changes faster disk array, multicolored flashing brilliance, continuously condensed into a huge matrix method and the seal character symbols.

Altar around nine dragon more and more dazzling, come to life, great momentum.

As time goes by, Kowloon sleepy magic array gradually to fully open, distributed out of overwhelming repression of all overbearing atmosphere.

The invisible atmosphere enveloped the whole den, a large array of forces covered the whole den, it is constantly reinforced seal.

Was sealed in a large array of unrivaled devil, also sensitive to strong flavor Kowloon sleepy magic array, it seemed alarmed.

That devil violent struggle, constantly screaming growled.

** fog gush black group large groups under the altar, the sharp Li Xiao heard the sound of cries filled pernicious.

Under irrigation magic sound brain, Ji-day trip collapse, officials of the pale, to have some vague awareness.

The Promise and the two Chu Tiansheng, quickly exercise our powers mostly from him, he was the devil to avoid magic sound Li Xiao injured.

Finally, nine dragon matrix method has also been fully activated, emitting a smell repression of heaven and earth.

Nine dragon statue, were associated with the Atlas of nine peaks, invisible force brought together nine peaks.

The so-called Kowloon sleepy magic array,Atlas is the use of force were nine peaks, to suppress the formation of a large array of unrivaled devil.

As long dyke were focused, not spiritual pulse burst Kowloon, Kowloon this sleepy magic array can be endless, forever suppress the devil.

At this point, the mysterious power of the sword blood Ji-day trip, has been activated Kowloon sleepy magic big fuss.

Altar release dazzling multicolored light curtain, extending continuously in all directions, to be condensed into a matrix method km radius of the mask.

Once the mask is formed matrix method, Kowloon completely trapped magic array start done.

At this time, seal a big fuss in the guise devil, also manic rage to the extreme.

Mist endless magic gas, frantically pouring from the altar, condense into clouds in large tracts of the snare.

Matchless violent impact, severely hitting the ground snare, so snare are shaking up the whole.

"Rumbling" sound muffled, constantly coming out from the ground, the ground also cracked a huge gap strip.

Suddenly, the devil that matchless sense the breath of discipline day trip, suddenly stunned.

It's angry roar stopped short, trembling shaking of the ground also calm down.

After that matchless devil silent for a moment, suddenly broke out a sharp shrill, full of shock and anger of howling mad.

It is mad howling inferno language, their voices are hoarse enemy.

However, where the bitterness of hatred and murderous, but let Ji Sky hear clearly.

He even feel that the devil is howling mad for him!

After just a few breathing, colorful screens completely enveloped the den, to form a semi-circular mask matrix method.

This large array brings together the combined strength of the dyke were firmly suppress the guise devil.

K-Swiss devil never a sound and movement, and even magic gas blanket of darkness and the chill of death can not be released.

Calm down in the den.

Inferno language proficiency to Promise, listen to understand that the road has been howling mad.

His eyes glanced at the odd day trip a discipline, eyes flashed a strange naked, faint suspicion something.

Ji-day trip puzzled face and asked: "Master, the older generation, just that matchless devil said what?"

Chutian Sheng did not quite understand the words of the devil, he asked with his eyes to the Promise.

Promise to looking awe: "The devil's words, only a few words."

"Turned out to be you? You have today?!"

Having heard this, Ji-day trip suddenly frowned, increasingly puzzled.

Intuition told him that this sentence is the devil said to him.

But he does not want to understand that this sentence mean?

At this time, Chu Tiansheng exposed relieved smile, said: "! We successfully started Kowloon sleepy magic array, and finally reinforced seal a big fuss, but also to win a century of peace-oriented door."

"Ji-day trip, this time you've done a great oriented door, the seat to think about, how to reward you!"

"Come on, let's first get out of here!"

Chu Tiansheng mood is excellent, after the finish, so she took Ji-day walk down the altar.

At the same time, the dark night sky above the dyke cases, there has been a huge dragon ghost nine as a mountain.

Nine dragon ghost lit dazzling eye-catching colorful brilliance, lighting up the night sky a few hundred miles, Bo issued repression of heaven and earth,Overbearing matchless flavor.

Atlas were countless disciples who were awakened by the vision of this world, they have startled more and aghast expression.

And Atlas were separated by thousands of miles around the two cases of the door, saw the ghost dragon in the sky, is that earth-shattering vision deterrent.

Were thousands of miles away from the dyke of the magic cave, the high priest and the blood of Princess May also saw the world vision of the night sky.

Looking forward to the two ghost dragon in the night sky, his face became very ugly, his eyes full of anger and murderous.

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