Chapter 203 strong, such as dragons, insects such as weak

Chapter 203 strong, such as dragons, insects such as weak

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Undoubtedly, the white dress is the beauty cloud Yao.

Although she did not bring paper umbrellas, the situation seems to be Lin Zhaoyu to hospital.

But her body but not the slightest trace of rain, always cool temperament Chu Chen, as if unaware of the fairies.

Both nine days fairy-like figure, how he could get wet clothes rain?

"Great senior sister apprentice, how do you come?"

Ji Yun Yao-day trip with a smile greeted the cloud Yao welcomed into the house.

"I'll see you." Yun Yao nodded slightly, to go into the room.

After taking a seat, her eyes looked at the two-day trip discipline concerned, asked: "? You how the injury"

Ji-day trip waved, he explains:. "Received only some minor injuries only, rest two days can be restored."

Cloud Yao nodded, took out two things from inside the ring, in front of Ji day trip.

These two things, one is black and a white ring vial.

Cloud Yao explained to him and said:. "Head of the Longshan majority already know what happened, very satisfied with your performance."

"It's two things, let me give you a head, you accept it."

Ji-day trip looked at the black and white rings vials, puzzled and asked:. "Vials certainly immortality, I know."

"However, the big senior sister apprentice, this ring is what treasures?"

Cloud Yao explained to him: ".. This is best for the mysterious treasure, there is space ring ring in a small space, what can be used daily storage satisfied"

Ji-day trip one will understand, the effectiveness of this thing, with his Goodie Bag essentially the same.

He already had Goodie Bag, this does not require space in the ring.

But the cloud Yao advised him two, "Young-day trip, this space ring though compact, is not particularly rare treasures, the elders in the door, deacons and elite disciples have."

"And this is the head of deliberately let me give you, you must accept."

This discipline Sky nodded: "That being the case, then I will accept it, thank big senior sister apprentice."

Cloud Yao has told:. "There are two that Yu Ping Yulu pill, can help you quickly restore the injury and real dollars, you should need them."

"Majority just ended, and the days of these doors is Jianzong handover of things, these days you will feel at ease heal it."

Ji-day trip to accept white space in the ring and vials, and talked with her a few words.

Shortly after, cloud Yao then got up and left.

When Ji-day trip to take her leave, the land famous rain finally did not continue to stand in the yard.

The next few hours, Ji-day trip always wanted to take immortality, exercise our powers to heal, but always failed to do so.

Every now and then someone will come knocking at the door, with a gift to visit.

These people, mostly disciples of the hospital situation.

And they were all of Chi-day trip full of admiration, to visit his injury situation, and give him some gifts and immortality, he took the opportunity to set a cotton.

After all, we all know, is Ji-day trip outside the door of the man now, Atlas were the hero, the future will thrive.

And let Ji-day trip did not expect that, when he sent six or seven disciples, easy and ink stone are also competing to knock on the door with a gift to.

He opened the door, they saw the stone competing as easy ink stand at the door,Looking at his face with a smile.

"Ji brothers, we take a look at you."

"Ji brother, ventured to disturb, please do not mind."

They see the appearance of smiles, Ji-day trip can not be cold shoulder to right, so she took the two men into the room.

After the house, they did not sit down, they opt for Ji-day trip hand salute, sincere tone said:. "Ji brothers, we come today, mainly to see your injury situation."

"In addition, we would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to you for the wrong committed before the two of us, to apologize to you!"

"In the past we first entered the hospital situation, not familiar with each other, so there is a lot of misunderstanding, some unpleasant sudden quarrel."

"When we short-sighted, repeatedly criticized Ji brothers, and now every time we recall those words, then ashamed, uneasy ......"

It did not look like fake demeanor, tone sincere apology, let Ji-day trip in the heart somewhat unexpected.

But he was calm and collected surface, a slight chuckle:. "We are all talented fellow with the door, and both are countries, young and frivolous, conceited pride is also normal."

Yi Jing-ink stone and nodded: "Yes ah, we used in their country, are renowned young talent, supercilious, arrogant used to."

"Now into the case of the door, Wu Daoshi insight into the real sector, broaden their horizons, to know more mountain than the mountain, they would understand our ego is too ridiculous."

"Before, we ravings of those who lie, but please do not mind discipline brothers, Mo and our general knowledge ......"

Ji-day trip to see out, after Longshan majority of things, the two men to his heart really admire.

But more reason is that the two men will certainly know that he will rise to become the disciple of the door were the focus of training.

In this case, they certainly worried about his revenge afterwards or suppress them.

So, two people rushed to apologize door, hoping to bury the hatchet, reconciled.

Thought of this, Ji-day trip can not help revealing a hint of a smile, the hearts of some mixed feelings.

"After all, we are all born in the jungle Wu Daoshi community ah! Long as the strong and the weak such as ants."

"No matter Ye Hao jumped on the bandwagon, while avoiding disadvantages worth mentioning, who will despise the weak, the strong respect ...... Oh, well the reality of human nature."

Ji-day trip is by no means narrow-minded generation, of course, will not be grabbing hold of those little things.

Easy ink stone to compete with him this would be no hatred, but that is an emotional issue verbal Bale.

Since the two door amends, the attitude is also very sincere, he laughed, the scores of those old things are forgotten.

"What two Young do not worry, later we still fellow comrades, in distress or to look after each other."

"As for those little things before, I would not mind."

Ji-day trip to hear these two words, ink stone are competing as easy smile, was relieved.

Both of them talked with Ji-day trip for a while, they fired several spiritual fruit and send their immortality, this leave to leave.

Ji-day trip the two men turned away, and sat for a while in the room.

Until noon, no longer someone to visit, and he entered the secret room.He first took out a gift Yao cloud space ring, playing studied for a while, then figure out how to use the ring.

While this space ring in the space, and space treasure tips, like, have a house so big.

In contrast, the space ring is more convenient than carrying a treasure kit.

Thus, the use of spiritual knowledge Ji-day trip to space after Lian Ji ring about it, they put in the ring with the hands.

He hath immortality gift and gifts are stored in the ring space, easy access at any time.

As wheatgrass fox and a small black dragon, treasure remained in the kit, the kit will only after their nest as a.

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