Chapter 221 or break

Chapter 221 or break

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Ji-day trip to understand the matter relating to the dyke were the Millennium Foundation, feeling increasingly important task in the body, not the slightest slack.

Subsequently, Chu Tiansheng waving palms, pump power secret display method to extract a mass of golden light from the palm of the egg size.

He slowly out of hand on the forehead by Ji day trip.

That group of bright golden light, and immediately got into the mind Ji-day row.

Suddenly, Ji-day trip just feel there are numerous information influx mind, his head was a flood of information support of tactical deployment of some faint.

There is no doubt, Chu Tiansheng into his mind the golden light, it is open Kowloon law sleepy magic.

Kowloon sleepy magic array but Tianyuan large array level, very profound subtlety, even if only to open the law, but also contains vast information.

If so Chutian Sheng mouth is, I'm afraid to say the day and night can not be finished.

Tianyuan strong level like him, of course, there are more marvelous way, will open the law to teach discipline-day trip.

Ji-day trip endured endless information on the impact of the mind, only to wake up after a long time.

After vertigo mind dissipated, he immediately hunkered down, the closed his eyes and silently refining that information, learning the law to open a large array.

Time drops in decay, snare cold dark, silent.

Chutian Sheng and Ji-day trip Promise to stand beside him silently for law enforcement, patiently waiting.

After a full three hour, the time has come to late at night.

Ji-day trip finally put the gold refining group, Kowloon mastered the magic array of open storm of the law.

He opened his eyes, he can see Chutian Sheng was looking at him, his eyes full of anticipation of the color.

"Ji-day trip, you learn how the?"

Ji-day trip nodded and said:. "Head rest assured that I have mastered the turn of the law, we can begin to act."

Chu Tiansheng revealing a touch of happy eyes, he nodded his head, "Very good!"

Promise to silently smiled, whispered to Chutian Sheng said: "Naturally, I told you, this kid's Front Road extraordinary natural talent, and now you believe it."

Chutian Sheng nodded silently, revealing a hint of a knowing smile.

Ji-day trip to see a mysterious look, can not help but have some doubts.

But now is to restart the large array of critical moment, he is not good to go into questioning.

"Ji-day trip, with this seat come!" Chu Tiansheng head boarded the altar, walked toward the top of the altar.

Ji-day trip quickly to keep up, feet over the layers on the altar steps, boarded the altar.

In Chu Tiansheng schematic, altar he reached the top of a round stone plate, sitting cross-legged on the stone plate.

This size tank only stone plate, but it is trapped Kowloon core magic array disk array, the lines depict mysterious matrix method, a groove pattern with dense.

Chu Tiansheng Promise and the two men, sat down at his side either side, between palms glowing brilliance of real dollars, pressed on his shoulder.

Suddenly, Ji-day trip can clearly sense that the two majestic palm contains a flood of real dollars, at all pouring out, he will drown.

"Ji-day trip, can begin."

Chu Tiansheng heard voices, Ji-day trip quickly converge thoughts, get rid yourself of vanity.

He raised his palms looking awe, played a special gesture,Set aside mysterious arc, to exercise our powers display their battle formation.

At the same time, the Promise and Chu Tiansheng palm, but also the huge gush of real dollars, infused into his body.

Verge, body discipline Sky severe bulging, the same as if inflated balloon.

Tianyuan two strong real dollars too horrible, almost put his support of blasting death.

Fortunately, he immediately calmed down, waving his hands to display their tactical deployment of the forces that endless real dollars are turned into two multicolored light beam vent out.

"Bang bang!"

Muffled sound, two multicolored light beam on a circular disk array poured, immediately on the disk array matrix method lines lit up.

Dark brown disk array, instantly becomes colorful, a gorgeous multicolored lights brilliance.

That dense texture matrix method, also flashing multicolored light of real dollars, real dollars exudes majestic fluctuations.

Ji-day trip saw, two multicolored light beam real dollars, after filling the disk array, disk array was dispersed off, rushing towards the whole altar.

Thus, starting from the front plate beneath him, altar gradually from top to bottom are lit, the lit multicolored glare.

With Chu Tiansheng and the Promise continuous delivery of real dollars, the entire altar becomes dazzling.

Many grain pattern on the altar, becomes vivid, Bright flashes.

An majestic mighty breath spontaneously, emitting from off the altar, covered in all directions.

Short half-quarter of an hour, the whole was completely lit altar.

Altar exudes boundless repression forces, also covers the invisible among the whole den, repression km radius of the range.

Ji-day trip was the first time personally contacted Tianyuan array, feel the majestic power of the altar, the hearts of some shock.

However, this is only the first step in restarting Kowloon magic array of difficulties.

He did not dare waste time, quickly waving his hands to display their tactical deployment, meticulous manipulation of disk array, start a little altar in battle formation.

This process is very slow, very difficult and dangerous, can not tolerate the slightest mistake.

Once he appeared omissions, or come to naught, or would have been a big fuss bite, most likely life-threatening.

He had to get rid of all distractions, concentrate on the display matrix method, not rash open big fuss.

After one hundred interest of time, the disk array beneath him has changed, a few lines begins to rotate twist.

This represents a big fuss in the altar, there is a very small part started.

Quarter of an hour and a half later, the disk array matrix method had a few lines in motion, produce some mysterious changes.

After a quarter of an hour, there are more than a dozen stripes on the front plate are like the road as alive.

After half an hour ......

With the passage of time, changes in the disk array lines more and more, many of the altar in the matrix method, it is gradually startup.

Chu Tiansheng Promise and the two men, to see subtle changes in the disk array, are showing joy when, eyes full of expectation.

Ji matrix method attainments day trip, did not let them down, let them see the successful restart of a large array of dawn!

Unconsciously, three hour later.

And thousands of dense fringe pattern on passage disk array, all seem to have been given a life in general, the operation starts in accordance with special laws.

The whole altar is no longer dead,Not only brilliance, but all matrix method have been started.

An majestic mighty breath, constantly stirring the altar four weeks.

At this time, Chu Tiansheng looking solemn, sonorous tone, said: "Ji-day trip, so close we succeeded!"

"Now the final step is even worse, you have to inject into the heart and blood disk array to the mysterious sword blood start a big fuss."

"When that nine dragon statues are lit, Kowloon sleepy magic array really start success!"

"Success, in one fell swoop up!"

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