Chapter 215 no matter gallant

Chapter 215 no matter gallant

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Dan room, medicine scented.

Promise to a purple robe, staring at the bronze in front of Dan furnace, continuous wave hit majestic real dollars, adjusted Dan furnace where the real fire.

Soon, he would stop there to receive power, his face showing a hint of comforting smile.

"It soon became furnace silver bullets."

He murmuring something, he turned and went to the corner, cozy comfortable lying on a wicker chair.

Then, he took out wine gourd peel ring from space, looking upward, will want a drink.

Then he caught a glimpse of the corner of my eye, is there in front of two small head, are constantly looking around the room to Dan.

Seeing this, suddenly exposed to the Promise hint of a smile, snappily said: "? You two little guys to have come, but also in hiding to do"

Thousand months and a small black dragon heard that, suddenly exposed pleased smile, Dan quickly flew into the room, came around to the Promise.

"The older generation, we call to see you!" Little Black Dragon gazed to the Promise solemnly Road.

Thousand months out of the front paws, made a gesture Zuo Yi salute, smiling, said:. "Predecessors, did not see you for so long, we almost want to die you have."

Then, it squeezed beside a small black dragon, its winking.

Small Black Dragon stunned for a moment to react, quickly nodded, serious face and said: "Yes, we want to die you have."

Promise to blanket a grin, revealing a touch of teasing smile, glanced Talia look.

"Oh, you Knock it off. You do not know the old lady a small mind? You want the old lady ah, still want the old lady panacea spiritual fruit ah."

Small black dragon without hesitation: "The want!"

Thousand months angrily stared at it, smiled and quickly explained to the Promise: "The! Predecessors, of course, we missed you ah."

"When we PETN palace, you taking care of us, gave us so much spiritual fruit and silver bullets, we have to keep in mind, you appreciate it."

Mouth so saying, it's eyes had drifted elsewhere.

Dan room to see that the bronze Dan furnace, smell the aroma inside the smoke cleared immortality, it could not help but swallowed saliva.

Carrying wine gourd took a drag to Promise, slowly, he said: "Since you are so grateful old lady, old lady that is not going to work?"

"Little Black Dragon, you go to the woodshed chopping wood, woodshed must be filled before dark."

"Little fox, you go to the old lady carrying water, have to pick today over thirty six-cylinder water."

Small Black Dragon stunned for a moment, turned around to look thousand months, revealing a questioning look.

Thousand months eyeball rolling in a circle, quickly smiled and said:. "Predecessors, you are joking like you Tianyuan strong, strength inscrutable, magical wand ......"

"You can fingertips burnt hills, between wave can Shuiyanqijun, fetching water and firewood ah where we need it."

"I think the older your hard alchemy, as I give you Chuibei it!"

When he finished, it is not so refuse to Promise, then waving a pair of small claws, hard to the Promise Chuibei.

Black Dragon also see a small float in the air in a daze, it spoke to a small black dragon winking, indicating it to go to the Promise hammer legs.

Small Black Dragon stunned for a moment to react,Cold light flashes quickly out a pair of Alondra, shot to the legs toward the Promise.

Promise to suddenly frowned, snappily shouted: "! You two little bastards no matter gallant, in the end you want to do?"

Small black dragon scared quickly recover the paw, to stare at the Promise, I do not know what to say.

Chuibei thousand months continued to help him with a voice full of grievances, said: "predecessors, you do not know, since we left the Palace too, do not have enough to eat every day wear warm ......"

"Uh, yes enough to sleep well! Predecessors, we miss you miss the days of PETN Palace!"

I spoke, it was clear big eyes, but also cast a mist.

It is a crying with Yuqi look in his eyes, looked very sincere to Promise, exceptionally poor and sad.

Promise to help but rolled his eyes, "so to say, Ji-day trip that guy you abuse myself?"

Thousand months hesitated did not say anything, but Daileng small black dragon nodded.

Promise to stare at a small black dragon, and knocked on the forehead thousand months, snappily cursed:. "The two of you little bastard, little play tricks with the old lady."

"Well, the old lady too lazy to care about you, look at your pitiful ......"

He would not finish, thousand months he breaks through his tears, filled with happy and said: "! Thank you seniors, I know the best of the older generation."

At this point, it would have eyes in the mist disappeared, how can there be the slightest grievance and poor way?

Quite speechless shook his head to Promise, to come up with more than a dozen pieces of fruit and spiritual panacea ring from space, on the table next to it.

"Well, do not act up, eat fast."

Small Black Dragon and uttered a thousand months are delighted cheers, quickly flew to devour spiritual fruit and silver bullets on the table.

Talia looked to Promise filled with joy look, can not help revealing a touch of a smile, carrying a gourd peel continue to drink.

During this time, no more resources to practice discipline day trip, naturally, no extra panacea and spiritual fruit, and a thousand months taking small black dragon.

Talia can only draw world of Reiki, the slow recovery of strength, it has long been filled with anxious.

Can now feast, these silver bullets and spiritual fruit, but they are enough refining a couple of weeks.

Less than half an hour, a small black dragon thousand months and put on the table a panacea, spiritual fruit eaten.

Talia said thanks to the Promise, before leaving the room Dan contented.

Talia fly back around Ji-day trip, got into a treasure sleeping inside tips, the power of spiritual fruit of refining silver bullets.

Ji-day trip finished cleaning the house, went to the room to find Dan to Promise, practicing ask questions.

Pointing to get Promise, he was enlightened, understand the key issues.

Unconsciously, an afternoon passed.

Wait until the sun goes down, Ji-day trip before leaving the Palace too, the situation returns to hospital.


Seat of a magnificent palace, a quiet environment in the yard.

XuanXuan with Shulan went into the yard, smiled and said:. "Shulan, you have never been to see me half a year, this time to spend a few days on it."

Shulan showing a touch of smile, nodded and said:. "It is natural, we two sisters just to poly few days."

XuanXuan quiet environment, pointing to the courtyard, with a smile: "Shulan,That these days you lived in this small courtyard bar. "

"This is a small courtyard dedicated hospitality weekdays basically no one to live, you live here, no one would bother."

Having heard this, Shulan suddenly exposed hint of a smile, nodded and said:. "This is very good, or xuan sister considerate"

"Well, you rest it earlier, I will come to you tomorrow." XuanXuan waved goodbye, turned out of the yard.

Shulan kept smiling, looking after XuanXuan left before the sudden convergence of a smile, his face became darkened.

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