Chapter 207 underground cliff

Chapter 207 underground cliff

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After respectively, Yao Ji Sky and clouds continue to walk with Chu Huai Shan to deep veins.

Mined in the dim, every tens of meters away on both sides of the walls, the lamp will have a stone.

Floor and wall are dark brown rock, and occasionally some sections will reveal some of the layers of ore.

Those ore colorful, contains the Five Reiki, to thousands of years to form after years of growth.

Atlas were refining the Church of the craftsmen who will be mined ore to smelting, refining a more pure Five Reiki and materials for forging weapons and equipment.

In addition, in certain high purity lots of veins, but also some gems.

Those gems are the five elements of strength and contains rich, for those who practice the use of weapons, or to the lineup, mixing device.

All in all, the veins of these doors, it is a very important resource.

To lode mining Longshan underground, Atlas were used to dig out hundreds of deep mine shafts in the ground.

Gladius Yongsan days after taking over, but big mining, the number of mine shafts to nearly two hundred and deeper underground.

Each communication channel between many mines, generated a lot of intersection, as complex like a labyrinth.

Fortunately, Chu Huai Shan Yao has long been a cloud to the mine road maps, two people will not get lost in the endless slipped in.

After half an hour, the two men walked ten miles along the dark and tortuous Mine Road, finally arriving to the trouble.

Here is the end of Mine Road, is a radius of nearly 100 meters of open space, like an empty and dark hall.

The surrounding wall, a clearly visible road ore layer.

Between the ore layer per pass, and rocks seventy-eight m thick layer, and each channel has the ore layer three meters thick, covered with colorful ore.

Cloud Yao looked around in a circle, Chen Sheng said:. "When the incident, the team ten fatigues disciples, on the mining of ore in this area."

Ji-day trip Look around for a while, and she saw the open space not far littered with many fragmented ore, ore also dropped a few picks and baskets.

Those baskets inside, but also filled with a small amount of ore mined is obviously new.

Ore rock layer, also has several cut marks.

Ji-day trip frown thought for a moment, tentatively asked:. "Fatigues the ten disciples, though did not make it outside the door, but should have real dollars Habitat II triple strength"

"When the incident, they should be dispersed mining in this area, even if there is a sudden attack master, it is impossible to instantly capture them all, do not leave marks."

"Great senior sister apprentice, we carefully look for, should be clues can be found in the vicinity."

For his analysis, cloud Yao nodded in agreement.

They each spread, began an investigation from both ends of the cave, sharp-eyed looking for signs.

A moment later, Ji-day trip to discover the clues to find many signs of a struggle.

On the rock walls, as well as on the throw ore in the heap of stone-ho, there are traces of hacking sword.

Yun Yao also have the same discovery, they found many of the signs of a struggle.

After the two exchange a lot with each other, it vaguely analyzes some clues.

"I left from the cave to see signs of fighting,At that time the fight is not violent, very short time, it was soon over. "

"This can explain, far more than the strength of real dollars murderer territory, and more than one, in order to quickly put ten fatigues disciples catch."

"From the breath of real dollars cave fighting traces and residues of view, the murderer should be Tongxuan territory strength."

Speaking here, Ji-day trip has been a heart care, faintly guess, it is most likely day Jianzong dry.

However, after the cloud Yao silent for a moment, suddenly she uttered another discovery.

"Young-day trip, I have to probe, this cave residual breath inferno, inferno master've been here before!"

"What? Mozu breath?" Ji-day trip immediately froze for a moment, fiercely frowning, his eyes full of doubts.

He had help cloud Yao mission, had joined forces to break through the magic hole.

He knew that the cloud Yao pregnant days of spiritual Eucharist blood, is very sensitive to the ethnic flavor.

Since cloud Yao cave exploration to have inferno breath, to determine the inferno master had been here, he certainly convinced.

He just wondered, that things are getting complicated, the truth has become complicated and confusing.

"Is not the day Jianzong did it? How inferno come here? They should not fight Yongsan idea that they want to do?"

Yao also cloud, brow furrowed, eyes somewhat puzzled.

He thought for a moment, did not try to figure out what the analysis useful clues.

Thus, cloud Yao suggested:. "From here traces of view, the ten fatigues disciples did not die here, should be the murderer kidnapped"

"We continue to probe the ground, see if you can find more clues."

Ji-day trip nod and followed her out of the cave together, along a road mine on the wall, continue to walk obliquely downward.

This is more dark dark mine shafts, and some narrow.

Ji-day trip looked at mine road map, before deciding this is the day Jianzong new mine shafts excavated, less than two years time.

They walk along the road for a while mining, exploration and cloud Yao to leave the inferno of breath, he also found some subtle signs.

"It appears that the matter is likely to be related to the inferno."

"The ten captive fatigues disciple, was abducted from here should be, and we continue deep in the ground."

Yao Ji Sky and clouds along the mine shafts and move gravitropism deep end.

Along the way, they continue to find some traces and clues, are associated with the inferno fatigues and his disciples.

After about half an hour, the two have deep base-kilometers.

This new excavation of mine shafts also this termination, was stopped in front of a dark cliff.

Sky and cloud Yao Ji stood cliff edge, keen eyes look around.

They are behind the empty cave, mine is the end of the road, collecting site ore.

They and the front of the cliff, about hundred meters wide, cliff dark, bottomless.

Seeing this, they are exposed puzzled expression, whispered talk with.

"How could this be? The deep end yet there are cliff?"

"Gladius day excavation of this new mine road to the cliff where it was blocked. If not we have to investigate the clues, I am afraid not someone has been here."

"Young-day trip, there is still a breath inferno, but unlike the residual atmosphere some weight."

"I doubt there inferno lurking here, we have to be careful."

Just to remind the cloud Yao Ji-day trip carefully, empty cave behind two years, suddenly out of a few shadows.

A total of five shadow, rushed out from the dark, silent toward the two men, covered with Bo issued a strong intention to kill and carnage.

Verge, cloud Yao instantly alert, palm coldness flash, giving rise to a sword.

"Young-day trip, be careful!"

She turned to look impressively that a few shadows, waving cut out five eye-catching Jianmang.

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