Chapter 213 of a letter

Chapter 213 of a letter

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Sword sovereign, suddenly frowned, her eyes flashed sharp coldness.

"This is the disciple from the domain Wing recruitment, entry only two months, do not have much loyalty to this door, let him know how Longshan secret?"

"Don Elder, a majority in the East Ran disappeared the next day, it was to this day why you report it?"

Don Elder is shrouded Sword sovereign sharp momentum, immediately face fear head down, quickly explained.

"Please appease sovereign!"

"A new entry of foreign Disciples missing, and not a big deal. Metropolitan recently been busy, I did not dare disturb under."

"Since under that ran east to missing, they sent around the search and investigation, these days there has been no news and results, under the sovereign can not explain to your ......"

Sword sovereign brow screwed together, somewhat impatiently waved, low shouted: "! Since nothing has happened, and say these are useless!"

"Don Elder, the seat of life you personally bring people to investigate the matter, will have to get back to the East Ran, born to see people die to see the corpse!"

Don Elder quickly bowed, kicked Baoquan, "under obeyed!"

Sword sovereign wroth a little bit of reduction, but also look to a visiting side of the Huangpu.

"Huangfu Keqing, Atlas were the Kowloon spiritual pulse diagram, how the deduction you?"

Ke Qing Huang Fu nodded his head, looking calm hand and said: "Qi Bing sovereign, has some prospect of a solution."

"However, the original Qi deacon in the dyke were probed within a few days, he found spiritual pulse pattern and terrain situations, some superficial, just some superficial information."

"According to Qi deacon under investigation leads to a preliminary deduce the pattern of Kowloon spiritual pulse, but also the most critical of the lack of details."

Here, his face regret sigh.

"Hey ...... If the opportunity to enter the dyke were subordinate to personally observe the spiritual pulse Kowloon, will be able to under goes a detailed front view of the sovereign."

Sword Sovereign got into blind eyes, eyes flashed a touch of coldness, low tone: "The Atlas of the door to prevent cases, adding a visiting Huangfu this idea, it would be difficult to achieve."

"However, the destruction of the dyke were the Kowloon spiritual pulse but a major event, but also slowly plot, the seat does not hurry."

"Huangfu Keqing, you are a great master Front Road, the matter will bother you labor, it also asks you a lot of investigative leads, try to improve spiritual Kowloon Pulse."

"After the seat until the destruction of Kowloon spiritual pulse, destroyed thousands of years were the foundation of the dyke, the door will be able to firmly secured the bulk of the first position, instead of the dyke were in control Tianchen domain!"

"Until that time, the seat as a visiting HUANGFU record deal in!"

Huangfu a visiting revealing a touch of a smile, quickly hand over salute, flattery and said: "! Can contribute under a humble aggressively dominance of the sovereign, is under the honor"

"So the sovereign vision, foresight, and soon after will be able to destroy the dyke cases, dominate Tianchen domain!"

Of course everyone understand that this is a visiting Huangfu crazy flattering.

But his ass to take the hearts of sovereign Sword, Sword sovereign let people feel good, but also anger dissipated.

Next, the Sword and the sovereign asked a number of things were doors,They announced the end of the Parliament, let go of you elders execute the command.


Two days flashed by.

These two days, Ji-day trip has been closed-door practice in the secret room.

After more than twenty hour of penance, he with the help of a panacea, but also successfully grown a orifices point.

This outcome is not large, can not let him significantly improved strength, but also let him filled with relief.

"Within a few days, I have successfully grown the two orifices point, this rate should be very fast."

"When I put the first eight orifices point meridians are grown up is completed, Habitat II can be advanced to Tongxuan heavy!"

After the practice, discipline-day trip out of the chamber.

He left the room, ready to go too medroxyprogesterone trip.

However, he just went to the yard, he is confronted by a deacon Duwu.

Duwu see him, he seems to think of something, and quickly waved shouted.

"Ji-day trip! You just met, the seat has something to give you."

Ji-day trip in the eyes flashed a hint of doubt, quickly went to the front of DU weapons, salute and asked: "? Du deacon, anything."

Duwu removed from the space ring in a letter, handed it to him, explained:. "This letter is a secular kingdom people send you."

"Yesterday the letter sent to the hands of the seat, the seat that you're closed-door practice, will temporarily help you keep with."

Ji-day trip took the envelope, Du Wu said the sound Xie, and turned back into the room.

"Worldly kingdom to the letter? Father should be sent, right?"

He murmuring something, With a trace of expectations, open the wax seal envelopes.

The writing on the letter neat atmosphere, thousands of eloquent words, he can recognize that the sky is the father discipline of writing.

I saw the letter said: "My son day trip, since you were gone, even the father is missing, you are also worried about the dyke were difficult to adapt to the rules of these doors ......"

"Your father knows careful thought, acted steady, but Wu Daoshi community tortuous and complicated, unpredictable people, you should be more vigilant. Do not injure others have, defenses can not do without."

"Parent's injury has recovered more than half, temporarily without problems, you do not need to worry. Discipline at home industry is also gradually recover, within six months can be restored as ever ......"

"Before two weeks, ying tang caught in the cross-country escape Chuan Ji-ho, has been escorted back to his home discipline."

"Father read his father have been granted in the first, he is also on the part of the descendants of discipline at home, he did not put to death his father imprisoned in a dungeon in, let his life under house arrest, facing the wall thinking too."

Ji-day trip sat at his desk, holding carefully read the letter.

Ji family that situation to stabilize, the father also no serious injury, the hint of a smile on his face.

He continued to look down, they see the letter, wrote:. "Not long ago, Ji Ling killed a message has been sent back Qingyun imperial"

"Royal family and several have been informed of the news, but did not result in the wrath of the royal family, there is no response."

"Trustee father secretly made inquiries, the emperor mean, Ji Ling was killed inside the dyke were things royal inconvenience to intervene and intervene. So, you do not have to worry about retaliation royal family."

"After the death of Ji Ling, Langkawi lost the backing,Has calmed down, a lot of convergence, we no longer sell discipline at home. "

"However, the parent can feel, Langkawi but calm on the surface of the father to have to investigate, the master of the house Langkawi Ling seas, long before the half left the Imperial City, disappeared."

"Sky, though you were in the dyke, is supposed to be safe, but the parent still want you to be careful, not out of any accident ......"

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